Listening To The Silent Lyrics

What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


13. The date

The strong wind turned my skin pale and blue. I just hope to god that Harry isn’t planning to stay outside. Or else he would probably kill me. Brrrrr.

I rounded the corner of Victoria Park and saw Harry stood there leaning up against a lamp post. He was wearing black trousers and a long button up winter coat. His hair was in its usual curly mess on his head and he was wearing some nice high tops. His head was hung down and his arms were folded across his body, obviously he hasn’t noticed me.

Deciding I could do something with this opportunity; I go and walk straight past him without him noticing me at all because of the beanie. Thank you beanie! I stop and tiptoe around behind him. Carefully, I place my hands just above his shoulders and yell “BOO!” in his ear. His reaction was hilarious! He jumped like five feet in the air and his eyes nearly popped out of his head.

I couldn’t stop laughing at all and doubled over in pain because my ribs hurt so much from laughing. “Your….face!” I laughed at him. People gave us disapproving looks but I honestly didn’t care.

Once finishing laughing, he looked over at me with a look that would probably kill me if he had powers. He tried to keep a serious face but soon had a smile brake out. It looked like he was laughing as well. Oh how I wish I could hear that laugh.

“Are you okay?” I giggled. He nodded at me.

‘You cold?’ He pointed at me then rubbed his arms. I nodded and he pulled off his coat, giving it to me to wrap around myself. I shook my head at the offer but he kept it held out. Me, still being the stubborn girl I am, stood my ground. Harry gave me a cheeky look and walked over to me and standing behind me. I could feel the warmth radiate off his well-built body.

He carefully laid the coat around my shoulders and I turned around into him, looking him in his eyes. The multiple shades of greens captivated me and made me prisoner. I never wanted to look away. We slowly moved in towards each other slowly and were soon centimetres away from our lips touching. But Harry pulled away, and took my small hand in his large soft one.

We walked together through the peaceful park before getting into a more forest-y part of the park. It seemed familiar. It’s like the one outside of the studio window. I snuggled down in Harry’s coat as we passed trees with small tea lights in. some had lanterns in and others had decorations hanging off the branches. It was breath taking. Mirrors that were hung about reflected the small lights off in different places.

It was like a fairy tale.

One that I can live in and share with my prince.

Harry led me to a small cornered off part of the woods and there lay the loveliest thing anyone has ever done for me. A few blankets lay on the ground with a few different pillows on top of it. Beside it all, there was a large willow picnic basket over filling with different types of food. There was more candles jotted about the place and a warm smell covered the place. It was the smell of the woods but had a flowery smell combined in with it. Kind of a rosy smell.

“Harry…” I say breathlessly. “I don’t know what to say…” I carry on and hug him tightly. “Thank you.” I smile into his chest as he hugs me back. He smells like cupcakes. Mmmm cupcakes.

He pulls me over to sit down on the blanket, still holding my hand. He gives me a smile that makes my heart flutter over the moon. I return the smile and he gets out the food. Yay! More food!

He pulls out two different types of pasta pots and shows them to me. One red tomato and the other was cheese. I take the cheese one politely and thank him. He signs that it’s okay.

We eat in silence –well that’s what I do everything in. we finish our food and I rest my head on Harry’s shoulder but I’m afraid he would shake it off in disgust. However that doesn’t happen. He wraps his arm around my waist and pulls me closer into him. The butterflies are back. And they love his touch.

Harry leans away to reach into the basket and he pulls out a small cupcake. Handing it over to me I see a message written on it in bright blue cursive writing. Will you be mine? It said. I look up at Harry with my jaw wide open. He looks in my eyes, his pleading for my answer. I feel myself tearing up. Happy tears though.

He starts to get fidgety but I stop him by putting my hand on top if his. “Yes.” I whisper and we both lean in. our foreheads touch and I close my eyes.

Our lips draw closer to each other.

I feel his breath on my nose. It was light and made my head spin. Having him this close made me feel like I am on cloud nine.

Harry filled in the small gap and the fireworks sparked off everywhere. Our lips touched each other’s softly. They moved in sync. It was like they were made for each other.

We pulled away, panting. Our eyes were still locked with the others. Harry pointed a finger at himself then made a love heart with both his hands before pointing right back at me. Tears sprung again in my eyes. I leaned in and pecked him on his lips softly and whispered against them “I love you too.”


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