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What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


24. Wake up

Harry's POV

Fidgeting, moving, screaming, crying. Lucy wouldn't stop. I think she is having a nightmare. And I don't know what to do to stop it. 

"Hey hey baby." I say comfortingly even though she can't hear me. I try hug her and hold her still. "Shh shh, princess, it's going to be okay." I rub her back soothingly. 

Her eyes slowly open and she is crying. "I-I'm s-sorry." She cries. I keep my grip on her to show it's okay. "it's j-just a b-bad dream." she chants over and over again. I kiss her forehead. 

"MYA!" I yell and try to see if she wakes up. Nothing. "MYA GET UP NOW!" I yell and hear some footsteps. 

"Wha ya want?" She asks, half asleep. But is fully awake when she sees Lucy. "Bugger." She mutters and runs over to the bed. I can't help but feel so helpless. Mya taps Lucy on the shoulders and she looks up to her, tears still falling.

They signed stuff to each other that was just to complicated for me. Feeling like a potato, I kept hugging Lucy. "Does this normally happen?" I ask Mya. 

She nods. "It's not really a nightmare she has. Just a memory." She says. 

"A memory of what?" I ask curiously. 

"Her parents and siblings dying in front of her." Mya looks down sadly. 

"WHAT?!" I exclaim. I don't give a damn if it's 3 in the morning or 3 in the afternoon - this is horrible!

"Basically, you know that thing Lucy was telling you about that made her deaf? The robbery? Well, in that not only did she lose her hearing but also her family." Mya exclaimed and I look at Lucy who was cuddled into my chest in a ball. Tears were still falling but only slowly. Her eyes were closed so I'm guessing she was trying to sleep.

"So, if she had no family where did she go?" I ask and lay her back down, stroking her hair. 

"She was put into a care home, here in London. That's where we met." Mya looked down sadly at Lucy. "The thing is, while in care for the years she was there, she was bullied. People beat her up for not being able to hear and oh god... Harry, the things they yelled at was horrible." She cried. 

I sat there with my mouth held wide. "What the...? She doesn't even act like any of this has happened before." I say then stand up and hug her. 

"She likes to keep to herself a lot. She's really independent. I was the only one she'd talk to for at least a year. She hid her cuts and bruises from the social workers. She fell into depression. She told me once that she even thought about suicide... That shouldn't be in a girls mind, Harry. The staff never noticed how depressed she felt. They never really cared about the kids there. As long as we were fed and in bed by 8, they wouldn't notice us. For all they cared, one of us could have died." She cried into my shoulder. 

"It's in the past now. No one lives there anymore. What's done is done and nobody could change it. It's best for you to forget and be happy then remember and be sad. And I'm certainly sure Ni wouldn't want you to be sad." I told her and pulled away.

"Thanks Harry. Well, Lucy is asleep again. Don't tell her what I told you though. She will kill me."

"Night Mya." I smiled and Mya walks out the room. 

Sighing, I get back into bed and wrap my arms around Lucy protectively. I won't let anyone hurt my baby girl ever again. Or else, they'll pay.


A/N Harreh's gettin' maaaaaaaad! How can one person fail so much at life? D: Sorry if I don't update tomorrow, it's fathers day and I'm not feeling the brightest.... 

Spoiler: Drama llama in the next chappie!!!!!!!!!

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