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What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


72. Pick me up

Harry's POV

You know what? I hate hangovers. The headaches, bad breath and the constant feeling of naeusa is too much. I can hardly remember last night. The news, a drink then nothing. I roll over and pat my hand around the bed for Lucy. But I don't feel anything. Is she already up? 

I don't hear anything. The TV isn't on and I can't hear the clanking of any pots and pans. Where is she? I throw the duvet off me and stand up. Then fall over. Bad idea. I land on the bed and look at my casted arm. It kills. 

I make another attempt to stand up and suceed. My head spins with every step I take into the living room. The double door curtians are open and the door is slightly open. I look around and spot a figure on the sofa. Under a lump of blankets I see a head poking out. 

There she is. Why is she out here? I didn't snore too loudly, did I? We've slept together before. Quiet a few times actually. Was the bed uncomfortable for her? It was better than the hard bed we were on last time.

I look at the clock on the wall. 10:45She am. She's fine. She is a very late sleeper, trust me. As I get closer to wake her up, I see her face. And for the first time ever, I didn't want to look at it. What happened to it? Did I.... Did I hurt her? No! I couldn't have done that! I would never want to hurt her.

But you have already before. Twice. "L-Lucy?" I kneel beside her and gently shake her awake. 

"Ugh. Go away." She mumbles and turns to face the inside of the sofa. 

"Lucy. C-come on. G-get up." I shake her again. 

"Wake me up when I care." She yawns.

"It's 10:45, time to get up, lazy bones." 

"Holy llamacorn! I'm going to be late!" She shoots right up, making me fall back onto my bum. It didn't really hurt. Thank you, hangover! "Shit, Harry, sorry." She said, getting up. It's like she doesn't even know that she's got a bruise on her face.

"It's okay." I stand up and dust myself off. "Late for what?" I ask. 

"Oh." She stops moving. "I'm just meeting with Ed. Ya know, long time, no see kind of thingy..." She sounded nervous. 

"Okay...." how much had I had to drink last night? I look to the kitchen and see five cans scattered on the floor. Oh God. I've really messed up this time, haven't I? "Lucy?" I interrupt her again.

"Hmm?" She mumbles.

"What happened last night? Did I do that to you?" I am on the brink of tears. I don't want to know that I did that to her. I'm such a horrible person. 

"It doesn't matter. You were drunk, I understand." Her voice cracks a little. 

"Oh shit. I'm so sorry, princess. I never meant to hurt you." I walk up to her and try to hug her, but she's having none of it. She shrugs me off instantly like I was a fly. I've really done it this time. "Please, Lucy. I'm so so sorry." I start crying. Then, I fall to the floor and cry into my hands, knees tucked into my chest. 

"Harry, you are being dramatic. Like I said, it's nothing. It'll go away soon anyway," she insisted. 

"No, Lucy. I hurt you again. What happens if I hurt you again? What if it's not a drunken slap? What if it's a sober broken arm or an angry Liam down the stairs? I keep hurting you. It's not fair on you. And it's certainly not okay. How can you still love me after all of this?" I sob and sob. 

"HARRY! STOP BEING A BABY AND LISTEN TO ME!" She yells and Niall's me jump. Jesus, she's got a gob on her. "I do love you. And I always will. And because you love me back, you'll understand why I'm doing this." She kneels beside me, hugging me awkwardly.

"Doing what?" I hiccup.

"I'm going to stay with Ed for a few days. Just to get some space from everything. And I promise you, I'll be back before your birthday in 5 days." She explains and my heart shatters. It's just like before, I hurt her and she finds of with another man. I hope to cheese that she doesn't kiss him or anything.

"Please don't do this, Luce. I can't lose you again. I love you too much to see you go again." I plead. 

"He's picking me up in about 10 minutes. I need to get ready." She stands up and leaves me crying. 

"Please don't leave me." I whispered. "I hate being alone." But, she doesn't hear me. I wonder into the kitchen and start picking up the cans while my broken arm throbs violently from all the pressure I've been putting on it. But it doesn't hurt as much as my heart.

Once I'm done, there's a knock at the door. I start to walk to it, but Lucy is there, changed and clean. She opens it up and the ginger singer pops in. I keep my distance and hide behind a small pillar just fast enough so I can see them.

"Hey, super star!" He smiles at her the way I do. 

"Morning, Eddie!" She replied. Then, they hug. And carry on hugging for about 20 seconds. After, he kisses her cheek. I know that he loves her. He told her and she told me. 


"Oooh, look at that bruise! Have you seen it?" He points out and looks it. A wave of guilt washes through me and I close my eyes tightly to stop myself crying even more. 

"Ow!" I hear Lucy scream. I open my eyes and see her holding a hand over the bruise. "Don't touch it, you wombat!" She slaps away his hand. 

"Rude much. So, where is he?" Ed asks. Oh shit a brick. Actually, don't. That would hurt.

"Coming, I think. He'll be here." Lucy looks around for me and a step back a bit.

"I still can't believe he did THAT to you." Ed goes on. Alright that's enough Eddie.

"Me either. But it's okay. He was drunk and it wasn't his fault." Lucy repeats those words again.

"Did you know that alcohol influence your current mood and thoughts?" He says oh so matter-of-factually.

"Really?" Lucy asks, shocked.

"Yep! Anyway, I can't keep my guard waiting in the car any longer. We have to go now." He's just trying to take her for himself. 

"But I haven't said goodbye to Harry yet." Lucy insists, looking about again. "Harry?! I'm leaving now! You gonna say bye?!" She exclaims. I still don't move. I can't while he's here. 

"Harry?!" Ed joins in. Some what of a friend you turned out to be. 

"Harry? Where are you? I want a goodbye kiss!" But goodbye means the end. It closes that door forever.

"Lucy. We need to go now. Let's just leave him to sulk." Ed says and I start crying again. For fuck sakes. 

"Okay." She breathes. Then she walks out the door, closing out behind her. No. She's gone. I can't believe I let get walk of with him. 

I still need to say bye! 

I run to the balcony doors and push then open. On the street, I see a black range rover with the engine running. Then out pops Lucy and Ed from nowhere. "Lucy!" I scream. "Lucy!" She looks up and sees me. "Please don't go! I love you too much to see you go again!" A crowd starts gathering at the scene, some with cameras out.

"It'll only be for a few days!" She yells back. "You can last that long!" 

"I can hardly last a few seconds without you! Let alone 4 days!" A few more tears fall off my face and onto the pavement below.

"You weren't saying that last night, though, were you?" She shot back.

"It was a mistake! I'm sorry!" Ed was already in the car waiting for Lucy around the other side. 

"You'll be okay! Trust me." She said and got in the car. 

"No, Luce! I love you!" 

"Goodbye, Harry." She yells and shuts the door. Then they drive away. 

I fall to the floor of the balcony, making it shake a little. And then I cry again. I cry like I've never cried before.

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