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What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


83. The week

Lucy's POV (This a quick rush through of the week)

The following day, Harrys' entire family decided to come over after Anne called them up the previous night. A few of his friends also came over with presents and cards for his birthday yesterday. The day was filled with talking to strangers and having a laugh while eating two pots of Pringles. I like my Pringles. 

To be honest, I had never felt more scared of meeting more people than before. Yes, meeting his mum and step dad was pretty scary and I thought it was going to be the scariest time of my life but I was wrong. That. That was scarier. I am never going to do this again. His family and friends were nice but holy shit there was a lot of them.

At the end of the day, we pigged out on fish and chips from the chippy as yet again, no one was bothered about cooking. Plus, everyone kind of ate the house out of nice food. We finally settled down the evening at 11pm when watching a movie I could not remember the name of.

The next day, we went to Chester Zoo because it was SUNNY. Could you believe that? 3rd of February and the sun was out shining. Not warmly though. It was just sunny. But it made me sad to think down in the south and south west, there are fatal floods happening. (A/N I live in Somerset in the South West where the floods hit hardest so I know about this stuff XD)

The zoo was fun, I got a llama teddy. I love llamas. But alpacas are better. Much better. And cuter. Anyway, back on track. 

At the zoo, Harry and I did get pulled over by many fans asking for autographs and pictures which I felt honoured to do but I did get annoying after a while. I guess that's what you get for people knowing you.

I wouldn't class myself as an A list famous person like Harry would be. More of a C or D list. Yes, people know me mostly for being Harry's girlfriend and that's not what I want them to know me for. I have an album out and I'd love it if people recognised me for my voice instead.

But life is life. We're all going to die in the end. 

The rest of our visit (2 more days) were filled with Harry and his family and friends again. I did feel left out. Harry did take note of that but I said it was fine. This trip wasn't about me in the first place, it was about Harry and him seeing his family again. 

I called Mya up one night just to tell her how things are going and asked her how things were going with her pregnancy. She said it was fine but had been craving jam tarts a lot. Even Niall took the phone off of her and said she's been eating them more than he eats. 

Finally, it was the day of departure. We all said our goodbyes and Anne and Gemma gave me their numbers so we could keep in touch. Harry wasn't too happy leaving. He cried slightly while saying his goodbyes and then cried a lot in the car. I was slightly scared seeming as he was driving.

Hours later, we were back in London. Harry in his flat and I at mine.  

I couldn't be fucked in all honesty to do much more than read when I arrived back. Mya understood. I just had that feeling of needing space. It was a hectic week filled with many, many people. 

Finally, a nice end to the week, I had a long warming bath.

A/N I'm so so so so so sorry for lack of updates. I'm also sorry this is short. Like I said, this is just a filler. The end is in sight. I think next chapter or the one after and I'm done. I haven't been honest with you guys for not updating. So here's the juice: I is trying to battle my bipolar disorder. As some of you may have noticed in my writing, there are flukes in Lucy's behaviour and I can only blame myself for that. But yeah, look on the bright side! Almost finished!!! (or bad side if you didn't want me to finish) 

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