Escape Him

Life's tough for an eighteen year old anyway, but when May's mum dumps her and her little brother Joe to live with their, unemployed, thirty four year old step sister Linda, things just get a whole lot more complicated. Having to fend for both her brother and step sister with her small monthly income, and the small amount of money she gets from her birth father that Linda doesn't spend on booze isn't easy. But when a boy enters the picture, things get easier and she's less stressed, but what happens when he leaves it .... Read on to find out.


4. Chapter 4

Okay, let's get this straight, I didn't get stood up, he just forgot. And it's not like i stayed like half an hour after school waiting for him to turn up pf-ft! Okay fine, maybe i did but it's not like i like him or anything, i was just hoping to get a free dinner.

I have to walk home because Jack was supposed to drive me home since he got his licence last month, but he left like ten minutes after school  to go to his part time job. I get home 2 hrs later and take a look at the clock. 19:00! damn it! Joe's asleep when i check up on him, poor thing, he must have snacked on the biscuits we had left from the holidays. Okay not poor thing, luck piece of shit! I'm seriously hungry, but he finished all the biscuits and Linda's not home. I go upstairs and get treated to the smell of vomit, UN-surprisingly coming from Linda's room. I sit down by my desk, switch on my lamp and pull out the work i got today. I try to do it, but my minds somewhere else. I keep thinking, did he ask me out as a joke or was it sincere. And if he did, was it a date or just an apology dinner where he'd pay, say sorry, drop me home and then never talk to me ever again. My mind is racing so hard i can practically hear the gears in my plump pink brain working, so i don't hear Linda stumble up the stairs. 

"Oi! waat youu doinnnn upp!" she says, slurring from all the alcohol she's been drinking. 



"Because some people actually want to do well in life."

"Bitte MEEE!" 

Then she vomits down the stairs, and passes out. Being the amazing sister i am, i clean her up, mop up the puke and tuck her in bed. She'll probably find a way to shout at me in the morning even though i helped her, we have a complicated relationship. I barely finish my work by about one o'clock in the morning. When i check my phone, I notice a text, i was probably to absorbed in work to realize. It's from that guy, Alex, it says,

sorry, forgot about dinner, how bout 2moro? x

How did he get my number? Doesn't matter, he remembered, or forgot, oh scrap it. He want's to go out tomorrow! May! Listen to yourself, getting all excited about a date. Okay big deal. Do i like him? Oh i don't know! I do the only logical thing i can think of.

"Joe!" i whisper loudly into by brothers ear.

"Whaat?" he says half asleep

"I need advice!"

"At one in the morning!" he exclaims glancing at his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles alarm clock.

"Yeah!" He realizes that i'm serious so reluctantly gets up.


"This guy, he pushed me over on my way to class, now he's asking me out, what do i say?" 

"Do you like him?"

"I don't know," i say confused

"Well until you're sure, say no,"

"But what if I do, but then he won't ask me again!"

"Fine say yes then!"

"But does that sound greedy or desperate?"

"I don't know, i'm twelve for peets sake!"

"So yes then?"

"Fine, now can i sleep?"

"Sure," I say and tuck him.


I text back. I happy when i go to bed, so maybe i do! Like him if you're confused by what i mean.

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