Listening To The Silent Lyrics

What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


15. Twitcam

-The next day-

I woke up to pots and pans being smashed around my room. Great, fun. I rolled out of my bed, falling on the floor with a loud thud. “Ow!” I groaned.

“HARRY GET YOUR LAZY ARSE UP BEFORE WE’RE LATE FOR RECORDING!” Louis yelled, picking me up and dumping me on my bed.

“fjdjk obf.” I said.

“What?” He asked.

“Out. Lemme get changed!” I whined and he ran out. Sighing, I got up and changed into something nice and warm. Hopefully Lucy is wrapped up nicely today or else she might catch a cold. And I can’t let anything happen to my princess. After all, I want her to be able to trust me. I know she doesn’t trust me yet, especially when I know she’s keeping secrets from me about her own family. Did they abuse her? Are they dead? Is she an orphan? Did they disown her?

All these thoughts ran through my head so fast that I didn’t even notice Zayn waving his hand in front of my face until he kicked me in the….boys parts. I double over and curl my face up.

“OW ZAYN!” I yell at him. All he does is smirk and run away. I really can’t be bothered to chase him. I’m too lazy to do that.

By the time we all leave, we know we’re all going to be late and Simon is going to kill us. We only have three weeks left in the studio and we’ve only recorded a few songs. Live While We’re Young and Little Things have already been done because they came out before the album was made. The only other songs we have done are I would, Back For You and Last First Kiss. Yeah…now you know why Simon is going to get us.

We are half an hour late by the time we arrive. We literally run out of the car and into the building to get to our room. When we get there, Liam and Niall are talking on the settee to Simon….dammit. 

“Good morning, boys. Glad to see you are here.” Simon said with no emotion in his voice. We say our hellos and sit down on the sofa opposite him, next to Liam and Niall. “It’s come to my attention that your fans are getting better and better at tracking you all down and finding things about you that I didn’t even know. Harry,” he looked me in the eyes and I gulped, “were you at the park last night?” He asks. How did he know? Oh, wait. The fans.

“Yes.” I reply.

“And were you with a young lady there last night, I don’t know, the lady named Lucy?” He pulled out a picture of Lucy and I last night kissing. I didn’t see any people around us!

“How did they get pictures? I made sure the part of the park we were in was closed off!” I explain.

“Well it wasn’t secure enough! If people got in and got pictures then how is that secure!? It’s all over the internet and papers. Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram and the news! Not only that but the fans are upset and confused that you have kept this from them. They have already started to give hate to Ms Mai. I quote from Twitter ‘@Harry_Styles is that your new lady? She seems young. And ugly. Dump the slut!’” Oh no. Lucy. I hope she is okay.

“They don’t even know her!” I yell. “Where is Lucy?” I ask.

“Mya says that Lucy hasn’t seen the tweets yet because she hasn’t got Twitter but she is trying to keep her away from the papers and TV.” Simon said calmly. How he is calm all the time will never be answered. He’s either calm or angry. He can joke around from time to time and laugh –that’s rare.

“Shall I go round there?” I ask, getting up.

“No. You and Niall are going to have a twitcam in a minute to discuss the situations with your girlfriends. Paul is setting everything up. Just remember to not upset the fans. That means, don’t get angry. Don’t yell at them. Just say that your disappointed in them. That’ll make them guilty and should stop them from all the hate. The rest of you, go record some of your songs. There isn’t much time left till you have to leave for your tour.” With that he left. The bastard. But we all have to do as he says because he is the one who made us who we are.

I look over to the rest of the boys and they’re all looking back at me. “What?” I ask innocently.

“You okay?” Liam asked.

“Yep. Just dandy. The fact that our fans have upset and hated my girlfriend already makes everything even better.” I say sarcastically.

“Hey, do what Simon says and tell them that you aren’t happy with them. It will for sure make them guilty and sad. Then they should stop. My girlfriend still gets hate and I’ve been dating her for over a year. Even though it makes me furious and mad, I ignore it and so does she. Why? How? Because she knows she is important to me. She knows she is beautiful and smart and not all the nasty things fans say.” Louis lectured.

“Are you sure you’re feeling okay, Lou?” Zayn said. In return he got a tongue poked out at him.

“Boys?” Paul asks, walking into the room. “It’s time.” He said and walked out. Sighing, I got up and Niall followed. We walked into the room where everything was. We sat down on the cream leather sofa and tweeted that a twitcam was going to start in a few minutes. I looked at Niall.

“You okay?” I ask, giving him a hug.

“What? Yeah I’m fine. Mya didn’t get much hate. We came out yesterday so I don’t think many people know.” He smiled. “Are you?”

“I’m just pissed off. They don’t even know about Lucy. I don’t think they even know she’s deaf. We were talking last night at the park and she wouldn’t tell me about her family so I’m assuming they are dead and she is an orphan.” I let out my feelings to him.

“Maybe. But we can’t go assuming everything if we don’t have proof. I can ask Mya later if you want.” This is why I like Niall. He is so trust worthy and will help you because he can understand most things.

“Thanks. I’d like that.” I smiled at him and we both leaned back, as the Twitcam started.

“HELLOOOOOOOO INTERNET!” Niall exclaimed into the camera. “How are all of you today?” he read out some of the comments as did I.

“That’s all good. I’m glad you are all okay. However we’re not.” I shake my head and pout. The comment boxes filled up asking why a lot. “Well. We are okay, physically.”

“But mentally we are upset and disappointed. And it’s because of all of you.” Niall explained.

“You have been making nasty comments to our girlfriends. Yes. Lucy is my girlfriend for all you confused people out there. And she has done nothing at all to deserve this. She cannot hear you though. She is deaf. She has had a bad past and wants to start new. But with people like you calling her names when you don’t even know her, doesn’t help at all. I’m ashamed to call you directioners.”

“So just stop. Mya and I are happy together and she isn’t going anywhere for a long time just like Harry and Lucy. Hate all you want. But then you are no longer part of this family.” There goes the guilt trip.

“We are both sorry to those decent people out there who haven’t done anything. Thank you for watching.” I say then we turn off the camera.

“That went well.” Niall joked.

“Do you think we were too harsh on them?” I asked.

“Nah. They needed to be put in their place. They have no right to destroy and upset our happiness.” He reassured me.


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