Escape Him

Life's tough for an eighteen year old anyway, but when May's mum dumps her and her little brother Joe to live with their, unemployed, thirty four year old step sister Linda, things just get a whole lot more complicated. Having to fend for both her brother and step sister with her small monthly income, and the small amount of money she gets from her birth father that Linda doesn't spend on booze isn't easy. But when a boy enters the picture, things get easier and she's less stressed, but what happens when he leaves it .... Read on to find out.


5. Chapter 5

Tomorrow after school doesn't come sooner enough. I practically ran to the gates, containing my self because Libby, with her all new tan and highlighted hair, is trying to tell me about her holiday. 

"Then we went to the pool, but dad being as embarrassing-"

"Yeah yeah i know right!"

"May, you OK?"

"Yeah why?"

"Your kinda distracted," she helpfully points out.

" Soz Lib i kinda gotta go, talk to ya later then!"


He's waiting there! Keep cool May!

"Hey!" i say, little to perky.

"Hi, you ready," he asks

"umm, yeah," i say, i can feel myself go red.

"kay lets go," he indicates to the pizza place up the road.

We get there in a few minutes, i felt kind of awkward though, we didn't talk or anything on the way. I guess he's being a little closed cause its not really a date.

We sit by the window and the waiter hands us to menu's.

"So, what classes do you take?" I ask him, hoping he's not going to give me a closed answer.

"Umm, well i'm not really in school," he replies, i can see a hint of red in his cheeks.

"Oh then how come you where in the college?" i ask

"My mum works there."

"Oh cool what does she teach?"

"Umm, she's a cleaner,"

"Ohh, sorry i didn't mean to offend you!"

"It's cool, it's not really something to you know, be ashamed of," he says a little shyly.

"So what about your dad?" i ask, hopefully not touching a sensitive subject.

"He left my mum when he found out she was pregnant and went to proposed to another women," he replies looking at the table.

What the hell May stop asking about family, your making him uncomfortable. Luckily the food comes just when the silence stars to get awkward. Once we finish our meal he starts asking me about myself.

"So how bout you, what are your parents like?" he asks

"Oh well my mum and dad split up when i was little but they're friends, and i have a little brother and a step-sister from when my mum re-married," I reply.

"Sorry about your parents."

"That's cool, i don't see my dad much but i talk to him allot so its fine."

The bill comes soon and i reach for my purse,

"No i'm paying remember?" he asks smiling, showing of his perfectly white teeth.

"Oh yeah, you were they guy that knocked me over on my way to class!" i say sarcastically.

"Yeah, i'm that guy!" he says laughing and paying.

When we reach my house he smiles. 

"We should do this again, it was really fun," he says. I can't believe it! I know i made him awkward and uncomfortable but he still want to go out with me again.

"Sure, i'd like that!" i say,smiling and waving from my door. When i get inside, all i can think of is the possibility that he might just like me.


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