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What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


60. Sad is boring

(2 weeks later) 

Harry's POV

I can hear everyone around me. And honestly, it's depressing. Niall's crying constantly. Zayn keeps making threats to air. Louis is just quiet..... for maybe the first time ever. And Liam, he's trying to hold everyone together. 

I heard my familys voice the other day. Mum was talking to me about how much she has missed me. She said that it's still not the same at home after almost 3 years. Can you believe that? Nearly 3 years ago, One Direction was formed. It's only January. It's getting close to the end of it though. Almost my birthday. 9 days left. I need to be awake for then.

Gemma started talking about school. She said that she's gotten so popular. But she doesn't want the extra friends. She wants her real friends. However, she said she doesn't mind the extra attention. And I'm glad that she's doing alright. I'm glad they all are. I missed them so much.

I want to know how Lucy is doing. Nobody brings her up. I haven't heard her voice either. What's wrong with her? She wasn't harmed physically in the fight. Only mentally. 

How is she?

Where is she?

I want to tell her I love her. I want to tell her that she is strong. She has been through so much already and is still standing. She's my toy soldier. The worlds toy. My soldier. 

I knew that when I had found her in the bathroom that day, we shared something special. Her captivating eyes. Her indulging personality and the way she thinks of life as a game. She thinks the game can be won. I love her for that and more.

I love you, Lucy. 

Please come back.

"Hey, Haz. You okay today?" A voice disturbed me from my thoughts. Liam. Come on, Harry, open your eyes. Open them and tell them you are fine. "I'm okay. It's just hard keeping everyone together. They're a mess. Simon," my body tensed at his name, "said that the band has got to take a break from our tour. It's being put back a month. News of what has happened has gotten out. The fans are upset, Harry. The fandom and the band are waiting for you to wake up. I was talking to Lucy," Lucy. My baby girl! She's alright! She's alive! "She's getting better. Oh Harry, the state she has been in. She kept saying she wanted to die. But the doctors have put her on anti- depressants. She is out of hospital now. Back at her flat with Mya. She wants to see you. Please wake up. For her." 

He sound desperate. He sounded like he was on his last straw before bursting. I'm sorry, Liam. This is all my fault. If only I hadn't started hitting the man, I wouldn't be like this.

Just, open your eyes, Harry. Everything will be okay. There is nothing I should be afraid of. I need to get up and stop being so afraid. 



Three... Light.

Blinding white light. It hurts. It burns. Since when was I a gremlin? My eyes adjust to the light and I set them on Liam. He hadn't noticed me yet. His head was dropped low and tears fell off his cheeks like rain on leaves. He sniffled and brushed away a few of them with the back of his hand. 

"P-please stop.... crying." My voice was hoarse and cracked like I hadn't drunk in years. Liam jumped. Then looked at me. I gave him a comforting smile as his eyes just stared at me. After a while, it got uncomfortable. "Liam?" I ask and lift up an arm to wave in front of his face. But I stopped when I saw it was yet again, in a cast. Oh for Christ sakes. 

"H-Harry?" Liam muttered. 

"The one and... only." I winked but ended up coughing at the end. Poo, my voice sounds horrible.

"You.... you're awake." I think he's still in a daze. "Are you okay?" Now he's not! I nodded. I tried to shift myself up a little but I stopped when pain fought its way through my chest. Ow...

"Here, use this." Liam passed me a remote with a few buttons on it. Does it control the bed then? I might as well find out. I took the remote and pressed the up button. Whee! It sent me slowly into a sitting position. Ahh that's better.

"Thanks, Li." I smiled. He had finished crying and his eyes were left red and blotchy. "Where's everybody else?" I yawned. 

"Eating." Liam said. "It's about lunch time now anyway." I nodded. "You were out for two weeks, Haz. Nobody knew what to do. We still kind of don't."

"How 'bout we play a prank?" I asked with a grin. Liam raised an eyebrow at me. 

"Go on."

"I'll lie straight back down on my back with the blanket over my face. When the others come back in, you need to be crying. Pretend I'm dead. Then once they are convinced enough, I'll go "RAWR" and make them jump." 

"What about the heart monitor?"

"Oh right." I looked down to my chest to find a massive greeny yellow bruise on my chest. "Whoa...." I say, stunned. I pulled off the pads and took off the clip on my finger but made sure they still looked like they were attached to me. The line on the monitor went flat and it started beeping. I heared the voices of the boys near by which made me hurry up and use the remote to go flat back down on my back. 

After that, I pulled the blanket over my face. "Cry," I muttered to Liam. 

"Oh right." I heard him whisper and he started sniffling. 

I heard the door open and the voices stopped. "Oh no." Zayn whispered. 

"L-Liam?" Niall asked.

"He's dead." Liam cried. "He's dead!" He chanted.

"What? No! He can't be!" Louis yelled and I heard footsteps come closer to me. 

"I-I'm so sorry guys." Liam sobbed loudly. "He.... he was fine and t-then.... then nothing!" 

"Wait a second..." Zayn muttered and slow foot steps ascended forwards. Oh shit. "What's this?" The blanket moved up slightly with the pull of a wire. Crap. Plan failed. 

"I err..." Liam struggled for words. Time for me to step in. 

"Surprize...?" I pulled the blanket away from my face. 

"You little shit." Niall said, grinning. 

"Bastard." Louis playfully hit my shoulder 

"You love me really." I winked at them.

"Shove off. We're just glad you're awake." Zayn smiled. "You okay?"

"Yep, just wait one second." I said and tried to find the remote again to push myself back up. When I had done that I said, "you any good?"

A few "yes"'s flowed around the room. "Look at us, all back together, the five of us." I smiled. The boys rolled their eyes at me. I'm only trying to be happy for them. I can't be bothered being sad. Sad is boring.




a/n omg there's so much thunder and lightening! I love it. There was some last night. And there's some as I'm typing this. Yay. Anyway do you want a little Niall/Mya scene or something with those two? The scene could change some of the story in the future but its your choice! I'll try update again tonight if I can  :)

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