Listening To The Silent Lyrics

What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


2. Music

Chapter 2

Quick as I could, I shoved my mouth under the tap and turned on the cold water. Much better. After I finished, I turn around to see Craig with a big smile on his face. It looks like he’s trying to hold in his laughter. I bet he is laughing. 

“It’s not funny.” I pout. ‘It is.´ Craig smiled as he calmed down. Sighing, I walk out to find the guitar I usually use and start strumming the chords of the song Little Things by the famous band One Direction. I may have never heard the song properly but I know the lyrics and went on YouTube to find out the chords. Craig wrote down on a piece of paper where the long notes were and what parts were high and low. Now, after a month. I’ve got it all sorted. People who have heard (lucky carrots) me sing tell me that I can sing and I’m really good. 

Getting to Harry’s verse, I picked up the tempo and sing louder. My back was turned away from the people in the store. I didn’t want to see their weird or annoyed looks. Craig lets me sing anyway, he would just chuck them out. He’s like an older brother. Like the older brother who I lost. 

As I reach the end of the song, my eyes filled with tears. It’s so painful not being able to hear. I feel stupid and horrible with myself. It’s basically all my fault my family are dead and I’m like this. But that doesn’t matter. This song makes me feel good about myself. 

I wipe away my tears and put the guitar on its shelf, and turn around. There standing before me was the one and only…Ed Sheeran. Holy cats! I’m trying hard not to fan girl. He is my idol. Well, one of them (Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil are my main ones). 

His mouth moved, he was talking to me. But all I could do is but feeling ashamed. I can’t reply because I don’t know what he is saying. I probably look like a jerk or an idiot at this moment in time, and there is nothing I can do about it.

“Craig!” I call. Ed looks at me, worried and confused. “I’m sorry.” I apologise looking down at my hands which lay restlessly on my knees. I look over to the door where he comes in. ‘What’s the matter?’ He signs, not noticing Ed. I jerk a thumb to Ed who was just stood there awkwardly. I look at Craig and his jaw is wide open. They exchange some words and Ed smiles at something Craig says. I feel like I’m intruding. I’m just sat here like an awkward sloth. 

I was tapped on the shoulder and I look up to see Ed there with a pen and paper in hand. He sat down next to me and starts writing on the paper. OH MY FLACKING LLAMACORN LORD! HE IS WRITING TO ME! HE IS SAT NEXT TO ME! HE IS RIGHT THERE! I fan girl inside my head. A few moments later and Ed has stopped writing and is holding out a piece of paper with a paragraph. It said: 

‘Hello there,

Your friend over there told me your name was Lucy, is that right? I hope so  as you might know, I’m Ed Sheeran. I heard you singing just a minute ago and you were absolutely brilliant! I would like to recommend you to my manager about getting you signed, if that’s ok? I’m sorry to be told that you are deaf, but I can understand how you feel. My friend is also deaf. But it’s all okay. I can help you through this. So what do you say? You in?’

Oh my….. HE WANTS ME TO HAVE A CONTRACT! ED FLAMING SHEERAN WANTS ME TO…! I can’t even think straight! :O My potato lover of Neptune….

After a few minutes of trying to calm down I nod. “Are you sure?” I ask. He nods and smiles. “Yay!” I squeal and hug him tight. A second later, I realise what I had just done and let him go, embarrassed. “Sorry.” I mumble even though I’m still smiling. I really can’t believe any of this. Ed writes on the paper again fast before showing it to me. ‘It’s okay  here’s my number. I’ll text you all the details later.’ And underneath there was his number. HOLY SUGAR!!!!!! I’VE GOT ED SHEERANS NUMBER! I’m going to die soon if all this excitement continues.

“Thank you.” I think I say. I hope I didn’t squeal. I write my number for him and we hug each other before he leaves.

‘You still breathing?’ Craig signs unsure. I nod before jumping up and down really excited. Craig puts his hands on my shoulders trying to stop me from scaring off the other customers. I don’t really give a damn, I just met Ed flacking Sheeran! Wait till Mya hears about this.

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