Listening To The Silent Lyrics

What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


10. Meeting the others

Lucy’s POV

I can’t actually believe I’m in the same room as my crush and the rest of the world famous boy band! I’m not like those fan girls who go crazy over celebrities. Nope. Not one whatsoever. When I first got in here, I was hugged very tightly by none other than Louis, then Harry told me they were trying to talk to me so I left it to him to do all the explaining. As of now, Harry and I are cuddled closely next to each other. It makes me sad to think that we’re just friends.

We were texting each other, because I felt awkward being here and talking aloud and not being able to hear their reply. So of course Harry nicked my phone, put his number in there, texted himself with my phone then we started our random conversation. At the moment we were talking about what the perfect date would be.

Probably under the stars, with food, on top of a roof or in the park with small tea lights covering the area. Then there would be some sort of nice music in the back ground xx- Lucy

I may not be able to hear music, but it doesn’t mean the other person can’t enjoy it.

That’s really sweet xx I think mine would have to be a day at the zoo or a nice time at the beach xx – Harry

Oh my god that’s so sweet. I swear he’s a cupcake full of adorableness.

Who knew the famous Harry would like the zoo ;) xx – Lucy

Haha. I love how we are putting kisses at the end of our texts but I don’t think it really means anything to him.

Not many people know the real me, so I think that would be a shock to everybody xx – Harry

That’s deep. Like, really deep.

So who is the real Harry Styles? Xx –Lucy

Maybe I can get to know him better or something.

The real Harry loves to spend days with his girlfriend, taking her on a date every night and spoiling her rotten. The real Harry loves to be around his friends and family. The real Harry loves taking long walks at night and going to the park to just feel like a little kid again who doesn’t know about the grown up world and won’t get judged by everybody who doesn’t even know the real him xx –Harry

Oh my god I feel like I’m going to cry. Poor Harry. Does he honestly feel this way? I just want to hug him and never let go.

I’m sorry you feel this way, maybe soon me and you can do some of those things xx- Lucy

Shit! That sounds like I’m asking him out! And it looks like I’m desperate.

Really? I’d like that J xx- Harry

Holy macaroni… I can’t even… he wants to as well! That has to mean something! I had somersaults in my belly. His hand touched mine and I felt sparks tingle upon my skin. I let out a gasp in amazement. I was too drawn in the moment to notice all the other boys in the room looking over at us.

Everything was ruined when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.

I’m really sorry about the boys in ur room earlier! Simon double booked it. I swear he is a moron at times :/ Where u at now?xxxxx – Ed

Damn you Ed! I see Harry peeking over my shoulder and felt his breath on my neck. Crap that tickles! I try to hold in my laughter as I text back, chillin’ in 1D’s room and it’s all good J- Lucy

I was about to lock my phone when it went off again. I gave Harry a knowing look and opened up the message from him.

You know Ed!?!? You could’ve told me you did! We’re practically brothers! Xxx- Harry

 Wow, that’s a surprise. Oh that’s cool! Oh and by the way, I know Eddy Boy Sheeran ;) xxx- Lucy

Hehe. I look over at him and give him a cheeky grin. Looking around the room, I see that Liam is watching something on TV, Zayn, I think, is on his phone listening to music, Louis is with a girl kissing…. I’m not going to interrupt that then… and Niall is on his guitar. Yay! He plays guitar! I get up from the sofa and walk over to Niall.

“Erm…could I borrow that for a minute?” I say nervously. He looks up at me in shock and passes the guitar over cautiously. “Thanks.” I smile and skip back to Harry. “Can I play you a song?” I ask him. He nods, looking interested. I sit down back in my space and see all the boys ,but Zayn ‘cause he’s got his headphones in, are watching me…no pressure there then.

You found me, broken and frayed,

You found me, curled up on the floor,

You found me, not giving a damn anymore,

But when we made contact,

I knew you were the one

You spent your breath on me

Fixing me up so I could be loved once more,

Oh Oh Oh but you never got to find out that you were the one I needed

The one I wanted and the one I breathed,

Without you, I’d be a broken soul lying on the ground

My life was nothing until you came around

We grew closer together, friend like family

Nothing that I wanted

My heart was aided with your love

You were my wings to my dove

Oh oh oh but you never got to find out that you were the one I needed

The one I wanted and the one I breathed,

Without you, I’d be a broken soul lying on the ground

My life was nothing until you came around” I sang. Once I reached the end I was smiling to myself. Especially since I had just made that up off the spot. I pull out my phone after feeling the vibration going off in my pocket.

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