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What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


44. Morning

Dan's  POV

I need to stop this now. I can't fall for Lucy! Harry would kill me. But Lucy is just so beautiful. I can't help it. Her eyes, her soft hair and floral smell. Her personality and humor just gets me right then and there. What can I do?


Lucy's POV

Why does my back hurt? Ugh.. my butt is numb. I tried to move my arms but they were restrained. Oh no. They've got me again! They're gonna hurt me! I struggle and struggle out of the grip, kicking my feet  and pressing my hands on the persons chest to try and get free.

"Let me go!" I yelled, crying not to cry. 

"Lucy!" Someone shouted. A male voice. I calmed down and put most of my effort into opening my eyes. Why didn't I do that in the first place? 

"D-Dan?" I ask like a little kid. 

"And Phil!" Enters another voice. The hands move away from around me and I sit right up. "I have cheerio's!" I look up to Phil who had actually brought a box of cheerio's and three spoons in with him. What the...?

Dan shook his head at him then looked at me. I saw how close he was to me. Oh, was he the one... hugging me...? Sugar. "Sorry." He said sheepishly. "Are you... Are you okay?" He raises an eyebrow at my shaking figure.

"Yeah, sorry.... How 'bout those cheerio's then?" I asked, filling the awkward silence. 

"Cherrio express right here and ready to be eaten." Phil joked and fell to the floor. He threw a spoon at each of us and put the cheerio's in the middle. 

Later, we all got dressed and decided it was time I go back to my flat. The boys said they would walk me there for some strange reason.

Like I had said yesterday, it is a quick walk there. So I don't exactly think there's going to be a chance of getting kidnapped or anything. Eh, at least I wont look like a loner walking back. 

The door was weirdly open when we got there. I swear I locked it. Even the spare key has been put back in the same place and is still there. You don't think I could've been robbed.... do you? 

"Dan, you saw me lock the door, right?" I asked quietly and cautiously. He didn't make a noise. Just a quick nod of the head had me. His eyes never left the door. "Phil... you saw me too right? Lock the door..." He looked to me, mouthed a quick yes then looked at the door again. 

"Well, there's only one way we can know for sure what happened." He said and walked to the door and pushed it open just enough so he could get himself through. I trailed slowly after him, Dan following behind me. I took hold of his hand to comfort me. What? I need to be holding someone I trust to calm down. And he's the nearest thing. Plus, I can't hold Phil's hand because he's too far ahead.

"And where have you been young lady?!" Exclaimed the voice of my best friend. I winced in pain and saw Mya, Niall, Liam, Zayn, Louis and unfortunately; Harry, all sat down, different expressions on their faces. Fuck and fucking duck. 

"Heeey guys." I wave uneasily at them all. Then I look to Harry who was staring angrily at something. I followed his gaze and saw it landed on Dan and I's entwined hand. And again I say: fuck a fucking duck. How could someone mess up so much in the space of thirty seconds?

"I'm still waiting missy." Mya said impatiently, tapping her foot on the ground so fast and loud that it just made everything more weirdly. I'm just gobsmacked that Harry hasn't said anything yet. Or, well, hit someone yet...

"I was at Dan and Phil's house..?" I gesture at them and snatch my hand away from Dan's. He looked petrified. 

"So, we do meet again." Niall smiles at them and waves. How could he not notice the tension between this all. Oh God child. Mental facepalm time.

"Now, is not the time, Ni." Liam tells him with a stern expression. 

"I thought we were friends." Phil whined. The most worrying thing is that even though Dan and Harry had not said anything, there was a staring war. Eh, it's boy stuff. It's how they communicate.

"We are? Wait, what's going on?" Niall shook his head in confusion and headed for the kitchen. 

"Why were you there, Luce?" Zayn asked. I looked towards him and shrugged under the weight of their stares. 

"I felt like home seemed to crowded and violent."  I try to emphasize the last part, directing my gaze to Harry who seemed guilty. 

"But you could've called." Louis spoke up. 

"If my phone wasn't dead and left back at where ever you were staying." 

"You came out of a coma, not only 2 weeks ago. You need to rest! Not wonder off in the middle of the night to where ever you went and found these two! They might've been pedos' or something!" Mya yelled at me and I looked down at my hands. 

"But I had been resting! And I still would be if someone hadn't been so fucking abusive to me! You know I can't handle stress or depression very well, Mya, and being there made me both of those. I think you should thank yourself lucky that I didn't jump off Tower Bridge!" I yell at her. Livid wouldn't describe how I felt right now. No. I am way past that now. Are they all just going to yell at me for being upset? When did they start to run my life!?

Mya looked shocked. Then upset. Then restless. "You didn't...?" She asked and her eyes flickered to my left leg for just a second then they were back on my face. I shook my head at her. 

"NO! What do you take me for? Do you have such little trust in me?  Well, thank you. Thanks a lot. I feel so much better now that I know how much you trust me." I yell sarcastically. Then the others caught on. They didn't say anything but I could see the understanding on their faces. Written in the biggest font. 

"I think we should go." Dan spoke up and grabbed Phil's upper forearm. 

"No." Harry finally spoke and stood up. "Please, stay." His voice like venom. Oh shit a brick. Angry Harrys' back.

"Don't you start. I am not in the mood and if you go off on another rampage then I am leaving you. Forever. Hacy will be over." I told him so seriously that he had to do a double take and blink a few times. 

"You what?" He looked at me with pleading eyes. 

"You've hurt me mentally and physically. I've given you two chances already. More than enough. One more and you are out. And you can take your bullshit with you while you are at it. Might need to buy an extra suitcase as well when packing it. There's just so much of it that the actual bulls are jealous." I smirked at him confidently. Holy skittles! Since when did I get this confidence?

"I'm not the one going around cheating on this relationship! I bet you banged Dan last night as well! You seem so fucking close to each other!" He shot back. No.

"That is it! You've gone to far now. Get out of my house now! And if you come back or near me again, I will get a fucking restraining order." I growled and pointed at the door. He pushed Dan right into the wall on the way out. I rushed to help him up. "Sorry about that. You okay?" He nodded. 

"AND THE REST OF YOU! GET OUT MY HOUSE BEFORE I CALL THE BILL!" I yelled at the other boys in rage. Okay, so yeah that was a little harsh. They hadn't even done anything wrong. But I am too angry to be nice. 

"This is my house too, Lucy! So they can stay!" Mya yelled back at me and the boys were just stuck in the middle. 

"Just fuck you! Fuck you all!" I cried and ran into my bedroom, slamming the door shut behind me. And I lay down on my bed. Crying until I fell asleep.


A/N Told you I would update! Pshh my brother thinks I'm obsessed with Bastille... Nooooo 'm not. I was just simply playing their cover song over and over again while writing this chapter. It's called No angels. Just YouTube it. It is so blumming good and catchy. Imma try update again tomorrow if I know what I'm writing. 

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