The new Kid (a one direction fanfiction)

Hailey Anderson lived in Virginia all her life, Intill her mom got a better job in Mullingar Ireland. Her best Taylor comes with them too. When the go to a new school they meet someone and it is one from there........ Is Ireland the new home for Hailey or is Virginia always going to be her home.


1. Moving

                 HAILEYS' POV

I was driving home from school on a friday. I parked in my driveway and locked My 2013 Black, Voltswagen. I walked in the door and yelled ''MOM I'M HOME!". She didn't answer, I walked around the house untill i saw her talking on the phone. I waited untill she was done to ask her" Who was that"? she answered with one word" Work" I already knew what this was about ' They called me to tell me I have to go on a trip again" i thought. she finnialy answered"they just told me that they have a job opening in Mullingar Ireland....I said to them I would think about it" she managed to say without crying. I started to think about what am going to do. We can't go we just can't i just started school a week ago, and my best friend Taylor is here to, and I was senior in  highschool, 18 years old, dark long brown hair with naturaly blonde highlights. Taylor and I have been friends since we were in kindergarden. I ran up my room and started to cry or more like crying my eyes out, when I was finished crying I went to my bathroom and looked in the mirror, my hair everywhere and my makeup running like crazy. I put my hair in a messy bun and got my makeup remover and took all the makeup off. I decided to call Taylor and tell her, I called her and she said she will be here in 15 mintues. Okay good I have enough time to get changed, I changed from, lime green shorty-shorts, black TOMS, and a purple Areopostle shirt, to a old t-shirt and sweatpants. *15 MINUTES LATER* *DING-DONG* "TAYLOR'S HERE" I yelled to my mom. She said "OKAY" she yelled from the kitchen. I answered the door and we started on our homework, yes homework all ready. Me and Taylor are in all of the same classes, YAY! After we were done with our home work I decided to tell her, "Taylor" I started. "Yes"? she said. " I got something to tell you" I was about to cry again, " What is it Hailey"? She said. I always hated telling depressing news. " My mom's job got a job opening in Mullingar, Ireland and she told them that she might take it...." I said. She started to cry,"Well is she going to take it"? she asked during snifles." I dont know yet, but if she does I'll tell you ok"? I said. She said "Okay", the she said " OMG look how late it is, I got to go, BYE HAILEY! BYE MISS.ANDERSON!". Then she left it was only 8:30 pm and it was friday she was acting werid, usualy she would stay the night every other friday. * TOMORROW MORNING*. I woke up to sunlight in my eyes, I checked my phone, 1 message from Taylor it read.

        *taylor*- Im sorry 'bout leaving in such a hurry yesterday im just upset that u might be leaving virginia. Im so very sorry do u forgive me?

*me*- yes i forgive u. i understand completely. text me if u want to hangout later today, okay.

                                I went downstairs to find a note on the fridge. it read " Hailey, work called and said that I have to come in today and i will talk to them about the opening, and maybe about if someone else can go with us. Love mom". Great, I was home alone like usual. All summer I was alone, even on my birthday. So I decided to fix breakfast for myself, I poped a frozen waffle in the toaster and waited, when it finnialy poped I screamed like usual. I sat at the table and ate. I turned on the tv and watched a little tv and thats untill i thought of something my boyfriend Dylan, I have to break up with him. I turned of my tv and called him and asked if he will meet me in the park he said okay, so I went up to my room and change into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and converses and grabed my keys and went off to the park. I meet Dyaln in the place were he asked me out, He said " Hey babe whats up". I started to cry and I said, " My mom got a job opening in Mullingar Ireland And we might have to move and......" I said. "And what?" he asked. He looked like he was about to cry, "And I'm breaking up with you im sorry i really am I dont want to continue the relationship if I might move I really am sorry. Can we still be friends"? i said through my tears. He looked at me and said "Yes we can but you will still text me right, I was your best guy friend" he said. I answered by saying, "Yes I will still text you and you was my best guy friend and that will never change." We both hugged and said goodbye and I went home and so did he. When I came home I saw my mom talking on the phone, to who? I sat down at the kitchen and I asked her who she was talikng to and she said, "Taylor's mom and guess what she said?" I said "What?" my mom answered with a smile on her face,"Taylor's mom and I were talking and i told her that we're moving to Mullingar and I asked her if Taylor could move with us and she said.." she started to smile from ear to ear." What did she say" I almost yelled."She said YES"! Me and my mom started to jump and scream and I had to call Taylor and tell her the great news.

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