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What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


39. Tea

Lucy's POV

I stood there, frozen. My hand was was still clutching the bronze door handle tightly. I couldn't move. I didn't blink. I wouldn't do anything. He. Was. There. Is this how he's so rich now? From all the jewelry he stole that day? Emotions ran through me. Pain. Anger. Vengeance. Sorrow. How could he? Did he always know it was me? 

A hand went on my shoulder and I jumped. God, that scared the life out of me. I look over my shoulder to see Harry and everybody else looking at me weirdly. "Are you okay?" Mya asked. I shook my head doubtfully. 

"I'll tell you when we get home." I said quietly and slowly. My voice weak and hoarse. She nodded, understanding me but Harry seemed more than co-operating.

"What's happened? Why can't you tell us now? What's wrong?" The questions flooded out his mouth and gave me a headache. 

"Harry," I whisper, "please. I said when we get back." I told him, looking down. I wouldn't be able to look at him while he's so paranoid. It would make me feel guilty and he would just go raging at Simon who he has grown close to. 

"No! Why can't you tell us now? Or in the car?" He asks, confused and unaware that Simon could probably hear us through the door. 

"Harry!" I yell. "Just leave it!" Is this it? Is this out first argument. I was sure that we would have one or two in our relationship, but not this soon. I start walking away from him in anger and annoyance. 

"No! Not until you tell me what's wrong!" He yells back and forcefully grabs my wrist. I am pulled into him, closer than I wanted to be at the moment and he stares into my eyes. "Spill it out now!" I didn't realize that I was crying until Mya said so. 

"Harry! Let go of her! You are hurting her so bad she's crying! Can't you see that she doesn't want to say anything yet?!" Mya defended me in despair. She let's got of Nialls' hand and rushes towards me, yanking Harry's grip off my wrist. I fall into Mya's chest and sob hard. 

"Harry, I think we better go." A male voice suggested. Liam I think. A very wise decision.

"Not until she tells me what's wrong. I can't stand to see her upset. All I want to do is help her and she's pushing me away!" He exclaims back. I choke a sob out loudly at how pathetic I'm being. Another set of hands rub my back and it feels like a girl. I pull away from Mya and see Eleanor there, trying to calm me down. 

"How 'bout we get you home and me and you will talk there, okay?" She tells me quietly and I nod, giving her a hug. 

"Please." I whisper into her shoulder. She nods, understanding and we start walking away to the stairs. We catch a taxi back home and all the way there, I cried. I cried for my dad. I cried for my sister. I cried for my brother. And oddly, I cried for my mum. I haven't cried for them in years! I learnt to get on with life as I knew they are gone and never coming back. 

And now, I've met the man who killed them all.

In the taxi was El, Mya and Perrie. Dani stayed at the office with Liam for some reason I didn't catch. Once the taxi stopped, I looked past my blurry eyes and saw we were outside a rather large house. Why are we here? Where is here?

"Come on, darling, time to get out." El whispered and nudged me out the door. The weather outside had changed. The clouds were a dark grey and you could hear the low rumble of thunder. I love thunder. Mya paid the taxi the right amount of money and we walked up the steps.

Perrie unlocked the front door of the house and we entered. As I stepped across the threshold I was hit in the face by the smell of cinnamon and vanilla. It was quite a strong smell actually. But it was okay I guess.

Mya lead me to a cream coloured leather sofa where many blankets and pillows sat. I fell onto them and curled up into a ball. "Shh shh, it's all okay. We're here now. You can stop crying and smile." Perrie said comfortingly and hugged me awkwardly. 

"I-I'm sorry." I stuttered out a tried to wipe away the tears. Not only did my wrist throb, but my heart did too. Is this what it feels like to fight with the person who means your whole world? Because it hurts. It hurts so much and it won't go away. 

"Why are you sorry babe? It is Harry who's out of control." She asked, shaking her head. I could faintly hear the sound of the kettle boiling in the background and the clank of spoons hitting the edge of a mug. I remember my dad making that sound every morning as I woke up. He was usually making a cuppa for mum. Oh, how I missed that sound.

"I'm s-so stupid!" I exclaim. "I should h-have never t-taken that o-offer in the f-first place!" I cry, thinking back to Ed in the music store. Why did I have to be so stupid?! I wish I never said yes. I want my old life back! 

"Hey hey hey! Don't you go saying that!" Mya says so motherly that she could be my mother. Her name does mean motherly so I guess .... 

"Why not?! It's true! All of t-this is a mistake!" My voice collapses at the end and I sit up in the sofa and hug a fluffy brown pillow tightly. 

"But look how much you've achived! You made your dream come true, got a beautiful boyfriend who has been your celebrity crush since forever! You've inspired people. You inspired me, and that's for sure. You belong in the music industry. If you stop singing, what will your fans think?"  Mya rambles on. I roll my eyes at her and Eleanor comes into the room with a tray full of steaming tea and a few rich tea's to dunk. 

She passes the cups around and hands me one with a cute kitty on which I smile at. "Thanks." I mumble and take a quick sip of it so it doesn't burn my tongue. 

"It's fine, darling." She smiles gently at me. Why is she so pretty? I'm jealous as hell. Her hair is so perfect and she is the right weight and height that she makes Kate look bad. But Kates' royalty and gorgeous. No wonder Louis fell for her. 

"You quite finished ranting?" I chuckle at her. Wow, that was a quick emotion swap. Mya rolls her eyes at me playfully.

"Never, ever, give up." She tells me. I could tell she was refering to the time where I tried so hard to give up but failed. I'm sort of glad I made it. I would have never made such awesome friends. 

"Yes, mum." I smile. 

"So what was wrong back in the offices?" Perrie asks and I almost choke on my tea. 

"Well, do you want the long version or short version?" I ask. 

"Short." She replies and everybody agrees.

"Well then. Long story short. Simon killed my family." I say and silence fills the room. 

"I'm sorry what?" Eleanor asks, dumbfounded. 

"Simon. He was there at the robbery which made me deaf. He was the person who shot my brother, sister and parents." I explained a little bit further. 

"You have to call the police!" Perrie exclaims. I shook my head. 

"I can't. I'll lose my career and so will the boys and everybody else he's signed. And it'll be all my fault. I will have messed up the whole of syco records and more. There's no point!" I tell them.

"Wait, you had siblings?" El asks. I nod.

"An older brother who was about to get married and a twin sister. James and Chloe." I smile at a memory of them where we were all at the beach together. What a wonderful thing that was.

"Oh my... that's terrible! You have to tell the police! It fucking murder and theft!" Perrie yells. Wow, I've never heard her curse. Ever.

"I can't! Would you want Zayn to lose his dream?" I asked. She looked almost defeated at my question. Finally, she shook her head. 

"No.... I wouldn't." She said quietly.

"So what are you going to do about this?" Mya asked. I shrug.

"Leave it I guess. It's in the past now. There's no point in digging up things that'll just hurt me all over again." I say truthfully even though the pang of revenge is still with me. 



A/N So, what I meant by end the book was end this one and write a sequel but I've decided against it. There's no point and .... the... effort -.- Plus, I love all my ickle miniature fans on this one :) that didn't sound pedoish whatsoever. Thank you for all the feedback! I really appreciate it <3 and I nearly have 1000 reads which makes me really happy because this is the most reads I've ever had! Thank yooooou again !

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