Bullied, Loved, Lost & Saved.

A group of 8 people. Kylie, Kyra, Kasey, Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis & Liam. Some bullied, some loved, some will be lost and some will be saved.


3. Liam

Kylie's POV

I walked into school and dreaded each time I got closer to form I wanted to run away but I knew that it was impossible. My life is basically a living hell I get bullied by two cow headed ugly brats named Kasey and Kyra (not really there the most curviest and prettiest girls I've seen).

I fantasize my self like them gorgeous and blinding every body in the school especially my Niall but even he bullies me along with his friends Louis, Zayn and Harry. I hesitated and walked into form and saw all their heads turn towards me I just wanted to drop dead but I knew that I couldn't their gazes followed my every move them i spotted Liam my best friend in the entire world he is more like a brother than friend he also gets bullied as well.

'Kylie" he exclaimed

I waved and whispered as I got near him "Hi Liam how have you been"

"ecstatic" was his reply I was confused so asked him


he chuckled and said"cause I saw your beautiful face"

"oh" was I could managed too say as I blushed.

I heard a sigh from Zayn and Niall from behind me. I wondered why they sighed but oh well the first bell rang and I set off too Mr Murphy's technology class the one lesson I get too drift of to my own world and stare at Niall oh how I loved him but he cleary doesn't or why would he be bullying me?

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