Bullied, Loved, Lost & Saved.

A group of 8 people. Kylie, Kyra, Kasey, Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis & Liam. Some bullied, some loved, some will be lost and some will be saved.


1. Blackout



He haunts me, day and night. He hurts me. They both do.''Louis please don't'' a few tears escaped as I pleaded him and pried his fists away from my face, he took a step back and swung straight at me. I awoke, screaming. Another nightmare, im getting sick of this. Every morning the sun rises along with another day of abuse and regret.


My uncle rob growled at me scaring the life out of me. I crept down the crooked staircase, regretting each step becoming more anxious by the minute. He was drunk. It was obvious. ''SIT'' he demanded as i slowly followed his demand. He slowly took a step towards me and revealed a evil smirk he told me to close my eyes and i could feel him get closer too me. I knew I had to leave, I despised even being in the same room as him but barricaded by a drunken uncle who wouldn't let me out of his sight. Scarring every inch of my body as well as my mind. I could feel his hands prying against my neck as he slowly made his way down. I stood up and started to run for my life, he picked up a glass vase and threw it straight at me. It shattered along with my hope of escaping. The glass got into my leg but I wouldn't give up. Not now, I've taken too much already. I opened the front door and slammed it right behind of me. I heard Rob growl making the front lawn shake.

I ran and ran and ran to school. As I neared the entrance I laid my eyes on Louis, I wanted to escape but I couldn't, I was too late, I had caught his attention. I saw a slow evil smirk spread across his face. I tried avoiding him but he gripped onto my wrist and dragged me towards the alley way were he pinned me to a wall and took his fist and jabbed it my stomach I cried in pain. Every punch, hurting just as much as the words he was throwing at me at every punch.





I felt hot red blood oozing out of my arm, blood dribbling across my chin. He slowly brought out a knife from behind his pocket, i started shaking

''L-L-lo-o-uui-ss'' '

''Yes Kasey"

' His laugh haunting my ears

''D-oo-n-t pl-e-ea-ss-ee'' Tears started flowing out of my eyes, my whole body shut down as he neared closer & closer too me. I felt my pulse slow down, everything started blacking out and the last thing I saw was Louis leave me alone and walk away.

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