Listening To The Silent Lyrics

What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


18. The zoo date

I waited in the stall for about 10 minutes before going out into the main bathroom part. There was a tall lady who had no hair whatsoever standing in front of a mirror doing her make up. She was wearing tall knee high boots with black leggings and a nice purple top. She wore long dangly hoop earrings with a small heart necklace.

“Hello!” I waved and smiled like an awkward potato I am. She kindly waves back and carries on with her make up. After she is done, she puts everything back into a bag and pulls out a notepad and a pen. She writes on it for a few seconds before ripping the paper out and handing it over to me.

Hey there!

 I’m Jessie J! And I know who you are! You are Lucy Mai. I love your music and don’t worry I know you can’t hear me so that’s why I’m writing this. :) anyway, I’m just here to offer you any help. If you ever want help with something or need anything call me on :xxxxxxxxxxx

See ya around :)

Jessie xxx’

Awe that’s so nice.

“Thank you Jessie. Can I ask one question?” She nodded. “I’m sorry if this offends you but, what happened? Where is your hair I mean? I haven’t seen in the papers that you are ill or anything.” I explained.

I cut it off for RND.’ she wrote.

“That’s so inspiring of you!” I squealed and hugged her. She hugged back and smiled at me. We waved goodbye and she left. I messed around with the taps for a bit until deciding it was safe to go out. I popped my head around the door. The hallway was deserted. Not a person or celebrity in sight. Phew.

I ninja stalked all the way back to the studio where the boys were. When I entered, I saw that Zayn wasn’t back yet. I couldn’t help but laugh. Harry came over to me and hugged me.

“Where is Zayn?” I ask. Harry pulls away and shrugs. Okay then. He takes out his phone and types around for a bit, once he’s done he locks his phone and I feel my phone vibrate. I give him a confused look.

Wanna go zoo 2day? Xx – Harry’ the text read. I nodded and a sexy grin appeared on his face. Wait. Did I call him sexy? I know he is. Ignore that comment .-.

He takes my hand and entwines his fingers with mine. His hands are so much larger than my small ones. But they fit so perfectly together it is as if they were made for one another. Maybe they are and we were always meant to be. I lean my head on his shoulder as we wait for the lift to arrive to our floor. Harry places a soft gentle kiss on my head in a cute couple-y way.

After we leave the building, we go into an average size Toyota car which takes us to London zoo. When we got there, I saw it was crowded. People were lining up everywhere. Little children were running around in the snow. Adults were busy smiling at each other about something I’ll never be able to hear.

Harry being a famous celebrity had to put on a few bits and pieces to stop fans from recognising him. He had on some sun glasses which suited him well (even if it was winter, it was bright) and a long brown coat which was kind of like the one he wore in the ‘Gotta be you’ video. In all honesty he looks really handsome. I just want to cuddle him. It’s as if he’s a cupcake. One made out of sugar and spice and all things nice….even though that’s a girl’s nursery rhyme…

Half an hour later, we had arrived at the front of the cue and Harry and the cashier exchanged some words before we were in. The entrance was filled with many different colour balloons making all sorts of animals and things. We found a map of the zoo and decided where we wanted to go.

First were the giraffes. They were so funny. Harry held my hand all the way round and imitated them. The fact that he made his tongue blue (he had these chewing gum things) and pulled a silly face at the same time made it even better and funnier.

Next we got to see the Meer cats which were just so adorable! I mean the way they kept popping their heads up and down randomly made me want to just pick it up and hug it. After that were the llamas but…they were kind of busy if you know what I mean…

Soon enough it was getting closer and closer to the end of the day. Our last stop was the penguins. The zoo had become almost deserted and darkness had nearly taken its blanket over the sun. The sky had its salmon colour from sunset just about gone.

Lamps flickered on above us as we reached the small penguin habitat. I felt a hand tap my shoulder, to get my attention, and I look over to see Harry smiling. “What?” I ask with curiosity running through my body. He didn’t sign or type anything but just pointed over to where two penguins were cuddling each other lovingly. Between the two lay an un-hatched egg. It was moving. Little by little the egg started to crack open. I could tell the parents grew with more anticipation by the second. I clutched onto Harry’s hand tightly, and he squeezed back in reassurance.

Five minutes later, the egg hatched and out popped a cute little baby penguin. The penguins all huddled around it, trying to keep it warm as snow started to fall blissfully out of the sky. When I looked up I saw the sky was partly filled with clouds but you could see the stars behind them that shone brightly. It was as if each small delicate flake fell from them.

I turned around and gave a smile to him which was followed by a hug. His embrace sent warmth and tingles through my body. I felt his light breathing on my neck. He pulled away just slightly so our foreheads were touching each other’s. We stared into the other persons eyes before leaning in slowly at the same time.

Our cold lips touched and soon moved in sync together. I closed my eyes and tried to supress the moan of gratitude of the kiss. His hands moved around to my waist and I moved mine up to his neck and rested them there. We had to pull away too soon to catch our breaths. After I had, I reopened my eyes to see I still had my arms around his shoulders.

I moved them away in embarrassment, blushing a bright red, but Harry beat me to it and moved them back in place. “I love you so much.” I whispered breathlessly to him. He moved a hand to his face and pointed at his eye. Then he pointed at my heart then must me. At first I didn’t get it, but then I knew he was saying ‘I love you’.

The snowflakes fell all around us, but not in between us. To me, this shows us, whatever obstacle that comes at us; it can never break us apart.  




a/n so we got a lil bit of Hucy lovin' eh? ;) I just woke up and it's raining so fun day to walk to school today :3

I don't like their ship name? Anyone got any others? And I think "Larry" is off the list.... my feels..... 

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