Listening To The Silent Lyrics

What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


59. The climb

Harry's POV

Darkness. A scream. Red. Sobs. Sirens. Darkness. 

All that I could seem to see and hear. Not mentioning the amount of fucking pain I'm in. It was hard to breathe through my nose. I had to have short breaths through my mouth. My heart was slowly and steadily beating to the sound of a beep. I can still remember everything. I don't want to though. I want it to be like in the books and movies where I can't remember anything. 

I don't want to.

When can I open my eyes to stop the crying? I don't like it when people cry. It makes me sad. And then I want to cry. 

Where's Lucy? She was hugging Lily then... then what? Why couldn't I stay awake to see my Lucy? She's my baby girl and she just saw that! She'll be scarred! 

Please, help me. I want to wake up.

I don't like the dark.

Bad things happen in the dark.


Louis's POV

This is all my fault. If I hadn't let Harry go off with Lucy then he'd be fine. We would be all sat in the lounge making songs for our next album or we would be watching a movie having a small popcorn fight during the boring bits. 

But no. He's in a fucking hospital bed, lying unconscious and beaten up to kingdom come. And we're in the waiting room at 3am all tired and anxious. All I want is for Harry to be okay and for him to get out of here nice and healthy. But from what I saw, that's not going to happen. 

Niall was still silently crying, being comforted by Liam. Zayn was on the phone to Mya who hadn't been contacted about Lucy yet. All that I've heard from the doctors about her is that she's in shock. Apparently, seeing that little girl die triggered something in her to relapse. She's just a shell at the moment. No one can get her out of it. She needs to do it herself. She can sense the people around her but she won't actually think about it.

But I don't care to be honest. If she hadn't dragged my best friend with her, he'd be fine. 

I don't know what to do at the moment. Do I carry on with my hatered for Lucy or do I take my best friends condition into concideration? I can't... I don't know! My head is a mess. I can't think straight and I just want to sleep. Maybe if I sleep, I'll feel better. But I don't want to miss anything. What if Harry wakes up? What if the boys just leave me alone here without telling me anything?


I sigh and sloutch down the wooden chair. I rest my feet out, crossing them and close my eyes. 

Just breathe, Lou. Calm down and breathe. Inhale... Exhale.. Think of home. Think about your family. They wouldn't want you being so worried. They would want you to be happy. Don't scope down to the pathetic level. 

I listen to that voice and then, I fall asleep. 


"Lou..." someone shakes me on the shoulder. "Lou come on...." I'm shook again. 

"Fbsje." I moan and wake my hand about in the air. Then it hits someone.

"Oww," the person whines. Oops sorry Liam. I open my eyes to see him holding his nose. "Sorry, mate." I say sheepishly. 

"Meanie." He pouts.

"What time is it?" I stretch my arms up, clicking my back. Ew.

"6:42." Zayn spoke up. Oh okay. Nearly four more hours of sleep. The others looked as bad as I did. Messy hair, nasty breath and dark baggy eyes. 

"Any news on Harry?" I ask but they shake their heads. "Lucy?" Yet again, they shake their heads. "Okay. I'm going to go ask a doctor." I stand up and fix my hair quickly before walking up to reception.

"Um excuse me?" I ask quietly. A young lady about the same age as me looks up from typing on her computer. 

"Yes, sir, how can I help?" She pushes her glasses up her nose a slight bit more to see properly.

"My friend came in here about 4 hours ago and we haven't heard anything of him yet."


"Harry Edward Styles." I replied. The lady typed in him name on the computer and her eyes scanned the monitor.

"Room 261." She smiled and I thanked her before walking off.

I went back to the others and said what room he was in. Mya told Zayn that she'll be over here around 8 so we still had time to ourselves.

Once we reached the room after complete and utter silence, we all came to a hault. "W-what if he's not in there?" Niall asked.

"The lady said he's in here. I don't think lying is part of her job, Ni." I comforted him and he nodded, taking a deep breath. I pushed open the door to the room. Beep, beep, beep. We know he's alive. 

One by one we enter, I step in last. Harry is wired up like a robot. At least it's not the same as the last time he was in hospital. He was wired like a premature baby. Too delicate to touch. Too delicate to live without help.

I take a mental note of his injuries in my head. He is also topless so with the small blanket pulled up to only his waist, you could see a giant bruise on his chest and the other small ones. 

"He, is not, okay." Zayn muttered angrily. His face hard as stone and masked with fury and revenge. "When I get my hands on those boys I am going to murder the bastards." 

"Ditto." I mumbled. We gathered around his bed and hoped he'd wake up soon. Because, if he doesn't, neither are those boys.


Lucy's POV

I'm still trapped in that empty space between reality and my mind. I want to escape it. I want to get out of there. But the climb is too big. It would take weeks to get to the top. And then what? What would be after that? What lies beyond this gap?

I don't want to know.

I am scared. 

Yet again. I have been running from my fears so much that I've fallen out of breath and they've caught me. They are dragging me down with them to rock bottom.

Scratch that. 

The rock under rock bottom. 

My life has started it's last decent down the roller coaster. 

When I get to the bottom, who will be there for me? What if I fall? Who will carry me? I don't think Union J can this time. Why would they be here? They'd be going up the roller coaster with everybody else. 

How would the world react if I died? Yes, some people would be please. Jumping on my grave and dancing for all I care. Bit what about the others? I've only started my dream months ago. I haven't even had my first concert. I would love to meet some of my fans. I want to know what they think. I want to know why they like my music. 

Do they even like my music? 

Or do they just like me?

In my first interview, the host said that I am inspiring. How "inspiring" would I be if I killed myself? 

Chloe wouldn't want this. James wouldn't want this. My dad wouldn't want this. Heck, maybe my mother might not want this!

I'm a disappointment to my family. The least I could do is try and make them proud. I need to make them proud. I need them to see I am not that little girl who had no one.

Because I do have some one. I have more then that. I have a family. 

Mya, Harry, The Boys, The girls, My Fans, Ed, Dan and Phil maybe....


I do have people for support. They can hold me when I need to be held. They can hug me when I'm in need of comfort. They can.


I shouldn't fall down to Darrens level. The lowest of the lowest. Cloud 1. I need to be one top of the world. I need to be on cloud 9. 

Now that I've got that sorted, I need to get out of here. I need to. This isn't something I just want to happen. I've got to do this myself. I have to start this climb. And I will finish it.

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