Bullied, Loved, Lost & Saved.

A group of 8 people. Kylie, Kyra, Kasey, Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis & Liam. Some bullied, some loved, some will be lost and some will be saved.


7. Follower

Zayn's POV

Startled by what just happened and how Louis just ran off like that.I was baffled!

He would never do that never in a million years bulling Kylie for him was entertainment but today was different.I stood there like a tree starstruck by the one and only replica of model a truly special angel.Drum roll please it's the one the only Kylie Keithson!! Yes I know what your thinking right now I bully her make her life a living hell but since the very first day I laid my eyes on her I knew there was something about her.Her eyes were dark beautiful brown that I every time I happen to lock in a gaze will her I melt in the side,her dark black hair was impeccable it was done in perfect layers and wandered past her shoulders. Kylies skin was the perfect tanned brown she was one amongst many Asian's with such a gifted tone.To sum it up lets just say she is my princess Jasmin.

She glared at me with curiosity.

"What!" I exclaimed 

"Nothing"Kylie whispered

I hate doing this to her she doesn't deserve this at all but I'm just a follower that what I am.I do what ever my friends to just to fit in with there great but I never use my brain like a dog I do what they tell me to do whether it's good or bad.

"Your dismissed now wheres Mr Tomlinson now?"he asked 

"I don't know"I replied 

Kylie walked out i caught up with her without thinking i punched her in her torso and ran.

"Owwwww"she cried out loud and water droplets from her eyes fell.I ran to find the others"

Then I came to my senses and thought...........

"Why did do that?"

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