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What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


77. PIE

Lucy's POV

Listening to Ed drone on and on about pointless things that were going through one ear and out the other made me want to tear my hair out. I had zoned out about half an hour ago on his lecture about the media. I have been dealing with them for ages with them always around Harry and I, squeezing us like lemons to get the last bit of juice out of us. I am NOT a bloody LEMON! My head lay perched on my hand, being held up by my elbow leaning on the table. I had changed arms countless times after they had become numb or the pins and needles had began again. 

I don't know how many times my belly had rumbled at the sight of food which was so close to me yet too far away. Gosh, that is depressing. Surely, Ed had got the idea that I am hungry. He must be too! "...just push straight past them. Don't take in what they say or ask. Block them out like they were those monsters under your bed. They'll go away in time." I caught Ed saying. "And if you can't, then there is this really cool place you can get ear plugs from. A pack of ten for 99p." 

"OKAY! THAT IS IT! I AM TOO TIRED FOR THIS POOP. LEMME EAT!" I slam my hands on the worktop and yell. Ed looks at me, shocked. Oops... I shrink back down into the chair, "please?" I squeak like a mouse. 

"You have really good patience, you know? It's dinner time anyway. I'm cooking. What do you want?" He tells me, a smile just climbing onto his lips. Was he just doing this to test my patience?! The wanker! 

"Erm... can you cook a cottage pie? With a load of mash?" I ask. I love cottage pie. Just as Garfield loves lasagna. But I love lasagna more than him. He touch it, he gonna be the same colour as it. End of.

"Is that the one with lamb or beef? I can never remember." Ed asks, getting up and heading towards the fridge.

"Beef. I hate lamb. The poor little lambies... they never got to have a proper life and frolic around in the grass... Plus, I have a sheep teddy called Baa and if I eat sheep then it's like eating his family which is just disgusting. I could never betray my baby." I go on. 

"I only asked a question. And I expected a simple one-worded answer. Not a whole story." He says, shaking his head inside the fridge. He pulls out the ingredients and I hop up to crab the potatoes for the mash. 

"DON'T TOUCH UNTIL YOU HAVE WASHED YOUR HANDS, CHILD!" I yell as he reaches for a potato. God knows where his hands have been. "COOK ONLY WITH CLEAN HANDS!" 

He rolls his eyes at me and walks over to the skin to wash his dirty hands. "Better?" He asks, drying them afterwards.

"Much." I grin. 




After Ed had and I supervised, we ate vast amounts of the heavenly food. To be honest, there was too much. Ed didn't have a big enough dish so we had to use two different ones. And we ate one and a half of those together. After that, we washed up and collapsed onto the sofa. I felt fat and bloated but I knew I wasn't going to gain a pound. That's just it with me. I eat and eat and don't gain anything but the feeling of nausea, which I got use to years ago. 

"What now?" I mumble to Ed who is sitting ever so close next to me, slightly dozing off. 

"Hmm?" He mumbles something that I can't process into words. Did you know that only 7% of Verbal Communication is words? Basically, 7/100% reaches your ears and your brain takes into process. 

I sigh and sit up a little, "I said, 'what now'?" 

"Bath and bed for you missy." He looked at me through one open eye, while still leaning back. 

"What are you? My mother?" I scoff but yawn at the end. Dammit! He smirks at me, knowing he has won.

"1. No, I am male therefore I am your father." He winks. "2. You yawned, you are tired and it is 11pm." 

"Okay, Smart Arse, the only reason people yawn is to inhale oxygen to the brain to wake it up because it is falling asleep."

"Yeah, whatever."

"Well?" I ask.

"Well what?" 

"Carry me." I smile and lift my arms up. He opens his other eye and looks at me as if I'm crazy. "Pleaaaase?" I whine with big eyes.

"Fine." He rolls his eyes at me and stands up. Once he lifts me up, bridal style, he takes me to the bed room I'm in and throws me onto the bed. Yes. HE FUCKING THREW ME! 

I landed in a muddle of sheets and pillows. Fighting my way out, I hear Ed laughing is ginger bloody ass off. Oh that is it. This is war! 

We engage into a HUGE pillow fight. Feathers bursting everywhere and laughing non-stop. Suddenly there was a knocking at the door. Which wouldn't stop. Stupid annoying people. "Truce?" Ed laughs from on the floor. 

"To be continued." I wink. "Now get the bloody door before the person knocks it down!" I yell and jump off the bed beside him. 

"Ugh. Okay." He gets up and shuts the bedroom door behind him. I start tidying up the pillows and bed, as I do actually have to sleep in here tonight. I can't be bothered with the feathers though. There's no point. He has a cleaner anyway. 

After that had been done, Ed still wasn't back so I change into some PJ's and brush my messy hair and teeth. Weirdly, he still isn't back so I climb into the big bed and start reading the book I brought with me. Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult. It's so sad! All I've done is bawl my eyes until I run out of tears! HOW CAN SHE CUT THE MAIN CHARACTER OFF LIKE THAT? HE NEEDS TO EXPLAIN! HE NEEDS TO BE FORGIVEN! 

Finally, he is back. He opens the door, eyeing the mess, leaning against the frame. "What took you so long?" I ask, not taking my eyes off the book. 

"Couldn't get rid of the guy." He shakes his head.

"Oh... Who was it?" I ask. Ed doesn't do anything but stare at me. Quiet as a mouse, still as an animate object. Please. Don't. Say. He. Still. Loves. Me. "Ed!" I say louder. 

"Hmm?" He blinks back into reality. "What did you say? Sorry," he looks down sheepishly. 

"I asked, 'who was it'?" 

"A salesman." His voice was almost monotone. He is such a bad liar. 

"What was he selling?" I asked.

"...Erm, Everest Windows." 

"Don't you normally have to call up Everest then make an appointment before they come to your house?" Gotcha.

"Oh... err... yeah.... they do. He just got ... confused... with me and another... man." Ed just carries on lying. WHY YOU DO THIS, EDWARDO?

"Oh, okay. Goodnight!" I say. He walks up to me and kisses. Me. On. The. Head. Oh jeez, he does still love me, doesn't he? I can't deal with him like this again. I thought I made this clear.

"Night, Luce." He says, walks to the door and closes it, turning off the light as well. So much for reading. I put the book away and grab my phone. No texts. No calls. Nothing. I guess they got the idea when I said to leave me alone. 

I put the phone away, and go to sleep.



A/N I failed this so much. I wrote so much and it just got deleted all of a sudden. I spent two hours on it and it must've been twice as long as this. But NO it has to disappear! I was gonna cry. But I couldn't be asked. So I have had to re-write this in 20 minutes, trying to remember as much as I can. I failed. Sorry for the boringness. Drama next chapter! 

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