The new Kid (a one direction fanfiction)

Hailey Anderson lived in Virginia all her life, Intill her mom got a better job in Mullingar Ireland. Her best Taylor comes with them too. When the go to a new school they meet someone and it is one from there........ Is Ireland the new home for Hailey or is Virginia always going to be her home.


14. Hailey's Surprise and Graduation

                               *TWO WEEKS UNTILL GRADUATION*

                                                        Taylor's POV

                                                            Me and Hailey was talking when my phone starte to ring. It was David, Why was he calling me. I went to the balcony and answered " Hello" " Hey Taylor, I was wondering can you keep a secret?" " Yes David what do you want?" " I want to surprise Hailey by coming to you twos graduation.But I want to keep it from her." " Okay is it just you coming or you and Carlie?" " Me and Carlie." " Okay the graduation is May 25th, 11:00. I will tell Liam, so that me and him can pick you up the day before, Is that okay"  " Yea but how are you going to keep Hailey busy?" " Niall and the boys will." " Okay see you on May 24th, Bye Taylor." " Bye David."

                                                     Hailey's POV

                                                                        Taylor went outside to answer her phone call, that's werid. But I'm not worried about it. When she came back me and her continued talking about what we are going to wear and everything else. I decided to wear my knee length purple dress with some black high-heels, my hair curled, and some makeup. She decided to wear her , hot pink knee length dress, with some hot pink high-heels and her hair straightend and some makeup. I had to find my makeup bag before graduation. I went to the bathroom and looked all over the place untill I found it . It was in the first-aid kit. I heard car doors slam and I went to the window to see who it was, The boys. I got my make-up bag and put it in my purse. Niall walked in and I jumped. " Hey babe what are you doing?" " Nothing. I need my make-up bag before graduation and I would like to have now" " Okay let me go get it" I heard the cabinet door open and close. Niall came out with nothing in hand. " Niall where is it I'm going to need it" I acted like I was pissed. Niall looked at me and said " Sorry babe, it was in the cabinet but now it isn't...." I started to laugh. He looked at me confused. " What is so funny?" I went to my purse and got my makeup bag. I held it up in the air and he looked at it. I put it back in my purse and looked back at him " That is 'what's so funny'. " He came up to me and picked me up and through me over his shoulder,and went out of the room. " LET ME GO NIALL!" I sreamed, but he continued walking. When we came downstairs everybody looked at us funny. Niall opened the door and went outside, everybody followed. Oh shit, I forgot he had a pool. " Niall please don't !" I begged. The next thing I knew I was in the pool, I had an idea. When I came up I acted like I was drowing, Niall said he was sorry and he reached out his hand. I yanked his hand to make him fall to. I tried to get out but that wasn't posible. Then everybody started to jump, except Zayn. I got out and went to my bathroom and took a shower. I changed into a pair of sweatpants and an old areopostale shirt. When I went downstairs, Zayn was passing out towels to everybody. " See now everybody is going to get sick" Oh god I just sounded like my mom. " HAHAHA HAILEY! You sounded like your mom when we jumped in the pool at your old house!" We both laughed at that memory, that day Dylan, Taylor, and I jumped in the pool for a dare by David. I was the only one to get a cold though. " And you were the only one to get sick too" " Yep sure was"  *THAT FRIDAY* " Hey Hailey, do you want to go to a movie with me?" " Yea sure babe, what movie?" " TED" he yelled. " OKay let me get ready" " Okay" I went to the bathroom and got changed. A pair of Areopostale skinny jeans, a pair of hot pink TOMS, and a pink Hollister shirt. I straightend my hair and put on some lipgloss and some masscara, and I was ready. When Niall was ready we got in his car and went to the mall. We went to the movie therater and got our tickets and seats. When the movie was finished, Me and Niall went to Nando's to eat. When we got home, we went to bed. * THE NEXT MORNING* I woke up at 7:30. I started to get ready. I tried to zip myself up, then I felt Niall zip me up. " There you go babe" "Thanks babe" " Your welcome love" I finished getting ready and it was 10:00. I went downstairs and yelled " EVERYBODY HAS TO BE READY BE 10:20" " OKAY HAILEY " everybody yelled as they was coming down. When it was time to leave, Me, Niall, Zayn, and Harry got  in the Jeep. When we got there, We was but in abc order. I was second. When I got up on stage I saw David and Carlie sitting beside Mr.and Mrs. Cullen. When I got off stage I started to cry. When graduation was over I went to David and Carlie " I'm proud of you lttle sis." " So am I Hailey" " Thanks guys. When did you two get here?" " Last night around 8:30" " OMG really?" " Yes " " I have a question" " Shoot" " Can I come back to Virginia with you two" " Yea but what about Niall, I want to meet him" " Not right now maybe he will come with me" " Yep that's perfectly fine with us." " Okay when are you guys leaving?" " Next Friday'' " Okay I will talk to Niall about it" " Okay see ya later" " BYe " . " Hey Niall do you want to go to Virginia and meet my brother properly?" Yea when?" " Next friday" " Okay" " I guess we are going to Virginia " " Yes we're going to Virginia" me and him hugged. Yay I'm going back to Virginia!

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