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What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


46. The aftermath

Lucy's POV

"Do you really want to go back home now? After all that?" Dan taunted me and I gave him such a glare he knew it was best if he shut up. Good. "Sorry." He mumbled and moved away from me slightly just in case I hit him. Trust me, at this moment of time, I will even hit a baby alpaca. And that's saying something.

I sigh loudly and run a hand through my messy hair. Then, I delicately touch my lips with a finger. Tracing the outlines of where Dan's lips were just moments ago. They were so soft but masculine at the same time. I could taste his toothpaste he must've used this morning. 

"That wasn't meant to happen. This is all my fault. I should just go." Dan said, his voice filled with sadness, regret and oddly, disappointment. He gets up, pushing all his strength into his hands. "I'll see you later." He tells me and walks away from me slowly. So slow it's like he wants me to tell him to come back and apologize. Who's fault is this all? It's changed so much I couldn't care anymore. 

Where can I go now? I've got no money. No phone. Nowhere to go. I could go to my flat but I doubt Mya wants to see me again. She wasn't the most pleased person to see me this morning. Dan just left me. Harry doesn't even want to know me. There's only one place left, Auntie Julia. She had left me her number but that means I would have to go home and get my phone. 

Ugh, stupid technology. It takes so much efforrrrrt....

Fuck, how lazy can I sound?

I get back to the flat to see Mya wasn't in. Where was she? Wait, why am I even worrying about her? She doesn't trust me or anything like that. But you trust her. A voice said in my head. I know I do. I've always trusted her. I grab my phone and look under "J" for Julia and press the green phone button. 


"Hello?" Her voice made me cringe slightly and I have no idea why. Dammit.

"Hey, Julia it's Lucy." I say, trying to make my voice sound happy and enthusiastic.

"LUCY!" She screamed and I winced, putting the phone away from my ear. "I'm so happy you called! How are you? Everything going okay with you and Harry?" Her voice was just too flaming perky! 

"I'm good thanks. Erm about Harry and I, there's been some problems and I was wondering if I could go and sleep at your house for a few days...?" I say unevenly. 

"Oh darling! That's so horrid to hear. Please, come over as soon as you want. I live at 165 Lizerton Avenue." She tells me and I quickly memorize the address. 

"Thank you, Auntie Julia, this means a lot. I'll be there by 3 ish.......?" I look at the time on the phone to see it's only 12. I've got enough time.

"Bye, Lucy. Be careful and stay safe." She said and hung up before I could say anything else. 

What did she mean by that? Why would I need to stay safe?...

I started packing up some clothes into a purple suitcase. A few bits and bobs . Nothing special but another book to read. By 1:30 I eat a bit of nutella on toast and check my twitter. 2,342,696 followers. Holy cheese. Hehe 69.... 

A few mentions I got was between Hacy and our break up. How did that get out? Then what really made me choke was the picture someone got of Dan and I kissing! Shit, shit shit. 2,000 retweets. Some of the comments made me tear up. "Slut, whore, go die @Lucy_Mai" and more. Whale thanks guys.... 

The door opens all of a sudden and in comes Mya holding hands with Niall. Then they see me. Their smiles are wiped clean off their faces and instead, emotionless expressions are masked on as a disguise. I look down to the tweet then back up to them. "Where are you going?" Mya asks softly, noticing the suitcase.

"Away." I reply shortly but quietly. I try not make my voice sound weak, however, fail miserably. 

"Why? Where? With who? When will you be back?" She asked frantically and lets go of Niall's hand. She walks over to me and picks up the suitcase.

"No one wants me around, Mya. Harry, Dan nor you two want me here or anywhere near. It's best if I just go." I say sadly, trying not to cry. I don't want to leave Mya in all honesty. She's my family. My only family. Auntie Julia wasn't there when I needed her, Mya was. 

"I do want you here, Luce. Please don't go." She cries. "We can sort this out." She pleads with sincere eyes. "Just stay." Her voice cracks.

"I-I'm sorry." I don't look at her in the eyes. It's just all too painful. I let a few tears slip. 

"Think about what you're doing, Lucy." Niall speaks up and I look to him. He looks pained. "You'll hurt everyone that loves you." He tells me. I shake my head and pick the suitcase up and putting my phone in my pocket.

"I'll be back whenever." I say and head for the door.

"Lucy!" Mya grabs my wrist to try and stop me from leaving. I shake my hand away and leave the flat, shutting the door behind me tightly.

I call a taxi which picks me up within minutes. I tell the driver where to go and we are there in 35 minutes. Stupid London traffic. I knock on the door to Julia's house. I can see what she meant by be careful. There are a few clubs scattered not so far away from the house. Music loud already.

"Lucy, you're early!" Julia answers the door.



A/N OMG you'll never guess what! So I went to Cribbs Causeway on Thursday with a few friends and I went into the Grommit store where ZAYNS FUCKING ARTWORK GROMMIT WAS! I literally fangirled. So I got a picture with it and touched it D: D: D: D: I is so happy. Hmmm anyway schools out for 6 weeks and now I can sleep -.-

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