Escape Him

Life's tough for an eighteen year old anyway, but when May's mum dumps her and her little brother Joe to live with their, unemployed, thirty four year old step sister Linda, things just get a whole lot more complicated. Having to fend for both her brother and step sister with her small monthly income, and the small amount of money she gets from her birth father that Linda doesn't spend on booze isn't easy. But when a boy enters the picture, things get easier and she's less stressed, but what happens when he leaves it .... Read on to find out.


6. Chapter 6


He's there, by my door, in the morning. I'm kind of freaked out, but flattered if that makes sense. 

"Hey, want a ride?" he asks indicating to his car. He drives? Impressive. 

"Umm, i would but i have to take the bus with my bro," i reply, indicating to Joe.

"It's okay, i can ride with Amy today," chips in Joe

"Who's Amy?" i ask, frankly quite confused. Joe's a great kid don't get me wrong, but he's never introduced me to any friends before. I didn't think that he had any friends to be honest. Okay i know its kind of mean but he's great and he doesn't need allot of friends to prove it.

"A friend at school," he replies looking at he floor.

"Alrighty man, good on you!" says Alex punching his shoulder.

"I'm confused, and frankly i don't really don't want to know so i'd love a ride," I say making a funny face at Joe as i get into the passenger seat.

"Wait, i thought you had to go to work?" I ask as we near the college.

"It's down the road from the college," he replies.

"Oh, good i thought you'd be late for work."

We reach the car and i'm about to leave,when he grabs my arm and kisses me. His lips are warm and soft. It's my first kiss. And it's more than i could have imagined. When we finally pull apart, i'm smiling and so is he. 

"Will you be my girlfriend?" he asks.

"Yes!" I reply.

We kiss again but this time more heated. I don't particularly want to tell you all the details. I say bye and he drives of. When i turn around, Jake and Libby are both there, open mouthed and stunned.

"Who was THAT," asks Lib

"His name is Alex and he's now my boyfriend," I reply trying not not smile.

"Oh my god May!" says Lib jumping up and down squeaking and giving me a hug.

"Congrats, do you know him well?" asks Jake, being protective like the older brother he thinks he is. He practically beat up Lib's ex because he cheated on her.

"Yeah, stop worrying!" I say.

We walk into class and i'm telling Lib all about last night, not missing a single detail. We're weird that way, we now everything about each other and sometimes things about the other that they don't even know. Miss snaps at us for talking but right now, i'm floating on cloud nine and no one, not even Miss Casair, can push me of.

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