Listening To The Silent Lyrics

What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


17. "You vain ass"

The rest of the day went fine. I didn’t go back to the studio because 1) I really couldn’t be bothered to walk that far in the cold and 2) I’m just that lazy and want to eat food all day. I did however, write another song. About Harry and I.

I read the book I was reading a few nights ago. It was brilliant.

Ed did text me saying that I have got an interview on Saturday. Saturdays are my day off! I can just sleep all Saturday but no! instead I have to go to a place where I have no idea what I’m going to do or talk about. However Ed did say I can bring Mya along for a translator.

Apparently my album has been leaked. I have no idea why but it doesn’t bother me at all. I’m quite glad it was leaked because I would have gone crazy if I didn’t know people’s reactions sooner. It’s mostly good comments saying they love it and stuff but there are a few bad comments. They are 1D fans though, just being jealous. Or that’s what I was told.

The next day I did go to the studio but Harry was busy. Mya went with me to see Niall. But we just ended up talking to each other. Mya was telling me about how much she is trying not to fan girl over them. I felt a bit angry at her being able to listen to them but I had to hide it.

When the boys took a break, Harry and I cuddled with each other. According to Louis, he was up all night learning more signs for me. I found that so cute. As of now, we were on the sofa again just talking/signing. I was testing him on his actions to see which ones were correct.

I think he was trying to say ‘I’m hungry’ But I have no idea. It was so horrible that it would be an insult to the dictionary of sign. “What the hell was that?” I laughed. He looked offended. “I’m sorry.” I apologised to him. But he wouldn’t have it. Instead, I kiss his nose playfully. I don’t know what I am doing but I could tell it was a game to him. A game I’m willing to play.

“Oh so you don’t like that then?” I ask. “Maybe I shouldn’t kiss you ever again.” I said like a child. Harry’s eyes grew big and he looked at me shocked. He shook his head frantically at me. “Nope. You have had your chance now away with you.” I tried not to giggle. He must know I’m only playing! I could never leave him. He’s like my drug. I’m addicted to his sexiness…and him.

I turn around to face the wall and cross my arms over my chest.  Trying not to laugh, I stand my ground. I felt him move away from behind me. I close my eyes and when I reopen them, Harry is standing right in front of me. I raise an eyebrow in question. I don’t get an answer. Instead, he full on kisses me on the lips.

There they are again. The fireworks. They explode in many different colours and shapes. When he pulls back I can feel my lips tingling like crazy. That just goes to show you how much I need him.

He writes on the small whiteboard he has with him. When he is done he shows me it. ‘You were saying?’ That cheeky bum! He grins at me and shows off his cheeky smile. I poke my tongue out at him but soon smiles.

“I’m sorry.” I said and hugged him.

It’s okay! I know no one can resist this!’ Was what he wrote and there was an arrow pointing to him.

“You vain ass!” I playfully smack him.

Who? Me? I think you’ll find that is Zayn!’ He wrote.

“Haha.” I sarcastically laugh. “Leave Zayn out of this.” I say and Zayn looks over at us. He talks to Harry and they both laugh at each other I think.

He asked what happened so I told him…he says he is offended… oh well it’s nothing to do with me! Good luck :) ‘Harry explained on the board.

“You ass.” I growl as Zayn walks over to us. He takes the board away from Harry and writes on it. 

So you think Harry is the vain one? Ahaha you are a funny one :D The fans don’t call me the vain one for nothing ;)’ He showed me.

“Tell me then, ‘Mr Vain’, how are you the vain one?” I teased. I know how, I just want him to admit it all. He writes for a few minutes before showing me the board.

Well I spend way too long on my hair every day. If anyone touches my styling stuff then they have 3 minutes to live before I kill them. If someone touches my hair then I shall strangle them until they learn to not to ever again. Just take that as a warning!’ Oh wow… I didn’t know all of that.

“Ok Ok you are the vain one! Sorry Hazzaboo!” I chuckled. “But I knew that! I just wanted you to admit it!” I say.

‘YOU WHAT?! YOU MADE ME WRITE ALL OF THAT FOR NOTHING?’  I laughed and nodded. ‘You better run!’ Oh, this shit just got real.

“HARREH HELP MEH!” I yell and run over to him, hiding behind him. However he moved out of the way for Zayn to get me. I look up at Harry and he just shakes his head at me. “Da faq? Some boyfriend you turned out to be!” I joked and ran over to Niall.

“Niall you know you love me? HELP ME!” I yelled and hid behind him. Everything was still so I peeked out from behind him and Zayn was standing right there! “AHH!” I scream and run out the room, Zayn hot on my tail.

I ran down the corridors with all the closed doors. People were walking past so I had to try and dodge them. A plan coming to mind, I run into the girls bathroom and hide inside one of the stalls. Hehe Zayn can’t come in here.



A/N hope you had a good day at school! Decided I was gonna put a chapter up so it's here for when you get home and be anti-social :D

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