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What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


81. The Lady Inn

Lucy's POV

To say this place was busy was an understatement. It was crowded with people laughing and shouting at one another as old 80's music played in the background. The Inn was divided in half. One half was like a restaurant, with wooden tables and chairs spread about on a red spongy carpet. The family area. The other half was the actual pub like theme. There was a bar with stools crowded around it. The old and depressed drinkers sat there in their misery. And by old I mean they look like they are in their late 40's early 50's. A darts game was taking place in between the two halves, knowing that there is a line between their differences. A family of 8 were singing happy birthday to a now 6 year old boy called Thomas (the name and age on the cake, I'm not that creepy). And finally, there was a drunken lady singing an ear piercing  version of Beyoncé's Single Ladies. No one was paying attention to her.

Harry led me to a table for two by the window that faces a garden of donated play equipment for the children. The wooden table had the number 4 on a silver plate nailed into it on one of the corners. To the side of me, there was some salt, pepper and vinegar. Also, the menu's. I held Harry's hand from across the table as his thumb gently rubbed over three of my fingers. I let out a sigh and leaned back into my chair. "Hey, Luce, what's the matter?" Harry asked me, concern filling his eyes. 

"Nothing. I'm just relaxing. It's been one hell of a year so far. I just.... I'm glad that everything is finally over." I tell him, giving him a smile of confidence. 

"Me too, darling, me too." He leaned back into his chair and let go of my hand. "And, we're going to my parents house tomorrow! Can you believe that?! I'm so excited." He grinned at me, eyes as bright as a childs on christmas day.

"I am excited too! I finally get to meet my boyfriends parents and family." I grin at him. A waiter walks up to our table and keeps his head down. 

"Welcome to The Lady Inn, what would you like to eat?" He said in complete monotone. I look to  Harry and raise my eyebrows. He smiles in understanding and we order.

"I would love some caviar with some Somerset cider, imported down from Somerset and made in, Somerset. Please." I say with a high pitched voice and an extremely posh accent. British people aren't posh ya know! More like gangsta's... brv.... wiv da kool accent from yo mamma!

"And I would like three sausage rolls, 10 pizza's hold the cheese, 15 pounds of vanilla ice cream, no more and no less, 7000ml of fresh apple juice only squeezed from the apples you find in the donkey sanctuary in France, three sweet peas in their pods, 60 peeled SEEDLESS red grapes and some medium chips please. Oh! And ketchup! Ohhhh also, a strawberry milkshake, no whipped cream." Harry said, really fast but like a low drone. 

"Wait, what?" The waiter said, examining his paper. "50 pounds of vanilla ice cream..." He muttered to himself.

"No, I said 15. Not 50." Harry corrected him. Finally, the waiter looked to us with an expression that basically told us to jog on. 

"Is that all, sir?" He asked, emphasising the 'sir' part. What a cocky bastard. Can't he take a joke?

"Yes, thank you." Harry smiled at him and the waiter walked away mumbling something about 'incompetent celebrities."

"He isn't very cheerful, now, is he?" I grin to Harry.

"You don't actually think he thinks we're serious, do you?" 

"He seems pretty gullible."  I shrug.

 The evening goes on. And it was amazing. The waiter did actually turn out to be one gullible bastard. Oh well, it's not like we didn't have the money to pay for everything. After we finished up everything, we went to my flat and straight to bed. 


TODAY IS THE DAY! We're going up to Harry's mums' house! And she still doesn't know a thing. In all honesty, she thinks Harry is at an important meeting with management all day until late tonight so she won't be able to call or anything. 

To say I am nervous about all of this is an understatement. I got about 5 hours of sleep last night from being such a nervous git. 

Oh god.

What if this all goes wrong?

What if Harry's family aren't there?

What if we crash on the motor way and we-


Not going there. Shut up Lucy. 

Harry is in the shower, Mya is still sleeping by the sound of it and Niall for once, isn't here. But I bet that he will be here soon. I mean, it's his band members birthday. Before we leave, Harry is going to see the other boys.  It would be a little strange if he didn't go see his best friends on his 19th birthday. 

I still haven't got Harry a present yet. Which is upsetting. I could maybe get him a cat? Once we come back from Holmes Chapel of course. Maybe, we could get a house together. 

I get changed quickly into something warm but not too warm for the journey. We are going to be spending over 3 hours in a car probably with the heating on. Jeans, a top and a jumper will do. Not forgetting shoes.

Packing my toothbrush and washing things after Harry comes out the shower, I'm about ready to go.

We say goodbye to Mya and see the boys for Harry's birthday presents. Liam got him a fancy watch and some socks. Zayn brought him a massive cat teddy bear with his name on it. Niall brought him 10 £20 vouchers for Nando's even though there are none in Holmes Chapel. And finally, Louis gathered every photo of them together since 2010 and put it into a book titled "Haz and Lou's memoriez". Don't ask why there is a Z instead of an S. Just don't. 

We left London at 11 am. Hopefully, we will be at Harry's house around half two, including traffic. 

The journey was long and boring. With crappy songs on the radio and so many slow cars in front of us, we were ready to just turn around and go home. But we didn't and finally we got there.

The country side is beautiful. Being born in a large city and all, you don't really see many empty fields and you don't get the experience of constantly going over hills and bumps in the road. Holmes Chapel is an amazing place.

"Babe, we're here."  I whispered into Harrys ear and held his hand tightly. He kisses my cheek softly and smiles. His eyes beam as he looks out the window. It's so cute to see him smile so brightly at his childhood home. I know that if I could ever go back to where my family and I were happy, that I would. 

"Best birthday ever." He smiled as we pulled up outside a nice cottage with trees surrounding the front. "Thank you so much for being here with me, Luce." 

"It's alright, Haz. I'd do anything for you." I say to him, kissing his lips gently. We get out of the car and grab the bags that hold our belongings for a week in. The house from the outside seems empty. The curtains are shut at the front of the house and there are no other cars in the drive, minus the one that's about to leave. 

"Where do you think they are?" I asked, scanning over the house, the quietness of the street making me nervous. How could one town be so silent? I feel like I want to shout to see if it echos. Must. Resist. Urge. 

"I have no idea. But it is kind of good. A better surprise to them. Like, imagine their faces when they walk in through the door!" Harry started walking to the door and pulled out some keys. Why does he automatically have keys for the house? That's weird.

Finding the correct one, I follow him into the house which oddly smelled of lavender. Nice smelly house. I feel like petting it on the roof. 

"Wanna put your stuff upstairs?" He asked. I nod quickly and follow him up the freshly painted stairs. It was a dark but not too dark blue with random dots of white. Photographs covered most of the walls. Old photographs of a family together that was taken when Harry was about 2. Then newer ones from when Harry was last here and standing with a girl who I think is his sister. "Amazing how fast time goes by." He says in awe, staring at each one carefully. 

"Yeah. I can still remember when you burst into the girls bathroom last year." I wink up to him. We come to a red door at the end of the hallway. Inside, is a large four poster bed, a walk in wardrobe and what looks to be an en-suit. An average sized TV is placed at the side of the bed with a few remotes around it. 

"Hey, those idjits are stupid. And you were crying. I don't like seeing pretty girls cry." He caresses  my cheek with his FREAKING LARGE hand. Suddenly, pushing me down onto the bed, we start kissing. And no one needs to know the details. You know how people kiss. 

Then there was an awkward cough at the door. I shoot off Harry and look at the door. A lady who must be around 40 stood wearing some fashionable clothing and a hand bag hung from her shoulder. Oh fuck, isn't that Harrys' mum?





My face heats up red and I grab a pillow to hide my head in. "Erm... hello there..." She said. I laugh a little at my embarrassment. Lifting my head up and letting my hair fall in front of my face slightly, I smile at her. 

"Afternoon." I nod. Harry takes my hand, laughing at our failure. 

"Mum! I missed you so much!" He jumps off the bed, taking me with him and ending up with both of us in a pile on the floor. 

"Owwww." I hold my hands to my head.

"You know what, I'll leave you two alone to sort yourselves out, I'll be in the living room." Mrs Styles says then walks out, closing the door. 

"You okay, babe?" Harry asked me while helping me up. 

"That was a little uncalled for. But I'm fine. You?" I rub the 'dust' off me as you casually do.

"Perfect. Now, I need to go hug me motherrrr." He winks at me and runs down the stairs before I can say anything else.  


a/n I am so sorry for the lack of updates! 2-3 months was it?! Oh my god I'm so sorry. Everything lately has been rubbish. And a very close family member died 2 weeks ago. Her funeral is next thursday. Then my laptop broke for two weeks, and I really have no inspiration to write. I'm sorry.  

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