Escape Him

Life's tough for an eighteen year old anyway, but when May's mum dumps her and her little brother Joe to live with their, unemployed, thirty four year old step sister Linda, things just get a whole lot more complicated. Having to fend for both her brother and step sister with her small monthly income, and the small amount of money she gets from her birth father that Linda doesn't spend on booze isn't easy. But when a boy enters the picture, things get easier and she's less stressed, but what happens when he leaves it .... Read on to find out.


2. Chapter 2


After stuffing our faces with pepperoni pizza i ask Linda if she's found a job yet. Bad move.

"Oh, so just cause you got lucky and found a fricking job doesn't make you anything special you little cow! You'd have no fricking place to go if i wasn't here to take care of you little brats!" Actually, me and Joe could go live with our dad i think to myself, probably not a good idea to mention that now shes on a roll.

"It's your fault Luke left me! You brats are ruining my life!" she continues. Actually, i recall that he said she was over controlling, too loud and got annoyed at anything so no its not my fault, again probably not wise to mention that. Linda see's that i'm not going to fight back, her lip curls into an ugly smirk that i wish i could smack right of her ungrateful face. The nerve of that cow, i'm the one trying to bring some food on the table and i'm practically half her age! Joe see's my face and calmly whispers in my ear, "Its okay, don't sink to her level, when mum comes back she'll have to move out and then its her fault she can't be asked to get of her lazy bum and get a job." It's weird, whenever i get mad and am about to blow my top, it's never mum or dad who stop me, its's Joe, it was the same way when he was little, i just saw those big brown eyes, completely different to my blue ones, and just couldn't do it.

I guess  haven't actually explained how any of us look. Me, i'm average height for my age, i have dark brown dip dyed hair, cut short up to the top of my shoulders and light blue eyes, like the colour of the bolts of electricity you see in cartoons. Joe is just below average height for a twelve year old and has chocolate brown hair ( milk chocolate if you're wondering) and massive brown chipmunk eyes. Now Linda's a little hard to explain, imagine the prettiest girl you've ever seen, multiply it by two but then imagine her with blood shot eyes from crying, red nose from blowing it too hard and a small belly from letting go of herself after a big break up. That's pretty much it, but if you want a bit more detail on Linda she has green judgemental eyes that scan you like a hawk looking for flaws and platinum blonde dyed hair with honey highlights. I remember the first time i saw her when i was fourteen, i was sooo jealous. Her boyfriend was dead fit and looked like a movie star, that was Luke by the way. But as the weeks passed he got fat from eating to many doughnuts at work and stale teeth from drinking coffee to stay awake long nights. After about a year he looked gross and i felt seriously sorry for Linda even though she loved him to bits. The he came home at like two in the morning one night and Linda found out he had hooked up with his secretary, they had a massive fight in the middle of the night that ended in his stuff being thrown out the window and him dumping Linda. Joe still acted like a little kid then so i remember him coming into my room and snuggling into the bottom of my bed like he used to do with mum and dad when he was little. I felt sorry for him because i new he wanted mum but he was too scared of Dave. I remember that night and i promised myself to never let a guy come between me and my family.

Linda's still really pissed with us so i make an excuse to get out of the awkward silence even though the t.v is practically screaming at us. I say that i have a bunch of course work to get though and that Joe has to sleep because its the first day of the new school year tomorrow. You can tell he's not happy and is about to put up a fight when i give him in a look that clearly says "If you put-up a fight i will give you a mega tron wedgie!" so he sucks it up and comes upstairs with me. Despite his arguing, when Joe finally gets into bed he's out like a light in 5 mins flat so i guess that i have to live up to my excuse and get my coursework done. 

By the time i finish its past midnight and Linda's already asleep down on the sofa because she was to lazy to walk up the stairs and get changed. Well i guess i'm just as bad because i literally have no strength to get changed and i was not prepared to drink coffee since i recalled Luke's teeth. So i climb into bed and lay there in a sort of side way crawling position, desperately grabbing warmth even though my bed was already stuffy. I think i did that because also recalled the promise i made to myself and that promises can be broken.

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