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What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


43. Mc Donald's

Lucy's POV

Phil went up to order everyones' food while Dan and I found a seat. There was a quiet booth in the corner of the restaurant where it had a moving shutter which covered us from the outside just in case the paps see and get any wrong ideas. I don't exactly think I can handle "angry" Harry again. My wrist still hurts and the incident was only about an hour and a half ago. 

"You alright?" Dan asked, a concerned expression on his face. I looked over to him a blinked. 

"Mmm? Yeah, sorry. What did you say?" I asked him. 

"I was saying, would you like to stay at my house tonight?" He looked hopeful. His eyes held so much plead within them that I felt bad if I said no.

"Erm, I hardly know you though," I said. His face dropped so I had to quickly cover my mistake. "But, I'm sure enough that if we talk more then we could and that might just be possible." I rushed out quickly. 

"I'm sorry. I must seem so creepy to you just saying that. But you seemed so upset in the park and you look pained." He observed and I winced slightly.

"Yeah... about that. Something just happened at home- well, it's not even my house. I don't have a clue where I was to be honest." I played around with a straw I picked up as I came in.

"Oh, wanna tell me what happened?" He asked wearily. I shook my head as I saw Phil walking over with a tray and a waiter with another. Did we seriously order that much food?

"Later." I smiled at him as they set the trays down. "Thanks." I tell the waiter as he winks and walks back behind the tills. God, the flirt. 

We all grabbed our food and I saw how much I had ordered. 3 large fries. 2 chicken mayo sandwiches, a hamburger, a large diet coke (I'm watching my weight, okay?) and a chicken nugget happy meal. I stared in amazement then shrugged. Food is food. You need it to survive, it just so happens that I need a little more than everyone else. 

"God girl, can you eat. Since when did someone human order that much from Mc Donald's all at once?" Phil asked me with wide eyes. 

"Since now." I replied, tucking into some chips. "Damn, I forgot the ketchup. I'll be right back," I start getting up but Dan stands up faster. 

"Let me, I need some too." He said and walked off towards the stuff bar thingy. What are they even called? 

"Cough FLIRT cough." Phil 'coughed'. I shot him a death glare, blushing at the same time.

"Shut. Up." I growled at him, still staring at him as I ate a chicken mayo sandwich. His gaze diverted towards his food and I felt proud of myself. "I don't like him like that anyway. Plus, we've just met. I doubt he likes me that way." I shrugged, stabbing the straw into the lid of the cup openy thing. What are these even called?! I know they sure do damn hurt if you stick your finger through one. 

"That's what they all say at first." Phil rolled his eyes. "When Dan falls for a girl, he falls fast and hard. He will try to do anything that's possible to get her. And girl,"  he tried to put on an American accent, "he's fallen for you." I was so tempted to slap that grin off his face. But I was too busy blushing. 

"Too bad that I'm with Harry." I tried to not only convince him but also myself. Are we still together after that fight. My head keeps telling me it's over but my heart says that we belong together.

"If you were really with him then why did he hurt you?" 

"How did you....?" I trail off. 

Phil smirked. "I put two and two together and got four. Bruised wrist. Not with him now. Upset alone crying in a park at gone past 11pm." 

"We only argued over something stupid. It'll be fine tomorrow." Yeah, that man who shot your family is his boss and yours.

"Oh, and that was...?" Before I could answer, Dan came back with three ketchup cups for me and two for him. 

"Thank you." I smiled at him then looked down at my dinner. Just the happy meal and some coke left. Jesus, how was I this hungry? Oh well, Nom nom nom.

"No problem." He replied.

As soon as we were finished eating, Dan and Phil walked me back to their flat which was surprisingly close to Myas' and Is' flat. Just about a 5 minute walk. So, as quick as I could, I dashed inside the place, remembering where the spare key was and I grabbed a bag. I put in my Cookie Monster PJ's, clothes for tomorrow, hair brush, tooth brush and paste and a book. Dan said I could us their shower later and I was allowed to use their washing stuff which I was thankful for as I was running low.

We got back the their flat and set out a huge bed area on the floor in the lounge. Quilts and blankets on the floor. pillows for our heads, sleeping bags for us to sleep in and some teddies just for the sake of it. Phil found some skittles, oreo's, After Eights and maltesers while Dan set up the DVD Player. We were going to watch Shaun of the Dead which was just funny as a llama with hiccups. Hehe funny. Then was Hot Fuzz which I basically knew the words to (even though I had had to use the subtitles a few months ago.) It feels so weird to watch it with sound and without the subtitles so I asked them to put them on. 

They understood why without even asking. It was nice to have a laugh. I missed out on things like this. Yes, it was different. But I loved every moment of it.



A/N Oh my carrots I feel as if I've abandoned this story. I'm so sorry. I'll try update tomorrow as well so watch out for that. Anyway, had enough of the sun yet? I sure have. One week left of school! 24 days till my birthday and just 2 hours until I go bed. Ahhh. Thank you for sticking around with this <3 

Anyway, Co-writer thingy ma bob. I asked my brother to chose a number. It was number 3 and so the person who will be writing this with me is RawrI'mADanosaur ! But thank you to the other two people who asked. Anyway, remember to fan her or something! She's awesome! Now, gooooooooodbye

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