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What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


82. The family

Lucy's POV

I decided to unpack my suitcase of bits and bobs while Harry had some time alone with his mum. I really didn't want to get in the way of them as I know what it's like to miss someone for ages. Plus, I needed to unpack anyway.

It didn't take long. Mine and Harry's clothes filled the wardrobe tightly. I was like our clothes were made to fit in there. Well, it is a wardrobe. And that is where clothes are meant to go. And that was a pretty stupid comment. God sakes, Luce. 

I shake my head at my stupidity. I really need to think before I ... think... 

SEE! It happened again and I'm just going to silence my head now. 

"Lucy?!" Harry's voice boomed up the stairs. Gosh, he has a loud voice. "Mum's making some tea, want some?" He continued.

"Uh... Yes please! Thanks." I yell back down. I change into some lazy clothes a.k.a jogging bottoms and a baggy hoodie because I just want to be comfy. My head is all over the place today. 

I walk down stairs and have a proper look at the place. The kitchen was mostly wooden with a marble floor. It was sure as hell cold on my feet. There was an island in the middle of the kitchen with a sink on and some freshly cleaned dishes. 

Oh. My. God. 

They have one of those taps where you lift it up and can move it about and just asdfghjkl. I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED ONE OF THESE AMAZING CREATIONS OF THE WORLD!

My eyes went big as I gazed at this glorious thing. "Lucy? Lucy babe?" Harry asked, poking my cheek. Whale then.

"I officially love your family, no doubts about it." I said, hugging him tightly. "And I am never leaving this place again."

"Ow... Air.... luce....breathe..." He struggled to get out. Oh shit, yeah. I let go of him and look at his red face. 

"Sorry." I say, smirking but looking down. 

"It's okay. Anyway, meet my mum, Anne. Mum, this is Lucy. Lucy, mum." Harry introduced us to each other. He gave me a mug of steaming tea which smelled amazing but it hurt my hands.

"Hello." I waved like an awkward person. Because, you know, YOLO. God I hate that word. It's so mainstream. Like having 2 ears. Maybe I should get another one or cut one off... (a/n this is literally what I talk about in Spanish). 

"It's lovely to meet you finally, Lucy." She smiled at me lovingly. 

"You too." I just... I don't know what I'm doing! I'm not much of a person who meets parents on a daily basis. I never met Mya's parents so I don't have much experience of this.

"When is Robin coming home?" Harry asked her. 

"In about an hour. He is helping a friend move house at the moment." Anne replied. I didn't know what to do really so I just stood there, holding my tea in my hands for warmth. Harry and Anne caught up on everything that has happened since they last saw each other. 

I went into the living room and turned on the huge flat freaking screen TV and looked through their planner section. A few movies had been recorded as well as The Great British Bake-off. I put on TGBBO as I love seeing people fail on TV. 

Harry and Anne come and sit in the living room with me while we wait for Harry's step dad to arrive. Anne says that Harry's actual dad, Des, didn't know about any of this (as expected) so he won't be here until tomorrow. However, Gemma is at a friends house until after dinner. 

Time passes by almost too quickly as Robin walks through the door, tired and cold. I wouldn't blame him. 

He walks into the living room to see Harry and I cuddled up against each other and Anne on another side of Harry. He is definitely taken by surprise. "Hello there, and happy birthday." He smiled to Harry. "And who might this young lady be?" Robin eyed me with a smile. I think he approves of me. That is good. 

"Hey, I'm Lucy. It's nice to meet you." I say and stand up. Harry and Anne follow to go and hug him. N'aww family love. I miss that shizzle. 

"So, now that our family reunion is done, what's next?" Anne said with a smile.

"Harry and I honestly didn't think this through. We literally had the idea to come here and surprise you. The rest shall be spontaneous." I replied with the truth. I sat down on the arm rest of the sofa, feeling like a burden.

"Did you tell management that you won't be doing anything for a few days?" Robin asked Harry cautiously. No one would want him to get into trouble with management because they are some mean mother mofos.

"I think so. I'll call them later, and if they don't like that then tough." Harry stated. "It's February first, I've got until March to start preparing for the tour in June. And it isn't as if I don't know the songs off by heart." 

"I know Harry, but you can get into a lot of trouble with management and they'll punish you for it." Anne said, worried. 

"Simon is an evil little bastard who deserves all the horror in the world." Harry grits through his teeth while I get a sinking feeling in my heart. I can never forget what he did to my family. "And what's the worst they can do? I'm touring soon so they can't fire me. The band will be torn and so will the fans. Simon can just keep me away from my family and friends but that's about it."

"That's not the point. He could stop you seeing Lucy and stick a body guard with you to make sure you two don't see each other. Harry." Anne sighed. "I don't want management to hurt you. You know that they spilt you and Lou up for awhile to stop the Larry rumours. And now look at you two, hardly spending time together any more." Robin added. 

"Christ!" I exclaim. "They really did that? That is horrible." I spat. Simon made my stomach churn already but the rest of management made it worst. 

"Yeah, they truely did." Harry said defeated. "But Lucy is going on tour with the band as well as the opening act. The Directioners know this and if she isn't there then suspicions will rise." Harry stated, sitting next to me on the sofa and wrapping an arm around my waist.

"It appears that we are in a bit of a pickle." Anne said sadly.

"I'm sorry mum, Robin. If I have to go back, then this was just a waste. A complete and utter fucking waste of time." Harry apologised. 

"No! It wasn't. It's been great seeing you again, and meeting Lucy finally. Even if this trip is cut short, I would be grateful that  I still got to see you. You are my son, Harry. You're growing up and taking the world on yourself. I need to stop missing you so much and deal with this. Gemma has grown up, you've grown up. You are 20 years old, Harry. Not 10. You don't need looking after any more. Especially not by your mother." Anne said. 

If my mum and dad were still alive, would they of had this conversation with me?

Harry got up and hugged Anne tightly, whispering "I love you," over and over again. 

Later on, after everyone hugged each other again, we sat down to a movie, Despicable Me 2. We were in the need for a good laugh. And afterwards, Gemma finally arrived back home. It was nice to meet her, we talked about all sorts of girly things and then she introduced me to her and Harry's photo book from their childhood.

Finally, it was dinner time, no one was bothered about cooking a fancy meal or getting dressed up to go out so we ordered Domino's and sat down to watch The Voice UK. 


A/N so freaking sorry for no updates. And the bad chapter. Year 10 is harder than you think. There's so much course work and then revision for exams (I've got one on Monday as well). I started writing this over a month ago. On the plus side, I've had more fan fic ideas which will be put on here and wattpad (I've started writing them too). Also, apart from the school work, I've been feeling rather crap myself. Furthermore, I blame Skins for the lack of updates. I finished the whole show in a week and I'm so emotionally scarred. How have you been? Any questions you want to ask and anything you want to see happen? I do have the end of the story planned out [like I have said before] it's just everything in between. 

Peace out!

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