Bullied, Loved, Lost & Saved.

A group of 8 people. Kylie, Kyra, Kasey, Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis & Liam. Some bullied, some loved, some will be lost and some will be saved.


2. Guilt.

Louis' POV;

Why? I had one question.

Why Did I keep doing that too her?

She doesn't deserve it, not at all. Its not her fault she doesn't love me anymore, I just cant seem to convince myself that. We went out for 2 years. She loved me, I loved her but somehow her love just disappeared. I pretended it didn't hurt me,she was my everything. I cried myself to sleep for nights. I cant hide the fact I still do sometimes. It gets too much for me too handle and I take it out on her. It hurts me too see her like that, but I knew she was better off without be and that hurt. I become this horrible person around her and I don't even know why. It may be because I still love her but I refuse to believe that. She makes me want too hurt her but then take care of her afterwards. She makes me so confused, I don't know I just get angry. I take all my anger out on her and I know that's wrong but I cant help it. I cant help but think things would of been better if we were still together. What's happened has happened, the damage is done now all I have to do is face the consequences. I don't think ill ever be done with making the damage and I guess im just afraid that one day, im going to have to face the biggest consequence of all, Kasey.

I just want my baby girl back. I want my Kasey back. One day she will be Mrs Kasey Tomlinson

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