Listening To The Silent Lyrics

What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


32. Memories


Lucy's POV

I was left alone for so long. It was so depressing. Only the doctor would talk to me and that was to ask if I can do anything. I tried moving again. Nothing but a small twitch in my right hand. I could go on about all my pain, all the depressing things that I kept thinking. It would probably bore you and make you sleep. 

I've tried counting, singing in my head and finding new lyrics for songs but nothing worked right. I couldn't put anything together that worked well. I spent a few days on my own (So it's now the same day as Harry was in talking about Paul) and I was ready to just give up trying. Maybe those kids who bullied me were right. I'm useless. Pathetic. Worthless. Nothing in this world. Those notes that were thrown at me everyday, reading something new each time, were true. 

What good am I for? 

Yes, so what; I've got my hearing back. Then what? I know I've got Harry but most of the time I think he's just taking pity on me. I had never had a boyfriend before him. The boys back in my secondary school hated my guts and locked my in the PE cupboard for hours on end. They once left me in there for three days! And no one heard me because it was the weekend. I was found the next school morning, starving, dehydrated, smelly and crying. 

I didn't say what happened though. I can't grass on people. I wouldn't like it done to me so why should I grass on them? I told the head teacher that I was getting out some tennis rackets and the teacher forgot me, the door shut and locked. 

I could tell that she didn't believe my story. However, she left it. When I got back to the care home, Mya was basically sobbing. I told her what happened. She said she was ready to kill those boys. But I told her it wasn't worth it. Oh, how I was so wrong. 

When I got back into the school, I was beaten up. Apparently Mya had confronted the boys, saying that I told her what happened and now I had to pay. I really wish Mya had just gotten rid of them. The school would be so much better without them. 

Throughout the rest of my time enrolled there, I was beaten, hidden, laughed at and mocked by everyone. The teachers noticed. They just didn't care. So much for the school rules. I can still remember them now:

1) Listen in silence (bit ironic, eh?)

2) Keep your hands, feet and unkind comments to yourself

3) Do what you're asked when you're asked


Oh, how that never happened. No one liked the head teacher, Miss Greenway. Or as I like to call her Miss Greenwitch. 

I remember that I had to go to school once on my birthday. And because Mya wasn't in any of my classes that day, I was left alone to get my birthday "beatings". I don't think that people know how bad it hurts when 50 people come up to you, hit you 15 times then leave you with a few bruises and a broken rib or two.

I think of all the times that people hurt me. Every kick. Every punch. Every half hearted death threat.

And that's when it happens. That's when I couldn't breathe properly. That's when my head wasn't mine anymore.

Harry's POV


Niall came back into the living room looking solemn. He shook his head. "Uncle Si doesn't even know." He gently said. He sat back down by Mya and she hugged him tight. All of a sudden, Mya's phone rang. 

"It's the hospital." She said then answered it. She put it on loud speaker and moved closer to me so I could also hear. "Hello?" 

"Hi, Mya, it's Jane. Look this is important so no long speeches. Something's happening to Lucy. No one knows what yet. Her heart beat is speeding up vigorously and she is struggling to breathe. Her brain activity has change greatly in the matter of a few seconds." Jane says.

Oh no, my baby girl! I knew I should've stayed with her from the start. I love her too much to let her go. My vision goes blurry and I wipe my tears away. 

"She either may be waking up, or - and I'm dreading to say this- but she might be falling deeper into the coma and might not wake up ever again. You need to get down here as fast as you can." Jane's voice was breaking and in the back ground I could hear the chaos going off in the room. 

"O-okay..." Mya gulped. "We'll b-be there a-as soon as p-possible." She cried and hung up. "Noooo!" Mya sobbed and let her head fall into Niall's chest. "S-she's too young. S-she c-can't go." Niall stroked her hair comfortingly while I lay back, stunned. Paralyzed. Motionless. 

There's a chance I could hear her voice again. However, there's an even bigger chance she will never open those bright eyes of hers again. I just want to see them one last time. Once more and I will be okay because at least then, I know she woke up. 

"LOUIS!" Niall yells over Mya's sobbing. Footsteps tumble down the stairs. 

"It wasn't me!" He exclaims as he tripped onto his side and slide down the stairs. "owwww." He cried. Louis stood up, rubbed his side then skipped over to us. 

"What wasn't...? Never mind that! Can you take us down to the hospital? Like now? Please?" Niall pleads with desperation overlapping his voice. 

"Sure, what's happened?" He ran over to his trainers in the corner of the room and slipped them on. 

"Lucy." I say and am wheeled outside into the car. 



A/N so the year 11's left my school today.... I didn't cry.... much. Some kid got a picture of smeelgle and put the head teachers face on it and threw copies of it outside the school! It was really funny cuz no one likes the head. She's evil and old. She hates everything but hate....she could be the devils wife D:

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