Bullied, Loved, Lost & Saved.

A group of 8 people. Kylie, Kyra, Kasey, Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis & Liam. Some bullied, some loved, some will be lost and some will be saved.


4. Regret.

Kyra's POV; ''Oh look who it is, brace face'' ''Leave me alone Kyra'' He pleaded ''But that wouldn't be any fun, now would it blondie?'' I Teased Niall. Yes im a bully. I don't care about any of that crap about bullying killing the person inside. No. Quite frankly, I don't care. Niall was a easy target. Bullying him is like a walk in the park, it comes naturally. No I don't like him or love him and I am so insecure so I take my anger out on him, no. Those sort of bullies are weak. I bully him because I know he deserves it. I don't know why but he does. Ill find the answer later, for now? I have a nerd to bully. I pushed him against his locker and pushed all his books on the floor, he knelt down to pick them up and I jabbed him in the stomach. He doubled down in pain. A few tears escaped. I was satisfied, for now. ''Bye bye 'Nialler, See you later'' I teased using his ridiculous nickname as I waved sarcastically and walked away. ''Oh Kyra, how do you manage being so perfect?'' I spoke to myself chuckling In my eyes, im perfect. Im not vain, im honest. Oh who am I kidding? Im both. Harrys POV; I saw her, bullying Niall. She was so perfect. They way her golden hair cascaded down to her waist and her eyes were as crystal clear as the ocean. The way her eyes glimmered when she laughed. Kyra. Even her name is beautiful. She may be a bully in everyone else's eyes, but in mine? She's an ordinary girl. She's different. Unique. Carefree. All the things I like in a girl. One day, ill have her. ''Harry, you comin' mate?'' Zayn called from down the corridor ''Yeah hold up'' I shut and locked my locker and jogged down to Zayn. ''What's up mate, you look different'' Zayn asked ''Nothing, just a headache'' I lied, I miss Kyra. ''Oiii Louu'' Zayn called down the corridor to Louis. ''Wasssup Mate'' He said to me and Zayn. ''Nothing much, what lesson you got now?'' Zayn asked Louis ''English, what bout you two?'' ''Maths'' I replied yawning. We walked down the noisy corridors as the bell rang and Louis said goodbye to us and went to his class as me & Zayn walked into our maths class. I hate maths. Who doesn't? Its pointless, sorry but I couldn't care less about algebra. I couldn't concentrate on anything, I was getting frustrated and I had to take my anger out on someone, and that was Kylie. I know, I know, I've heard it a gazillion times. I am a bully. There I said it. She sits between me & Zayn during maths and im pretty sure its a living hell for her. But today she wasn't here? I took out my phone and texted Zayn. ''Where's Kylie?'' Zayn read the text, looked up and shrugged then started texting me just as Kylie walked in, limping with one hand on her stomach. My phone buzzed and I saw a text from Zayn. ''Looks like she ran into Louis'' I looked up and sent her a evil smirk. You could see the terror in her eyes, but this was only the beginning. She apologised for being late then came and pulled out her chair to sit, just as she was about to Zayn pulled her chair and she fell to the floor with a thud. Everyone turned to look at her as she turned bright red and me & Zayn fell into a fit of laughter. ''Zayn, Harry & Kylie detention at lunch'' Our maths teacher boomed at us. Oh great. Kylie got up and sat back up she took out her maths book from her bag and started listening to Sir blab on about letters & numbers. Puh-lease. I don't need to know any of this, when im older im going to be a singer. I know it sounds ridiculous but its my dream. ''You look ugly today but you always do so its no surprise'' I whispered in her ear and I saw her shiver as a tear escaped her eye. She tuck a strand of hair behind her ears and started taking notes on what sir was saying. Zayn nudged her to mess her writing up. She looked up and gave a pleading glance for us to stop. ''Never ahaha'' I whispered back in her ear as Zayn started kicking her in the knee under the table to get her distracted as I slowly took her bag. I opened the zip and put it back. After an hour of bullying her mentally and physically the bell rang for lunch. Everyone was dismissed except me, Zayn & Kylie. After the lesson sir gave us a lecture, he left and locked the room to go get his lunch. Me & Zayn immediately got out of our seats and sat in front of Kylie on the table. She quietly took out a book and started reading avoiding eye contact with us. We just laughed. How stupid did she think we were? Zayn snatched the book out of her hands and threw it to the floor. I let out a quick laugh. This was gonna be funny, well for me & Zayn. ''Hey slut'' I nudged her, I could see how scared she was. ''What do you want Harry'' She replied politely, she thought being nice would work. Wrong. ''Your ugly, ok?'' Zayn spat in her face ''Yes Zayn'' She just looked down as her fringe covered the tears falling out of her eyes faster than a waterfall. ''Aww the babys crying'' I teased her ''Please, leave me alone'' She looked into my eyes, begging, pleading, crying. And for a second, I felt guilty. I don't know how and I don't know why. But for a second she just seemed vulnerable. Why am I feeling like this? I've done this a thousand times. It feels wrong. I think this is the first time I've ever seen real pain or maybe I've just been to blind too see the damage I've done? ''Im sorry'' I whispered. ''Mate, what you saying?'' Zayn asked looking concerned. ''Im sorry'' this was too much for me to handle it right now. I ran out of the room and just before I left I swear I saw Kylie smile. She's never smiled. I don't even know why everyone bully's her. I guess I just bullied her because Kyra bullied her. The guilt knocked me down like a wave. It was like ripping off a plaster. Seeing the damage I had done. I ran down the corridors. The corridors I had beaten and bullied Kylie, in big groups. Guess I didn't care how she felt at the time. *FLASHBACK* Kyra punched her in the face as the crowd around went wild. The blood pouring right under her left eye as her eye twitched. Her lifeless body fell in the middle of the corridor on the tenth punch. I started kicking her unconscious body along with the rest of the crowd. Bruises forming on her purple and blue skin making her look like a piece of art. OUR piece of art. A teacher appeared out of no where and everyone ran for their life. I was one of the last to leave and secretly observed what happened afterwards. The teacher called the ambulance. She checked her pulse and assumed she was dead. Everyone did. Then this boy, Liam Payne followed her all the way to the hospital and read her stories while she recovered. She survived. He saved her life. But that only made the whole school bully them both. *END OF FLASHBACK* There was one thought running through my head right now. R E G R E T.
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