The new Kid (a one direction fanfiction)

Hailey Anderson lived in Virginia all her life, Intill her mom got a better job in Mullingar Ireland. Her best Taylor comes with them too. When the go to a new school they meet someone and it is one from there........ Is Ireland the new home for Hailey or is Virginia always going to be her home.


11. Back to Ireland

                                                        Hailey's POV

                We were on the way back from Virginia, most of the plain ride was quiet. Untill Niall spoke to me." Love why did you leave?" he asked. I looked at him and said " I'm just sick and tried of everyone I love dying" I was about to cry again. Everynight for the past two weeks i would cry myself to sleep, thinking about my mom would be scolding me right now for leaving. Now she is probably smiling because I'm going back to Ireland, as i was thinking this I drifted to a deep sleep.

                               Niall's POV

                                      I was glad I have Hailey back, and pissed because guy said he loved that he still loved her. I decided to talk to Taylor to see who he was. " Hey Taylor who was that guy." " OH that was Dylan Burns, he was a jock and Hailey was a cheerleader and they got together because of the popularity, of coruse I was Hailey's best not popular friend and so was Dylan, I dated Dylan untill ninth grade and then he became a jock and forgot about me and started  to date Hailey, We all thought it would last , but she moved so it didn't, but you and her look great together and I think you two will last forever". she said. So Dylan was a douche bag. I am not a douche bag. I started to think, Hailey needs to meet my parents. Oh god I have already meet her parent but not her dad, maybe he was in the U.S. I wasn't going to ask her untill it was the right time. Hailey feel asleep on me, she looked like she hasn't got any sleep in two weeks she's be gone. I started to fall asleep too and then I was out like a light.

                                   Hailey's POV

                                          I woke up as were landing in Ireland. Then I felt something heavy on me as I tried to get up to strech. It was Niall. Zayn saw me strugling so he got Niall off of me. Niall looked like he hasn't got any sleep in the two weeks I was gone, well I shouldn't say anythig because I haven't. I saw Taylor up so I decided to talk to her " Hey Taylor have you thought about moving in with Niall and the boys?" she looked at me and said " Well yes and the boys say we should..." ''And what do you think?"  "I think we should Hailey." "Really Taylor?" ''Yes HayHay really" "YAY'' I got up and hugged her and went back to my seat. I woke up Niall to tell him to buckle his seatbelt thingy. He did. Taylor was always decideing weither we should do this or not, she was the oldest. When we got back to Ireland me and Taylor went to our old house and packed our stuff (including my mom's) and we called the boys and we moved in. After we was finnished I asked Niall " Where am I going to sleep?" " In my room" he answered. " Really " "Yes is that okay" "Well I guess." When we got to Niall's house, I got my boxes and Niall lead me to his room, messy like a normal teenaged boys was. My brother would be gultiy that he was no there to talk to my mother. He was my mom's first child. She was 18 years old when she had him, my mom and dad have been together ever since my brother was born. He was 4 years old when I was born. He was 17 years old when my dad died. I had to call him and tell him about mom. After we was finnished unpacking my stuff I told Niall that I was going to call my brother. After two rings he answered. " Hey little sis how are ya" "Good how 'bout you" "Fine I just finnished my last collage course. I'm coming back to Virginia in a couple of days" "Well I'm not in Virginia right now and mom isn't eather." "Why were are y'all at?" " Three months ago mom's job had a job opening In Mullingar Ireland, she took it and now me and Taylor are here alone" "What do you mean by alone" " Two months ago mom pasted out at work and she went to the hospital and we found out she had brain cancer, they said she only had two and a half months to live, she died about two months ago." I said though tears" Really? Damn it ! I thought we stopped losing people we love Hailey" he yelled through the phone crying. When every he cried it was something very bad. " I know David I know but, me and you know that she isn't suffering anymore." "I know Hailey, I know I hope to see ya sometime soon. Do y'all still got the house." "Yes we do the key's under the welcome mat, And Mom's old Mustange is still there too, key's on the keyhook" "Really she said she would never leave that car anywhere" " to much money shipping both of our cars to Ireland." " Okay see ya later I hope ." "You will don't worry." *END OF PHONE CALL*  I went to go change and I walked back to see Niall changing, damn his body was perfect. He saw me walk past him and he ran past me and jumpped in the bed, I laughed at the way he landed, on his stomach at the edge of the bed. When he rolled over he fell of the bed, i started to laugh even harder. He looked at me and said ''You thought that was funny" I nodded my head yes. and he bolted towards me and picked me up and kissed me on the lips. When he let go I ran to the bed and got under the covers and went to sleep in Niall's arms. * THE NEXT MORNING.* I got up to my phone's alarm ringing, I got up and picked out my outfit. A pair of skinny jeans, black converses, and a purple and lime green Areopostale shirt and done my hair in a french braid, and put on a limmted amount of make-up and brushed my teeth. When I walked out to see Niall in nothing but his underwear, I was used to it but my brother not my boyfriend. He looked to see me and started to laugh, I must have a shock look on my face." What's wrong love you never saw one of you boyfriends in there underwear before'' he asked, I shooked my head no. He laughed even harder then " Well love your going to have to get used to it" then he started to walk up to me and he kissed me " And maybe some morning glory too" he laughed. " Can you help me pick out a outfit to wear." I helped him pick out and outfit , A white hollister shirt, a pair of jeans , and his white nikes. I walked out of our room down to find Taylor and Liam making out. Wow, that was fast. " OH MY GOD! I 'm going back to my room" and the stopped and blushed as I went up to my room to tell Niall " Guess who I just walked in on" "Who " he can out of the bathroom with a toothbrush in his mouth" Liam and Taylor making out." " NO WAY! LIAM MADE THE MOVE!" he yelled and everybody heared that. The boys ran downstairs and started talking to Taylor and Liam. I think this week is going to be a great week.

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