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What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


28. Please

Harry's POV

The nurse checked my body conditions out and said I could visit Lucy. It turns out I've also got a broken leg and because my other arm was in a cast, I couldn't use crutches so Niall wheeled me in a wheelchair. Her room was next door to mine which I was really grateful for.

The sight of my princess made me want to cry even more. Her face was grazed and masked with bruises. Her skin was a painted white. And from what I could see of her arms, they weren't any better. Her right leg was hanging from a ceiling sling. A breathing mask was around her mouth.

"Oh my baby...." I mutter and tears fell silently down my face. Niall wheeled me to the bed then sits down with Mya who had brung him food. "I'm so so so sorry." I cry and take her hand. "I never meant for this to happen." A stray tear fell to her hand. "Please, just please wake up soon. For me, for Mya, for the thousands of people who love you; wake up." 

My heart broke into a million pieces and shattered onto the bright white floor. "I love you. You are the most beautiful and wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. I can't lose you know." My head fell beside her hand.

What am I saying? She can't hear me and that's never going to change! I want to find those people who did this to her and kill them! I want to see them suffer as much as they made my baby girl. 

I felt a pat on my shoulder and I turn around to see a ginger woman who looked tired. However, she had kind eyes. She wore a blue nurses' uniform which looked a little too big on her. "Excuse me, but I need to take your girlfriend into surgery." She wore a gentle smile on her face.

"What? Why? Why is she going to have surgery?!" I exclaim and look around rapidly. My grip tightened around her hand protectively. 

"Harry! It's fine she's going to be okay. We're giving her a cochlear implant to get her hearing back." The nurse calmed me. 

"Really?" I ask dumbfounded. "You can do that?" I smile for the first time. 

"Yes, we can. Now if you don't mind...." She trailed off. 

"Oh right! Sorry!" I say and kiss her hand before the nurse takes out the IV cord and the pulse monitor before wheeling her bed out of the room. 

"You hungry, Harry?" Someone speaks from behind me. I look round and see Mya holding a ham sandwich in transparent packaging. I take it gratefully.

"Thanks." I mumble. I pop it open and take a bite. It tasted like cardboard.... yuck!

"Sorry, it's hospital food." Mya apologizes sheepishly. 

"It's fine thank you." I say. 

Later on, a nurse came back into the room, the same ginger one as before, and said that I needed to answer some questions. She wheeled me back into my room and said that this was something I needed to do without Niall or the others around.

"Right, Harry. I'm Jane Harris. I expect you remember me from earlier." She introduced herself. I nodded. "Now can you state your name and birthday?" 

"Harry Edward Styles and the 1st of February." I replied. She asked me about my family and who was in the band and such. 

"Do you remember what happened yesterday?" Jane asked.  

"Yes." I look down, upset.

"Can you tell me what happened in the crash?"

"We were on the train and all of a sudden everything started going funny. The electrics messed up. Lights went out. And then there....there was a lard crash. It made the train shake. I held Lucy in my arms as this large white light came tearing through the metal. It hit Lucy with a slow force. She fell onto the floor and hit her head. The other train slowed down and hit me. It ran over my leg and pushed me down. Then it stopped moving. I looked about for Lucy. She...she was bleeding badly. Her eyes were closed and I couldn't tell if she was breathing or not. I could hear screams around me. There was a baby crying and a toddler sobbing ferociously for his dad. I crawled over to Lucy and hugged her. I remember crying and pain. Lots of it. Then everything went blank." 

Jane finished writing this all down on the notepad. "I'm sorry about what happened Harry. Apparently, someone on the control panel back at the station had changed the tracks course and made it crash with an on coming train." 

I take a deep breath of fresh air. "Why? Why would someone do that?" 

"We don't know for sure yet, but people are saying that someone is out to get Lucy." Jane said. NO! My princess can't be killed. If she dies then I'll kill myself to be with her.

"Do you know who?!" I was getting worked up. 

"Harry, as I said, no one knows for sure. The signal officer could've fallen asleep or something. The police are still investigating." 

"O-okay." I mumble.

"The good news is, you'll be able to go home tomorrow if you progress better." Jane smiled. I nodded. "Do you want to go back now?"

"Please." I say and she wheels me back to my room where I'm greeted with hugs from the rest of the band. 

"God Harry! Are you okay?!" Liam says frantically

"Dandy." I say.

"Niall called us and we got here as soon as we could." Zayn exclaims.

"We were so worried!" Louis adds.

"I'm fine guys." I say as Jane lifts me back onto the bed. "Thanks." I tell her and she just smiles and leaves us to talk. 

"You've got a broken arm and leg. I do not think that's fine Harry!" Liam stated.

"I could be worse! Have you seen Lucy?! She's in a fucking coma! I'm in paradise compared to her! No one can ask if she's in pain! No one can tell her everything's fine because she can't hear us! No one can even say to her that they love her!" I break down into tears and sob into my hands. 

"I'm sorry Harry, I'm just really worried." Liam apologizes and gives me a hug.

"Just forget it." I say. "Is she back from the operation?"

"Yep, the nurse said that it went well even though she's still unresponsive." Zayn tells me. 

"Okay." I yawn and snuggled into the hard hospital bed. "Imma just go to sleep." I close my eyes.

"We'll be right here when you wake up." Louis - I think - says and before I know it, I'm asleep.

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