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What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


63. The fuzz

Lucy's POV

After Harry and I had finished our hugging and crying session, we invited everyone back in. It was getting on to about 4 in the afternoon now and I started wondering when visiting times were over. The nurse said that Harry will be out of here in 3-4 days. They just need to keep an eye on him, because, ya know, he kind of just woke up from a coma today. 

Paul decided we'd all leave at half 5 anyway so we can all go home and eat. What day is it today? "Paulie? What's the date?" I ask loudly.

"Wednesday 23rd of January." He replied. "Why you asking?" 

"Just wondering." I shrug. Damn I need to get Harry a birthday present soon! But what can you get a boy? Socks? Food? 

A giant sock with food inside! That's it!

Eh, that's horrible... 

A dog, maybe? Would he like a dog? Or a car? He doesn't need a car. He has got enough of them. I'll just get him a dog. He'll love it. 

"Harry? The police are here to question you." Someone speaks up and I look to the door where two police officers stand with their hats on and a note pad in hand. "Do you want everyone in or not?" Asks a security guard. All eyes turn to him. I don't know what they're thinking. I can't read minds!

"They can stay if they want. It doesn't bother me." He shrugs, putting down the magazine. He was reading a mini comic story about Tree Fu Tom in which one of the characters scared me. It was like a giant earwig or something. Ugh...

"We can go if you want. This doesn't bother us. If you want it kept a secret then it can stay that way." Liam speaks up. I don't honestly mind going either. Though, I was there and knew everything that happened that night.

"It's fine guys." He says. 

"Good evening, Mr Styles. We're here to question you on what happened at Victoria Park on Wednesday 10th January 2013 at around 2 am." A man steps forwards. "My name is PC Gassick."

"Oh you were the one I called!" Liam exclaims. Oh cool. 

"That is I. Now, Mr Styles, can you tell us what you were doing up so late at night with Lucy Mai and Lily Days?" PC Gassick asks. Oh so that's Lilys' last name.

"We were escaping from Lily's paedophile mother." Harry simply replies. PC Gassick takes note of what he said.

"Julia Days, am I right?" He asks, looking back at a page probably from my interview about a week ago. Harry nods. "And in what way was Ms Days a paedophile?" God that's such an awkward question! That's just like asking a deaf person to pass the ketchup.

"While Lucy and I were trapped inside a room in her house against our will, Julia told us that basically we needed to get Lucy pregnant and by the end of the week if she wasn't, she would kidnap Dan Howell," he only just choked out, "and make him have children with her." 

A few gasps went around the room. Well Liam must not have told the boys what had happened fully. "How long were you trapped in Ms Days house?" 

"About 2 or 3 days." 

"What made you take her daughter, Lily, with you while escaping? That is an account of kidnap too, Mr Styles." Harry's face visibly paled from its former sickly colour.

"Julia does things to other celebrities and members of the public. She'll take a male celebrity and a random girl off the streets and made them have children. Apparently, she has done this to many people. Lily was not Julia's child. She is in fact Danny O' Donoghue's child and someone else's. Some of the children are not kept by Julia and are sold on to other people. That's all she told us." Harry finished, the room was a sea of silence.

"Erm." PC Gassick coughed. "Thank you. Now, onto the scene at Victoria Park. What had started off the fight? What made Mr Coombs decide to attack you?"

"Well, Lucy and I were walking through the park and this random man came onto her. He was obviously drunk or high. We tried walking away, ignoring him because we didn't want trouble. But then he started calling Lucy names. He threatened to take her and basically rape her. After three or four attempts of trying to walk away, I punched him. Somethings he said made me angry and I hit him." It was like Harry was reading this out of a book, it was so clearly laid out that I can picture it from his point of view.

"His friends joined us. They had seen what had happened and decided that they wanted to do the same. The leader, Darren, hit me a few times, sending me to the floor. One of them started touching Lucy inappropriately. They held her back while she was holding Lily whom was sleeping. Darren threatened us. So I fought back with words too. Then he got two of his men to ... to hold my arms b-behind my back." He paused. This must be really difficult for him. 

"You don't have to carry on, Harry." Louis whispered to him. 

He only shook his head. "Darren started hitting me. Kicking, punching, doing anything he could. He used a broken beer bottle he held in his hand and ... h-he cut my chest w-with it. A person, he interrupted Darren. He said they should leave now. He said he would just take Lucy and go as I was too weak to do anything. So Lucy spoke up in protest. She mocked them and from what I could see, a man started strangling her. Lily woke up soon. She started asking where Julia was. Darren threatened Lily, saying.... h-he'd kill her." A tear fell from his face.

"Lucy tried to stop him, she carried on protesting. And soon... D-Darren flipped. He... he took Lily a-and... he... he slit open her neck. The men had let go of me by then. I t-texted Liam everything. Then, I ranted at Darren for what he had done. I couldn't remember much of what I was saying. Then the police came and I passed out." Harry finished. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and squeezed his hand.

"Thank you, Mr Styles. That is all we needed to know," PC Gassick closed his note pad and put it into his pocket. "Have a good day." He said and the two officers walked out the room.




A/N thanks for all the birthday wishes! >.<

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