Listening To The Silent Lyrics

What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


21. Twitter

We went straight back to Mya and I's flat where we basically jumped up and down with joy until we were out of breath and were about to pass out. Harry just stared at us while Niall emptied the fridge of food. Laughing, I make my way over to the sofa and turn on my laptop. Harry sits down next to me and wraps an arm around my waist. He kisses my cheek softy so I blushed. I bring up Google Chrome and type Twitter into the URL box. 

Harry looks at me weirdly for a moment but smiles when he understands what I'm doing. "It needs to be done. Plus, everybody has Twitter now." I told him. He rolls his eyes. 

"You don't need it." He wrote down on a piece of paper. I poke my tongue out playfully. 

"I need some way of interacting with my listeners." I told him. My Facebook was private and I really didn't want people spamming my newsfeed with tags of me in their status updates. 

"True, but it will take away your social life. I'm not even joking." He had written. I give him a knowing look. 

"I never really did have a social life. I only went outside this cage to go to work and buy food. That's about it." I explained. 


"Why bother making one now?" I shrug. I type in all my details that are needed for the sign up and then it was time to make a name. "What should my name be?" I ask. 

"How about @Lucy_Mai_the_ninja ?" Harry wrote. I rolled my eyes. 

"How about something more serious?" I smiled at him. He frowned but thought of another more 'serious' name. 

"@The_lovely_and_beautiful_Lucy_Mai ?"  I blushed and hid my face in his chest. I could feel him laughing at my awkwardness. 

"How about just Lucy Mai?" I sat back up and typed the name into the correct box.

"But mine was better :(" The frowny face at the end made me feel guilty. I kiss his nose and apologize. 

"Sorry, Haz. Yours was just too perfect for me. Maybe next time?" I say and give him a cuddle. He smiled at me. 

"You're just too perfect for me. I love you." I blushed yet again and he kissed me on the lips passionately. Our lips moved in sync and fit more than perfectly together. We pulled away from each other and looked in each others eyes. 

"I love you lots like jelly tots." I giggled at him. He laughed at me. 

"Jelly tots?" He questioned my awesome wording. 

"Yes, jelly tots. Their sweet and sugary and just plain delicious." I told him. "So basically you are my jelly tot in a bigger more human version." I explained. 'lucy_

"Awww that's so sweet. Then this means you are my kinder egg :)" I gave him a confused look so he wrote down what else he had to say. "They have a surprise in each one, they are small and they have two types of chocolate around it." Oh my carrots! 

"That's adorable." I smile and peck his lips. They were a little soft and plump from the last kiss we shared. I checked my twitter and saw that I already had 300 followers. So I decided to tweet something. 

@Lucy_Mai hello to the world of Twitter. How ya doin'? :)

The tweet got around 100 re-tweets and I smiled at some of the comments. 

@I_love_you_too @Lucy_Mai omg you have twitter! Follow me pleeeease?

So of course I followed the girl and replied to other tweets asking how I was doing. I followed a few more fans then decided that I should follow a few celebrities. In the end I followed Harry and the boys, OneRepublic, Paramore, Little Mix, Mayday Parade and Imagine Dragons. 

Harry sent out a tweet and I quote "@Harry_Styles please follow my gorgeous gf @Lucy_Mai ?Xxx"

The two boys stayed the night here in mine and Mya's beds. I just hope to God that Mya and Niall didn't do the dirty deed.

Harry cuddled up to me the whole night (basically spooning me). 

I was woken up the next morning by being tickled. It started at my hips, then my ribs, then to my armpits and after was my neck. "Oh my god stop!" I giggled and opened my eyes to see a shirtless Harry smiling at me. 

I poke my tongue out at him playfully. All of a sudden he dived his head down and licked my tongue. "Ew!" I exclaim. He smirked at me and I pouted. He picked up the white board and wrote "don't leave it out in the open then ;)"

I rolled my eyes. "This doesn't happen in the movies." I pouted. 

Harry thought for a moment before straddling me and kissing me. I close my eyes as his tongue runs over my bottom lip, asking for entrance. Without a second thought, I open my mouth slightly and his tongue enters it. We battle for dominance as I flip him over onto his back and moan.

His teeth graze my bottom lip, pulling slightly which I couldn't help but think how sexy that was. I re-open my eyes and find his bright green orbs staring right into my eyes. He pulled away panting. I lean my head on to his bare chest and sigh in happiness. His arm enclosed over my back and pulled me up his chest a bit. 

I smile and say "much much better." Before closing my eyes again.  



Later that day, Harry and Niall had to go back to the recording studio. I didn't really have anything else to do but wait around. Mya got me food while we waited for the boys to finish. Apparently they have a few more sessions before they finish and their album can be put onto market. I was crawling to know what the music sounded like. 

I wanted to know what every melody they sung sounded like.

I wanted to have the feeling thousands of other girls do when they hear the lyrics.

I wanted to feel human.

I wanted feel like I was a normal person.t

And yet after everything I've been through, I will never be normal. My physical scars may be gone in a few weeks. But the mental ones will stay in my mind forever....unless I get amnesia...

Which I know I'm not going to get because that magically can't happen...can't it?

Ugh, I need to stop worrying myself. It's not doing me any justice.

After we ate and they boys finished, we all went to the pond. The fact that it was frozen over made it more fun because we were allowed to go ice skating on there. Louis, Liam and Zayn got their girlfriends (which made the day even more fangirl worthy later) and we all changed into warmer gear. 

Once we were all ready, we got our skates on and went onto the ice. I held onto Harry's hand extra tightly. He gave me a warming smile and led me further on the ice. My legs wobbled and crashed everywhere. I look over to the other couples and smile at how cute they were being. Mya and Niall skated together, hand in hand. Louis and Eleanor were just laughing at each other's attempt of skating. Zayn and Perrie held onto each other for dear life, their faces petrified. While Liam and Danielle just sat back on the bench, cuddling to keep warm. It looked like Liam was whispering some really sweet things to her to make her blush because Dani's face was bright red. 

I look back up to Harry and cuddle into his chest. He guided my legs with his as we glided around the perimeter. A crowd of fans started to gather around the fence of the pond and I think they probably were making comments about everyone. I didn't know though and I honestly couldn't care if the comments were good or bad. 

All of a sudden, Harry turned me around so I could face him. I look at him with a weird expression.  Go along with it, he mouthed. I was still confused. However when he started leaning in, I knew what he was going to do. I closed my eyes and his lips slowly touched mine. I pressed on harder to make it seem like it was a proper full on snog.


I re-opened my eyes and saw flashes of light blind my vision. People were taking pictures.Of us kissing. The dirty bastards. What are they going to do with a picture of two people kissing!? 

Just, ew. 

I blush as I see the crowd either cheer for us or boo. I hope it's the first one. I really do because I don't want people to hate us together. All I want to do is love him without people getting in the way. But there's always a price to pay when it comes to love. Either it's people hating you or someone standing in the way of us, there is always a price. 


After the skating rink, we all went for hot chocolate at Costa. The lady at the counter was surprised with such a big order from us that she took an extra 10 minutes getting the drinks. We had to move three tables so we could all sit together. 

Everybody was talking to each other and laughing while I sat there, unable to hear their jokes and conversations. I'm guessing Mya could tell how miserable I felt so she tried to have a conversation with me. This is why we are friends. We can never leave each other out of events. No matter how big or small they are. 

"Are you okay?" She signed. I nodded and smiled. "I'm sorry for leaving you out. I was just enjoying the company." She apologized. 

"It's fine. You go enjoy yourself." I signed back. 

"No, I want to talk to you now. Plus their conversation is boring." I rolled my eyes at her and smiled.

"Well, okay then. Do you know the schedule  for next week?" I asked. Mya thought for a few moments before telling me that there is another interview then a photoshoot on monday and thursday. The rest of the week I'm free to do as I please. "Thank you."

There was a piece of paper passed over to me and I recognized the handwriting straight away. Harry. 

Hey love, 

I'm sorry for not paying much attention to you :( Maybe we can go and pig out on food later? *insert puppy dog eyes* *CUTE puppy dog eyes* *REALLY CUTE puppy dog eyes* look over to me?

Harry xxxx

I did as the note on the napkin said and looked round next to me to see Harry with the most adorable puppy dog eyes in the world. 

"Oh my god." I cooed and patted his hair. He frowned then tried sorting it out. I laughed at him as his tongue slightly poked out his mouth. "You idiot." I facepalmed myself and sat up a bit to help him sort his hair out. He dropped his arms to his side and sat there like a little kid as I put his hair back into place.

When I was done, I sat back down and he smiled at me. Mouthing a thank you to me.

"No problem." 

We finished up at costa around half an hour later. We kind of got delayed as some Directioners came up and asked for pictures of the boys. One or two people asked for a picture of me which I kindly gave them one, shocked because it was my first time. 




a/n I would've updated earlier however my computer decided to update... 7 FLACKING TIMES. It took 2 hours. Then I've spent ages having a fight with it because it wouldn't turn on when I wanted it to. I was patient and didn't throw it at the wall. But good news, long chappie and i'm back

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