Escape Him

Life's tough for an eighteen year old anyway, but when May's mum dumps her and her little brother Joe to live with their, unemployed, thirty four year old step sister Linda, things just get a whole lot more complicated. Having to fend for both her brother and step sister with her small monthly income, and the small amount of money she gets from her birth father that Linda doesn't spend on booze isn't easy. But when a boy enters the picture, things get easier and she's less stressed, but what happens when he leaves it .... Read on to find out.


3. Chapter 3


That morning my alarm doesn't go off. I wake up half an hour before we have to leave to catch the bus. Joe jumps out of bed straight after i yell at him and gets changed. I frantically brush my hair, get changed and do my bed. No time to brush my teeth i think to myself, just have to eat chew some Extra before class. I meet Joe at the bottom of the stairs and quickly go to make toast. Linda's already awake and treating a bad hangover. She looks like she's been awake ages. Her hair is done in  braid, she's in new clothes, her make-up's done and she's sipping coffee while holding what looks like a cold flannel to her head. The cow she's been up ages! She could have easily woken us up, and it's not like she didn't know we had school.

"Why didn't you wake us up!" I yell at her, while trying to butter the half burnt toast i just made.

"You didn't ask," she replies calmly. She knows that i'm going to blow my top, she's just waiting to see how long i'll last.

"I just thought that a clever lady like you would have imagined that we would have been up for school an hour ago," i say in my best sweet voice. I see the confusion of being sarcastically insulted, which makes my morning a whole lot better, and walk out of the living room with a grin on my face. 

Me and Joe take the same bus but get of at different stops. He still goes to primary school so he doesn't have a bus pass yet, so i have to pay for both our journeys. I delicately apply the small amount of make up i own, otherwise known as the bunch that Linda has borrowed without asking. It consists of Mascara, lip gloss and concealer. Ideally, if i had gotten up earlier, i would have snuck in some blusher from Linda's stack but i had no time. Joe get's off two stops before me, I wish him luck and he gets off. 

When I finally get off i'm greeted with a ginormous bear hug from Jack. I know what you;re thinking ' she said she was single?' Most people think we're a couple. The truth is, Jacks been my personal body guard of a sort since my parents split. He went through the same thing at the same time as me so he kind of took it upon himself to let nothing hurt me ever again. I know it sounds crazy and all but he's nothing more than a friends. 

" Hey Kiddo, how was you're summer?" he asks stupidly, he already knows the answer.

"Oh, i don't know why don't you help me give it a title, Linda got wasted every night, dad's money went down the drain paying for Linda's booze,I had to work every day unlike the normal eighteen year olds who have a life and go out partying every other night and Joe kept complaining about being bored, sooo how do you want to sum that up?"

" Suckish!" 

"Ding ding ding we have a winner!!"

We both laugh, the only way to make it less painful is to pretend its some big joke. I guess that's got to end sooner or later. 

After Form I have double sociology , business studies and English  At least i have Libby to get through it with me i think to myself as i stare with disgust at my lousy college timetable. Libby's my best in the whole entire world. We've been friends since nursery and have been together for everything since first fallen out milk teeth to first heart breaks. She's super cute though and it makes me jealous to the core. She has blue eyes like me but golden blond hair that she always ties in a tight high pony tail. She's curvy in all the right places and has super long legs. She thinks i'm crazy for thinking that because shes jealous of me. I have no idea why. Maybe she likes geeky ( okay i'm not geeky, i'm just smart) people with no life? anyway we both have this dream to move to London and teach English in secondary schools. But she's not here today so i guess ill have to make do without her for one day.

I'm on my way to English, when this random guy brushes past me and knock all my books out my hands.

"Are you blind or something?"i ask while reaching down to retrieve my books.

"No and easy there on the insults," He says handing me my English book.

 I glance up. I've never seen this guy before. He has insanely straight hair that falls effortlessly down his caramel coloured skin. As he flicks his hair out of his eyes, i notice he has vividly green eyes, sort of like Linda's only kinder with smile lines. What he heck, i think i just explained Harry Potter.

"Well if you hadn't rudely bugged into me like that and knocked my books to the floor, maybe i wouldn't hve to insult you in the first place!" i retort, seriously ticked of now. As i wait for an apology, i notice a smile forming on his perfectly shaped pink lips.

"Hey! your the one that harassed me, the least you could do is say sorry and not laugh at me!" i say, slightly embarrassed  for no reason at all.

"Sorry, it's just that you look kind of cute when your mad," he explains.

The nerve of the guy! He's hitting on me when he practically rugby tackled me just a few seconds ago. Okay fine, maybe bot rugby tackled me, more like slide tackled without actually sliding.

"Yeah well that's not a real apology, is it?" i explain

"Fine, i guess we got of on the wrong foot, I'm Alex and you are?" he asks me holding out his hand. I stare at it like it's from mars, like it probably is, and say,


"Well May, I am very sorry for knocking your books out of your hands," he say's in a dead serious voice. I start to walk away, not completely satisfied with his apology but i guess it'd do.

"Wait, how about dinner to make it up to you?" he asks. I try to locate sarcasm but i think he's once again dead serious.

"I'm fine thanks," i say a little to coldly.

"Wait, i thought you said that i didn't give you a proper apology and now your rejecting me?" he r replies

"Well don't you think that's a bit to much?"

"No and i won't leave you alone until you say yes!" he persists. I'm now late for English.

"Fine! but only because i'm late!" he smiles, showing of brilliantly white teeth.

"It's a date, i'll pick you up after school by the park," he yells. I'm barely even able to register it though, since i'm running to class, down the empty corridors which i only just noticed.

When i reach class, Miss has a go at me for being late and how she will not tolerate it blah blah blah.

But the only thing i can hear is his voice saying, "It's a date." 


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