Listening To The Silent Lyrics

What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


80. What did actually happen.

Lucy’s POV

“Bethany Louise Mai.” I say, standing on the other side of the kitchen. She jumped so high in the air that she dropped the wooden spoon she was holding to mix the pasta with. She turns and looks at me with a smirk. “Long time, no see, cous’.”

“Took you long enough to figure me out.” She winks. Harry walks into the kitchen and see’s us talking. Then, he slowly limps away.

“Uh nu, come here, Styles. You ain’t going anywhere.” I said, making him wince and walk back into the kitchen. “Park it, child.” I pull out a chair next to me and he sits on it awkwardly.

“Okay, this has nothing-“ he starts to talk.

“No. Don’t want to hear it.” I cut him off.

“Same old Lucy.” Bethany smiles at me. But I ignore her.

“How fucking dare you, bring her into here, and give me no notice?!” I yell and him. “There is a reason I didn’t contact or try to contact my family for 6 years. And yet, you don’t even bother to think about the consequences of this all!”

“I thought it would make you happy!” He said.

“That’s the problem! You thought I would, you didn’t know! What did you think, that it was going to be hugs and smiles all around?” I carry on while Bethany places plates full of spaghetti around us.

“That is why I found someone who I could trust! I called her up and everything, asking about you.”

“And it didn’t occur to you that maybe I don’t want to see her? She left me for 6 years, Harry. 6 FLAMING YEARS!”

“And there is a good reason for it too!” he yelled at me. He is right, though. There has to be.

“Then someone, please, explain to me what it is because I have been wondering what that was for the past few years. Was it because I am too ugly? A disappointment? An unwanted dent in the ‘perfect’ family?” I go on.

“No! It was none of that! Auntie Jess loved you so much! And Uncle John cried when he found out he wasn’t allowed to keep you!” Bethany defended the family. By this point, tears were in my eyes and no one was trying to stop them.

“Then what?” I asked as quiet as a mouse.

“It was Granddad David.” She whispered. Ah, Old man David. He hated me from the very day I was born. Loved Chloe more than me, loved James more. I was just a waste of space to him. And he ruled the family. He would be angry at everyone if one of his grandchildren didn’t get full marks on a test. Therefore, the family tried to hide from him. Seems pretty impossible for us, right? It was. He was like the headmaster at a school. Always watching, always listening.  I hope he is dead.

Seeing my reaction, she needn’t go on. “I’m so sorry, Lulu.” Bethany said, using my old nickname. I cringed at it. She knew I hate that name. “Oh right, sorry again.” She apologized.

“So you left me, a ten year old deaf girl, in a care home where we were hardly fed and beaten for not doing our chores because of some crazy old man? Wow, thanks.” I rolled my eyes. Harry put his hand on top of mine and rubbed his thumb over it.

“We tried to get you out countless times. Believe us. But he transferred you across the flipping country! We had no idea where you were. Eventually, we gave up. Four years in… he died. The only resource we had to finding you. Gone. Dead. Wiped off the face of the earth.” Bethany explained.

“Oh well,” I whispered, “it’s all in the past. Things have changed for the better since then. I mean, have you seen my boyfriend.” I wink at Harry and give him a kiss on the lips.

“Naww, that’s cute. I mean, I know you’d pull a load of boys but Harry freaking Styles. Girl, what kind of spell are you using to keep him?” Bethany smiled widely. I eat some of my spaghetti, putting so much cheese on that I know I’ll probably gain ten pounds by the end of it.

“Actually, she isn’t using a spell. She is just being herself.” Harry smiled at me.

“Elaborate what you mean by ‘myself’.” I asked.

“Beautiful, funny, smart, childlike, a ninja,” he starts listing, “confident, intele-“

“Okay, that’ll do donkey, that’ll do,” I say, impersonating Shrek.

“Awe, you two are so cute. How did you meet anyway?” Bethany started asking about what’s happened to us, what will I do with my career (which I haven’t forgotten about) and other random things. Finally, we finish our dinner, having bowls of ice cream for dessert sprinkled with chocolate flakes.

We all sat around in our PJ’s in front of the TV, watching some of You’ve Been Framed best bits. “Hey, Luce?” Harry said from behind me. I was curled up in his lap, his hands around my waist and head on my shoulder.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“You wanted to know about Ed and I, right?” He breathes. What? Is he seriously gonna tell me now? I nod slightly and turn my head so it faces him.

“You don’t have to tell me, you know. If you don’t want to, or it is going to hurt you, then don’t. Sometimes, not knowing is good.” I tell him, caressing his cheek. He looks down to our entwined hands and sighs.

“But you have a right to know.”

“Okay. But just feel free to stop whenever. I’ll understand.”

“Well, it all started the day you left with Ed. You know how we thought Julia was locked up?” I nod. “Turns out someone bailed her out because not only an hour after you had left, she was at my door. She literally pushed past me to get in and I tried calling the police to get her out, but she took my phone. She asked me to reason with her. I knew I couldn’t after everything she had done, so I pretended to. She said “I am back now, with more resources and power”. At first, I thought she was crazy, that she had too much time staring at a blank wall. Then I realized what she meant. She has more people wanting to kill us. To kill you, Lucy. After word got out that she was out, she had more followers at her side, all with the same ambitions as her, to destroy us. So I made a deal with her. I’d do anything she wanted as long as she doesn’t touch you. Last night was the first night she asked me to do anything for her. I had to fight. Only, the thing was, she never told me who I had to fight. I got to the ring and had less than 5 minutes before I had to beat up some innocent soul. Julia told me that I have to win or else she’ll kill you. Oh, Lucy, I was so worried about you that I believed her. I didn’t want to disobey her. At the arena, Ed was there, tied to a chair and really drugged up. We fought. He won. I lost. Then somehow I woke up on the sofa. Julia hasn’t made contact with me since.” He explained.

“Shit Harry. If I had known, I would have done something! I would have tried to stop her!” I yell. I swear to god, when I get my hands on Ed, I’ll kill him! He could have at least refused or something! The bastard.

“I was afraid, Luce. I am so sorry.” He whispers, head hanging in shame. I let go of his hands and place two fingers underneath his chin, lifting it up slightly. I look into his beautiful eyes as he looks back.

“Never.” I whisper, centimetres away from his lips. “Ever, say you are afraid.” Then, I kiss him. His lips are soft and gentle, caring for me. I forget about everything that has happened these past months, the fights, the drama, the hate. I forget it all in that one kiss.

But we had to break apart when an awkward cough sliced through the air. DAMN YOU BETHANY. We pull away, blushing. “Don’t mind me, ya know? It’s not like I’m right in front of you or anything.” Bethany smiled.

“Actually, you are to the side of us.” I wink at her.

“Whatever, shorty.” She rolls her eyes at me. And so the rest of the night was spent watching cheesy movies and playing UNO.

In the morning, I waved Bethany off in tears and tidied up Harry’s house. It may have been a mess after five bags of popcorn and a scary movie. Later that day, I was back at my flat, packing some stuff up to take down to Holmes Chapel on Harry’s birthday which was tomorrow. Believe it or not, I wasn’t nervous about meeting his family. I mean, he’s met a member of mine. And they got along like Fred and George Wesley. I don’t see why it can’t be the same.

Maybe it’s because you are rubbish at keeping people around. A voice in my head says. No, I’m not. I have everyone I need around me.

And yet, you’ve lost your family, you lost Harry countless times and the same for Mya. Harry’s family will hate you, and you know it. The voice continues. Oh shut up, voice. You can’t keep bringing me down. Finally, the girl has grown some balls! Yeah, I have. Now piss off.


It’s gone.

And forever I hope.

“Lucy!” Harry calls from the kitchen.

“Yeah?” I yell to him.

“Hurry up and change! I wanna take you out for dinner!” Oh, that sounds nice. I haven’t eaten out since Dan and Phil took me to Mac Donalds. And that really wasn’t a proper meal. Just a load of chips and nuggets.

“Fancy or casual?” I ask.


I change into some denim shorts with laced tights underneath and a white strappy top with an overly large black skulled grey jumper which hangs nicely off my shoulders.  The outfit is topped off with a long, golden necklace with an owl at the end and some converses. Lovely jubbly. 

“What time we leaving?” I ask Harry, walking into the living room of my flat.

“What’s the time?” he shrugs.

I look to the clock above the TV. “5:10.”

“Let’s go now, then! Don’t want to have to wait for ages in line.” He smiled.

“Okay then.” I say, taking his hand. “See you guys later.” I tell Mya and Niall.

“Have fun, love birds!” Niall smiled.

“Use protection this time!” I yell to them just before shutting the door. Harry and I start down the stairs of the building in silence, enjoying it for its beauty and expense.

“So…. What restaurant are we going to?” I ask him from outside the block of flats.

“Some place called The Lady Inn.” He said. I cross my eyebrows.

“Never heard of it.” I tell him.

“It’s really nice. I have been there a few times with the boys.” He explains. But still, I haven’t got a clear picture of the place. Oh well, if he says it’s good then it probably is. 


A/N I am so sorry for the lack of updates. I blame Tumblr and American Horror Story. I have just lost track of everything completely. But GUESS WHAT? Did any of you watch Danisnotonfire's live stream on tuesday? (yesterday) BECAUSE HE READ MY COMMENT ALOUD. AND HE SAID MY NAME RIGHT. OH HOLY JESUS. I CRIED AFTER THAT SO MUCH. NO JOKES. Anyway, Oh. Diana leaked. It made me cry even more. I am just a mess lately. But the fair is in town today until saturday so I'm going up Friday after crappy 2 hours of spanish with £20 and a hell load of friends. Yup. I am being social. I don't even know why I'm telling you this... BYE!

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