The new Kid (a one direction fanfiction)

Hailey Anderson lived in Virginia all her life, Intill her mom got a better job in Mullingar Ireland. Her best Taylor comes with them too. When the go to a new school they meet someone and it is one from there........ Is Ireland the new home for Hailey or is Virginia always going to be her home.


9. Going to Virginia

                               Hailey's POV

                        "Hey Dylan" I yelled to my best guyfriend. "Hey Hailey, why did you decied to leave Ireland?' "Because Taylor and I got into a big fight and my mom died and I need to plan her funeral." I said softly. The car ride was very quiet. Then Dylan got a phone call, " Hello, yes this Dylan, who is this " "Yes I know Hailey, she right here do u want to speek to her?'' OH NO that is Niall or Taylor. "Here she is" he handed the phone to me and I took it from his hand" Hello who is this" I tried to say in a normal vocie." Hailey this is Niall where are you" "I'm in Virginia why I told Taylor not to tell anybody." "I'm coming to get you Hailey." "No don't I didn't even want to move there but my mom had to take that job opening and now she's gone so." "So what' "Thanks for being there for me Niall but, I can't live there anymore I'm sorry, you can find someone much better than me because I run away from my problems and you're a stuperstar and I don't think you should worry about me I will always love you Niall" "But I love you Hailey, and I am going to find you don't worry and if you see me on the news I will talk about you, because I will be mooping. I love you babe. Bye" "Bye Niall" *END OF CALL* "Wow that guy really loves you Hailey'' ''You heared our convo"? "Yea" * 2 WEEKS LATER* Today I was watching the new with Dylan litte sister Samanta, she's 13 years old and loves One Direction. Samantha was watching a interveiw and it was One Direction when it came on I had to Watch it with her. " Ellen here with the famous band One Direction" Wow they were in America. And then I saw Niall and I was into this interveiw now.


                             Niall"s POV

                                          I hope Hailey was watching this. When we got up on the stage everybody screamed. " So how is everyone'' Ellen asked " everybody said fine, except me. " Niall would you like to tell us this lovely lady is in this picture?" and a picture of me and Hailey popped up on the screen. It was the one from our first date.  "Yes that is my girlfriend" I said " Is she here we would love to meet her"? when she said that everyone screamed. " No, sadly no she's not here." I said " Aww well thats to bad, Liam " she said " What is it" " I hear that you have a girlfriend and here's a picture of her." then a picture of Liam and Taylor popped up." She is my girlfriend" he said. " Is she here?" she asked " Yes she is " he said " Can you bring her out here" " Yes I can" Liam said

                   Hailey's POV

                      "Yes I can " Liam said. Liam walked backstage and got Taylor on stage. She looked good , he hair was curled. Samantha knew who Taylor is because she dated Dylan. " Hey look at , Taylor is on the telly"! " Oh my god she is, I wonder why..." " SHUT UP" I yelled. " Hello I'm Ellen you must be Liam's girlfriend Taylor" said Ellen. ' Yes I am. I glad to be on the show today." she said. she looked like she'd be crying before the show. " What's the matter sweetie?" Ellen asked Taylor. " Oh nothing, just sleepy." Taylor said. That was believable, her face looked sad and her eyes were bloodshot. "So boys were are you going of this?" Ellen asked. Taylor answered, " Oh we're going to visit my family and friends in Virginia." " Wow really?" " Yes it's true" OH NO there coming here! Great. "Well that's all the time we have for this show, so give it up for one direction"! Ellen yelled. Then everybody started to scream and the television went to the next show.

                                         Niall's POV

                                                         Wow now it's time to go to Virginia and straighten everything out. I thought to myself. When we go to Virginia, I thought it was pretty nice and after that I fell asleep. I woke up to Liam trying to calm down Taylor because everyday she would cry, because of Hailey. When we got out of the car, we saw all of Taylor's family. But then we saw Dylan with some little girl, and then I saw Hailey.


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