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What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


35. Who are you?

Lucy's POV

After visiting hours, I was basically fed cardboard and moldy milk. I start thinking about what's happened to my life this year.

 Everything has changed this year, I achieved my dreams, conquered my goals, earned an incredibly handsome boyfriend, got my hearing back AND I'm now kind of famous. Life was good to me this year. I've just got one more thing to find and my life will have been the best. Although I may have lost my family, I didn't lose my purpose. 

I guess that everybody has a purpose in life, weather it's to be the one to cure cancer or stop war forever. My purpose is to be there for everyone. I've only ever needed a few people in my life to hold me when I am about to fall. It's kind of been a rollercoaster. 

The track has a few ups and downs, maybe your life turns upside down in a loop. Or maybe you are one of the weaker people who just have a straight track. 

Doctor Harris introduced herself after everybody left. She asked me questions like do I remember what happened, where I am, who I am. Now that last question really struck me. Who am I really? Yes, maybe I have a name, a number - but who am I inside? I could be a weak 16 year old who needs to lean on people all the time for support. I could be the next girl to fly into space and capture the stars with my imagination. Or I could be me, who I am really. 

It's all up to me really. Maybe there are laws holding you back from your goals, but they are only there to protect you. For example, don't do drugs. The law and order for that is to protect you from making mistakes in your life that'll ruin it forever. Don't drink and drive. There are so many accidents on the road from drunken people having a good laugh. Taking away one life will slowly destroy anothers. That one person will have some family, some friends that'll be affected by it all. They'll break down and soon enough, shut down. 

The star lit sky had started to cover the blue when I had finished my dinner. It was only 5pm. Oh God, how I feel lonely. I can't wait to get out of here. I'll be able to walk again and move without being in pain. I can hug Harry and tell him how much I love him without struggling. 

There was a knock at my room door. "Come in." I said and the cheap wooden door opened up to a middle aged woman standing with a child who looked to be about 5 years old. "Erm.... Hello." I waved slightly, unsure of who these people are. 

"Good evening Lucy. How are you?" The lady said. Who is she? I don't recognize her in any way. She isn't a doctor, or a nurse. She's just here. 

"Not to sound rude or anything, miss, but who are you?" I asked. The little girl ran inside the room, giggling as she saw a "get well soon" balloon that Mya bought me from the gift shop. 

The lady walked briskly into the room, her light brown hair swaying so you could just see the grey roots. "I'm terribly sorry about Lily. She gets fascinated by the smallest of things. My name is Julia Mae." I froze. Stiff as wood, hard as a rock. That name....... so familiar. "That's my maiden name, my other name is Juila Bunsen." She carried on, picking up Lily who was poking the balloon. 

"Mummy look! It just bounces around." Lily giggled. I smiled slightly at her. She was just adorable, dainty hands, beautiful long brown hair and bright hazel eyes.

"Yes, darling, it does. Now you have to behave yourself. This is not a playground." The lady -Julia- said. 

"Okay mummy." Lily replied and sat in a chair next to me. Julia did the same. 

"Good girl." Julia replied. She took hold of my hand, and I tried pulling it away. Who is this woman?! 

"Who are you?" I asked again, slowly taking my hand back.

"I'm your auntie Julia." She said. 



A/N Is it weird that I dreamed that all my friends jumped into a giant bowl of skittles and died?? O_o.......Sorry it's short. I've been up for 14 minutes anyway and I've got to get a social life today by going cinema and having a sleepover with some retards! I might update again if I get the chance or else this'll be the only update for today :(

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