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What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


61. Stranded in Asda

Lucy's POV

Ugh, these tablets are nasty. They taste like shit. Not like I know what that tastes like.... but you get the idea. But I need to take them to get better. They are working. I am feeling a lot better and when I was told Harry was awake a few hours ago, I dropped to the floor and rolled around. Don't ask.

I put them in my mouth and gulp down a bit of water with them. Yuckie. I'm still feeling down in the dumps about Lily but even if I did see her die, even if I held her dying hands, it didn't effect me as much as my family's death.

Mya and I are back to being best friends. She knows I need her as much as she needs me. We're talking a lot now that I've got time and yesterday I was even talking to Ed on the phone. He told be that if I'm ever feeling up to it,I could open up a few of his concerts. Of course, I said yes. I mean, it's a start to getting more recognition and it'll be my first concert. One small step for me, one giant leap for my career. Oh wow that's cheesy.

Mya and I are going to visit Harry for the first time in two weeks. I don't know what to expect. The last I saw of him, he looked like he was going to pass out. And he did. He fell to the floor and hit his head. The doctors say he got a bad concussion which put his brain to sleep. They said that the brain will wake up once it is fixed or once it's not afraid to be awake.

I know exactly what he is afraid of. He's afraid of those men and what they did to him. He doesn't want that to happen again. He's afraid of what the world will think of him  Now that he was beaten up in a park and couldn't defend himself, everybody will see him as a weak celebrity. But I don't. I think of him as my savior. My other half.

"Luce?!" I hear Mya yell from the living room. "Come on, we're leaving now!" Mya will be such a good mother. It's in her genes.

"Coming!" I reply and slip on a pair of random shoes. I grab my phone and headphones then run into the lounge. "Ready." I breathe, plugging the headphones in.

"Wanna walk or grab a cab?" She asks. I shrug, as long as we get to the hospital, I'm fine. "Eh, lets walk. We need the exercise." She winks and I roll my eyes at her. It's true though, we are so unfit. And it just takes so much effort to go for a jog every night. I'm not in the mood for that.

"Okey Dokey." I say and we grab our coats.

Marry You by Bruno Mars starts playing as we get out of the building. I nod my head to the beat and hum the tune quietly. Mya smiles at me and then frowns as flashing lights start to build up everywhere. Poopie, the paparazzi are following us. "Walk faster and stay by me at all times." Mya instructed and I nodded.  

"How is Harry?"

"Is it true you split up?"

"Why did you kiss Dan Howell?"

"Are you pregnant?"

"Do you think Harry is a wuss for not protecting you?"

The questions flooded in and we had to make a brake in to a near by AsdaMya and I rushed into the babies single loo together, ignoring all the strange looks from everyone, and locked it.

"I think we should've called a cab." Mya said, panting. I hum in agreement.

"I'm hungry." I whine. Mya gives me a look of disbelief and shakes her head.

"Why didn't you eat something before we left?"

"I wasn't hungry then. But I am noooooow." I frown and put on the puppy dog eyes.

"Well we're going to have to wait now, aren't we? If you haven't noticed, there is a hell load of reporters out there." She says sarcastically. "I'm gonna call Niall to see if he can pick us up." She pulls out her phone, does some stuff and then puts it to her ear.

"Hey Ni.... yeah, about that... we were chased by some reporters and now we're trapped in the babies toilets on Asda..... okay... can you come pick us up please? .... Thank you babe.... love you too." Awe that's cute!

Mya put her phone back in her pocket and sat down on the toilet. "He said he's going to be here in 10 minutes. He's bringing some security to help get rid of everyone."

"Okay, thanks." I sit down on the floor and cross my legs. Look After You starts up in my ears and my belly rumbles really loudly. "Shh little thingy ma bob. You'll be fed soon." I whisper to it and poke it, making it rumble louder. "I'm sorry, baby, but I've got nothing." I say and the next rumble sounds sad.

"Why are you talking to your belly?" Mya asks. Dammit, I've been caught.

"Um.... why are you not talking to your belly...?" I ask, unevenly. She gives me a weird look as I poke my tongue out at her.

"You are so weird." She mutters.

"Whale thank you." I wink at her and we both break out laughing.

Once we calm down, Mya starts speaking. "Lucy, I've got something to tell you. I'm -" She is cut off from a knocking on the door.

"Girls? It's Paul and Niall!" The knocker says. "Open up for us?" I get up and unlock the door then in come Niall and Paul.

"Hey! Thanks for helping us." I say, hugging them both before walking out and finding the snacks aisle. I skipped past the clothing and magazines. Maybe Harry might want a magazine...

I reverse skip into the aisle and look at all the different types there are. Do boys even read magazines? And what type would they like?

Eh, I picked out a Cbeebies one that came with a mini pot of bubbles, In The Night Garden stickers and a plastic kazoo. That'll do him. I picked up a colouring book and some Crayola pencils then went to find food. I found some chocolate chip muffins, gummy bears, a giant dairy milk chocolate bar, three bags of haribo tangfantastics, 6 cans of diet coke and a fruit pot. What? I'm trying to be healthy!

"There you are!" Someone yells, making me jump.

"You cow!" I yell and turn around to see Mya, Paul and Niall. Niall was also carrying a basket full of food. Nom nom nom.

"We were looking everywhere for you!" Mya exclaims and I walk over to her.

"Well, you found me. Now, I need to go pay for this." I motioned to the basket and started walking to the self checkouts.

"God, you are such a child." Paul said, following the group. After paying, we climbed into Pauls car and were driven to the hospital.


A/N I've noticed that the chapters are kind of getting longer when I type it out on my phone.... Do you notice it?

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