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What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


84. The end

Third Person's Point of View                           

*Two months later*

Emma Watson's birthday was coming up soon (Harry was good friends with her, and Lucy had met her once before[they had been invited to her birthday party]). In 5 days to be exact. Lucy couldn't decide on what she was going to get her. She was thinking some kind of jewellery for her or she didn't know. But there were bigger things than the present for Emma. 

Mya had a blood clot in her womb. It could lead to a miscarriage. 

Mya was distraught. But not as distraught as Niall. He did everything he could to keep Mya and the baby safe. Scans every 3 days were made to see if the baby would be okay. Niall made Mya take vitamins and all sorts of things to keep everything going okay. There was nothing more the couple could do until Mya passed the clot. 

Harry and Lucy decided that they would go out to the streets of London to find her something. Maybe a joined expensive present or a load of small cheapish presents will do her. 

Harry and Lucy had spent the last 3 weeks together in Harry's flat doing coupley things and spending more time together without drama arising. It felt good. The two wrote a few songs together and Lucy was going to appear on the next One Direction album after a talk with Simon was conducted. 

Harry still hated him, and Lucy couldn't even look at him, but they didn't make it obvious. They went to the meetings separately or together depending on what he wanted. Everything was calm.

For now.

Harry and Lucy got dressed into their Spring clothes. It wasn't cold out, but it wasn't the hottest either. England was certainly getting warmer. At the end of March, both Harry and Lucy went to a near by beach in shorts a tops because of how warm it was. 

"Harry?" Lucy asks while walking past Sainsburys.

"Mmm?" Harry mumbles, squeezing her hand a little to show he was listening. 

"Do you think Mya's baby will make it?" Lucy starts to fret. "She was looking forward to it so much. If she has a miscarriage, then... my best friend... she'll die inside so much... Harry..." She panics. Her best friend can't have a miscarriage. It will destroy her. And Niall, he's so kind and caring and it would kill him. 

"Shh, Mya and the baby will be fine. She's just got to pass the clot and things will be fine again." Harry looks at her in the eyes and gives her a warming smile. 

"You think so?" Lucy asks so childish that you wouldn't believe she's going to be 17 soon. 

"I know so, beautiful." Harry gives her a peck on the cheek and then spots a shop with many shining jewels on display. "Can we look in here?" Harry perched his hands against the shop window, looking at all the necklaces and rings and bracelets there were to choose from. The prices had many numbers that Lucy was shocked to see. But, she had received a lot of money after selling numerous songs on iTunes and in HMV. 

Lucy took a gulp. The last time she was in a jewellery store, her family had been shot. But that was years ago. And a one off. 

"Hey, we don't have to go in if you don't want to." Harry took her hand in his after sensing her discomfort. 

"No, no. It's fine. I've got to face my fear sooner or later anyway, right?" She took a deep breath and blocked away the thrashing memories. It won't happen again, Luce. You'll be fine. She reassured herself constantly. 

"Right. Nothing bad is going to happen. And if you want to, we can go straight away." Harry smiled. Lucy nodded. 

"Let's go in." She said. Harry started to walk in but Lucy hesitated for a few moments. 

"It's going to be okay, I promise." Harry told her gently.

"Okay." He held open the door for her, and with the chime of the bell, the two entered. 

The shop smelt like polish and camera were everywhere possible. It's fine, Lucy. It's okay. She told herself again when she started shaking. Harry engulfed her into a tight cuddle and she stopped shaking. 

"We can go if you want?" Harry whispered to her. She broke apart the hug and shook her head. "You sure?" He asked, uncertain. 

"Positive." She replied then took to a cabinet full of necklaces. "These are pretty." She said in amazement. "And expensive."

In the background, the bell went off for the door 5 times. Huh, business mustn't be a problem Lucy thought to herself. "See anything you like?" An elderly shop assistant asked Harry and Lucy. 

"We're just browsing at the moment, thank you. We're looking for something for our friend. She's turning 24." Harry told her with his charming smile. 

"Oh, do you know what she's interested in?" The lady asked with curiosity in her eyes. She looked around her and frowned. "I'm sorry, but could you hold that-" before she could finish her sentence, 5 gun shots went off. Lucy jumped as high as anyone could ever imagine. 

A few screams from other customers arose. 

"No no no it can't be happening again." Lucy cried. She held her hands to her head and started crying furiously. 

"EVERYBODY DOWN NOW!" A man yelled with such a brutal yell, Lucy moved her hands down to her ears. The blinds of the shop were suddenly pulled down and the store was made darker. 

The customers co-operated with the men who wore the black ski masks. Lucy fell to the ground and started rocking back and fourth. 

"No no no please no stop no!" She screamed. She couldn't stop the memories now. 

Harry put an arm around her instantly and shh-ed her furiously. They couldn't have attention drawn to them. 

"Oi! Shut the bitch up!" Another ski masked man said. He took the safety off his gun and was ready to fire. 

Lucy started to cry more, but her screams were silenced. 

Two of the burglars went off to get everyone else who was in the store into the main area so no one could call the police or for help. The alarms were quickly cut and nothing could go wrong for them now. 

"Shh, Luce, please." Harry whispered, his hug on her becoming tighter and tighter. Lucy hiccuped a few times to quieten herself but everything was still playing out in the back of her mind. 

"Mister, if you do not shut her the hell up, I will fucking shoot her." The man said. There were another two men in the shop gathering all the jewellery into a black duffel bag. They were surely going to be rich once they sell everything off. 

"Hey, manors dick head!" Harry snapped at the burglar. That wasn't a good move. The gun went off. An ear-piercing scream sounded. Harry. Lucy thought instantly.   

He had been shot in the leg. "HARRY." Lucy cried. His face balled up into an agonising look. He bit down on his lip to keep himself from crying. A hand immediately went to the wound. Yet a fucking gain Lucy. Another loved one, shot and probably going to die because of your big fat gob. Her brain racked at her.

"I said. Be. Quiet." The man who shot Harry growled. Lucy snapped her mouth shut but tears fell. 

She grabbed Harry's other hand in hers and squeezed it tightly. The gunner hummed at his work and went for a gander at the other customers. There were 10 others. 2 old ladies (one of which was the assistant), 3 men, a teenager who looked pretty rich, a mother and father with their child and finally, another assistant. 

The child was only around 3 years old. What a tragic thing to happen at such a young age. 

Lucy trembled as Harry went weak. "No, Harry. Come on, live for me." She whispered, her voice cracking. 

Harry groaned and fell backwards. There was a pool of blood between the two. Harry was a boat among a red sea, Lucy was the shore, trying to bring back the wreckage. 

"Please!" Lucy yells. "He needs medical attention. He's going to die!" Lucy cringed at what she said. 

"Another person wanting to be shot. Isn't this fantastic?" The same man as before (at least, Lucy thought he was) grinned through the mask. The gun reloaded. 

"No! Just, call an ambulance. I can't have him die." Lucy cried. The man took a clump of Lucy's hair and pulled her up by it. She screamed in pain but this wasn't as important as Harry. 

Lucy stood up with both feet on the ground. She was tiny compared to the man. 

"JJ, stop shooting people, you are making a scene." Another ski masked man said. 

"Just this last one." He grinned, playing with the gun. It shone under the lights so brightly, it might as well have been the only thing in the room. 

Lucy was pulled up against the man with a thump. Her back against his torso. He put the gun against her temple. Lucy squeezed her eyes shut. This is the end of Lucy Mai, she thought. 

"Open your eyes, bitch." He commanded at her. Her eyes were prided open with all energy she had left. She was directly facing Harry's limp body. His face was pale and she could no longer see a rising chest. Harry was surely dead.

"I want this to be the last thing before I shoot you." Lucy could feel his smirk on the back of her head. Other customers watched with sadness and despair at the scene. But they were too afraid to save her because they'd just end up being shot anyway. 

"I want my voice to be the last you hear. I want this to haunt you forever." He whispered the last part. Lucy grimaced. One last tear fell. I love you, Harry, Mya, everyone.












"AHHH!" Lucy screamed. She bolted up and out of her covers with sweat dripping off of her. She was still crying. She felt the tears, but she couldn't hear the sniffles. 

What? What is this? She had her hearing fixed, didn't she?

The light in her room flicked on and Mya came rushing in. Her lips were moving, but she couldn't hear the words! 

Lucy broke down into more and more tears. Mya had no small baby bump, and Lucy's room was just as it was before. 

It took hours to calm Lucy down. She rocked back and fourth and sobbed her heart out into the early hours of the morning. Mya couldn't get it out of Lucy, she knew Lucy had had a nightmare but it's never been this bad. 

All Lucy could think about was Harry's dead body lying there before she died. 

But she didn't die. And Harry didn't die. 

It was all just a dream. She was still deaf, still poor and still living in poverty. 

Today was November 10th 2013. And tomorrow will be November 11th. It wasn't April 10th 2014 as it was only hours ago. 

Everything was just Lucy's imagination.

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