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What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


38. Surprise!

Lucy's POV

One week later, I was out of the hospital. And I'm so glad to be out. Fresh air! Freedom! Being able to go and do your business without people hurrying you! And I'm able to kiss Harry with no one watching us.... ;)

I went back to my flat in a taxi with Harry and Mya who have been more than brilliant to me the whole journey. They've both changed my life so much and I don't know where I would be without them. Back at the flat, we took the lift up. Which scared the hell out of me. I am so scared of being in a lift. Just in case it crashes and we either fall to our deaths in the metal box of doom, or we starve to death while hanging in the middle of a wall. I've been stuck in a lift on my own once. Never. Again.

Harry didn't have to use the wheel chair anymore either, so that's good. His arm is just in a cast which I signed with a few love hearts and kisses. The others signed silly things on it which I kind of expected. 

When we got to Mya and I's room, I flopped down on the sofa. Oh how I missed this sofa so much. Days of just sitting here and reading. It's my portal to a different world. A fantasy world.

"Comfy there?" A voice asked and I look up to see Harry staring at me with a grin on his face. 

"Not entirely. I need something or someone to cuddle up to." I give him gentle puppy dog eyes, making them larger and larger until he gave in. 

"Well, I'm sure I could sort that out." He walked around the settee and sat in the space next to me, wrapping an arm around my waist. I smile at him lovingly and peck him on the cheek. 

"I love you so much." I tell him. He looks down at me, a confused look in his eyes. 

"I love you too, princess." He started twisting my hair with his good hand as Mya turns on the TV. She puts it on DAVE where it's just an old repeat of Top Gear. Half way through the show, Harry's phone rings and he has to pull away from me to answer it. "Hello?" He asks into the phone. "Erm..... sure. We'll be right there.... OK...... goodbye." His conversation ended. 

"Who was that?" I ask curiously. 

"Simon. He says he wants us to go down to his office. He has an announcement apparently." Harry got up and held out a hand to help me up. I took it and thanked him. 

"Are you coming, Mya?" I ask as she ate a chocolate muffin. 

"Simon says he wants everyone there," Harry answered for her and she just shrugged.

"Okay then. Let me get my shoes on." She said, taking a large bite of the muffin and throwing the wrapper in the bin. 

"Sure." I replied and twenty minutes later, we were at Simons office. All the other boys were there with their girl friends who looked worried. 

"Harry, have you seen Paul yet? It's been over a week and I've still heard nothing." Louis said nervously. Harry shook his head at his frantic friend. 

"Still not answering his phone?" Harry asked. Lou shook his head.

"It's like he's gone off the face of the Earth. We've got to ask Simon." Liam thought. 

"But every time we've called Simon up asking about Paul, he would just avoid the question and take us onto a different topic." Zayn added. 

"This is just too weird." Eleanor spoke up from behind Louis. We all mumbled our agreements with her. 

"He's not on holiday because Preston said he would've been told. He said that when he asked Paul's wife, she didn't know either." Niall said from behind a packet of Pringles. 

"Has anyone even called the police-" A door opening cut off Perrie. 

"Hello, boys and girls. Mr Cowell would like to see you now." A lady in a suit said. She look around 30 years old and honestly, looked silly in that suit. She could be a model or something but instead she's wearing a grey stripy jacket and long baggy trousers. Why does Simon make his colleagues dress like that?

We all shuffled into the room nervously. It's not everyday a top security guard goes missing and 10 people are called to the bosses office with no further explanation. We all took out seats around a the wooden table again. It's like deja vu all over again but with a twist. 

"Good afternoon." Simon said from the end of the table. My ears twitched at his voice. It seemed familiar. But..... Nevermind. I shook it off. A chorus of hello's sounded around the room. "I expect you are wondering why you are here?" Well, no shit. 

"There are many things I've called you all here for. The first is extremely important and to do with the band." Simon sat back in his chair. His voice was in the back of my mind. Twitching to know where I've heard it before. The boys nodded and I took hold of Harry's hand carefully. "You have a new tour coming up. It will begin soon. A week today actually." Gasps filled the room. 

"But Simon! We've not had our break fully yet! You're taking away half of it. I was going to visit family next week!" Louis protested. El had to shh him for Simon to carry on. 

"Well I'm sorry, Louis, but the dates have been arranged and announced to the fans this morning. There's nothing we can do now to stop it. You'll have to see your family at the end of the tour." Simon said.

"And when will that be?" Louis sassed at him. I could tell he was annoyed too much. I would be too if someone was taking me away from my family. Well, that's already happened but I've got over it. 

"September 4th. Just before the British go back to school. We needed to fit the timings in for the fans so they can also focus on their studies." What? How does that work.

"But that's months of touring!" Liam protested now. "Are we even getting a break?!" I have never seen Liam more angry than this before. His eyes were livid and his facial expression was as cold as ice.

"You'll have a day or so off every week to rest your voices but that's about it. Look, I know you are angry, but this needs to be done!" Simon was close to yelling. If only I could put my finger on where I've heard his voice before than my mind can be put to rest. 

"And where will this be?" Zayn spoke up. 

"The United Kingdom, The Republic of Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, America, Holland and Canada." Simon listed as if he knew them off by heart. We all sat in stunned silence. Until Danielle spoke up.

"Any other announcements?" Her voice was like venom. It was not the voice that belonged to the Dani back at the hospital a week ago.

"Yes, actually. Lucy," all the attention turned to me. "You will be touring with the boys, as an opening act." I guess that's good. "We need to to get more publicity so you can become more known." The way Simon said my name..... Gah! This is so annoying. 

"Oh okay." I replied. 

"And how is your hearing? Any better? Any problems?" He seemed worried for some reason. 

"It's perfect... thank you." I say timidly. Why was I nervous all of a sudden?

"Very good. Now for the rest of the girls. We know you've all got your careers as well. Perrie, we've fitted out touring schedule with your bands' so you can see Zayn on both your days off." Perrie smiled slightly. I guess she was grateful for that. "Eleanor, we know you are still a working model but we couldn't find anything for you to do with the tour. So I'm sorry but you'll just have to carry on with your normal work life. Danielle, you are the same. We've got enough dancers as it is thank you. Mya, we'll need you with Lucy sometimes. Only once or twice though." El and Dani were crying at the end of the speeches. Mya was looking helplessly at Simon. Harry was stiff as a rock. He wouldn't do anything. He just stared. The boys comforted their girlfriends in sympathy. I guess I'm the lucky one here. 

Lucky Lucy..

"Thank you. You are all dismissed now." Simon said and turned his black spinny chair around to face a laptop where he did some "important" work. Everyone started getting up and leaving. Harry and I waited till last to go and before we left I heard Simon say something. 

And it was directed towards me. 

"One last chance." 

He said and I closed the door. What? One last chance till what? 

Then it hit me. 

He was there. He was at the jewelry store. He was the person who shot my family. 




A/N sorry for no update yesterday! Writers block. But my friend told me to skip the gap fillers and go straight to the point. Now.... I could end it here...... Should I? 

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