Listening To The Silent Lyrics

What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


79. Longest chapter EVER/o\

Lucy’s POV (About 9am)

I don’t know why I woke up this early.  I really don’t. Maybe it’s the early night? Or the fact that I might have had my first peaceful night’s sleep in god knows how many months. The point is, I am happy. I feel like a floating bundle of joy for some unknown reason. I can’t quite seem to figure out that one either. What is the matter with me?

I check my phone again to see if I am still unpopular. Answer to that one: why would I ever think I was popular? Also known as, NO.

I could sleep forever, dream forever, but what would I dream about? You only have so many hopes and dreams that you can run out as soon as they are done. Broken or real life. Then what? Do you want a medal? A golden statue of you, 50 foot tall and covered with little congratulations from everybody in the world? Yeah, you found your dreams and made them come true, now what are you going to do?

I roll myself out of the warm heavens of the duvet and stand up. I’m hungry. I WANT FOOD.  I trudge down the stairs like a zombie and head straight for the kitchen. What does Ed have for breakfast? I don’t want cereal. Not in the milky mood. Toast, crumpets, muffins; all laid out on the side! Whoop! I will have one of each then. I jam a crumpet and some bread into one half of the toaster then slice a muffin in half to put into the other two slots. I am so bored. I wonder what we are doing today. I hope it’s not more ‘learning’ or else I will run out of the house screaming bloody murder.

“ED WAKE UP OR I’M NOT COOKING YOU BREAKFAST!” I yell up the stairs. No answer. That’s strange. Is he out or something? “Ed?” I shout while walking into the living room. Oh, there he is, in a heap of blankets on the sofa. What is he doing there?

He is facing the inside of the sofa so I cannot see his face. Or any part of him oddly. I know it’s cold but does he really need like 6 duvets on him? I walk up to him and pull off all the duvets. 




… oh. My. Fucking. God.

What happened to him? “AHH! ED!” I scream as loud as I possibly can. He jumps up and falls off the sofa. But he groans in pain as the disgustingly yellow bruises hit the floor with his weight on top. Ouch, that must hurt! “JESUS CHRIST ED! WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?” I shout at him in horror. He doesn’t say anything. He just pushes himself up off the floor ans sets himself back onto the sofa. “Ed!” I sit beside him.

Why isn’t he talking to me? Did I do something stupid? Wait, what does him being covered in  bruises got to do with me? “Ed, please talk to me.” I said in a nurturing voice. Nothing. God dammit. I let out a sigh and get up when the smell of my breakfast. “Don’t move, I’ll be back in a minute to get you clean up.” I tell him and go into the kitchen. Great, my food is burnt. Oh well, stuff the food. My best friend is in trouble, beaten up and bruised on the sofa and do you know what the best part is? He fucking hates me right now! He isn’t talking to me. I only want to know why…

I find the first aid kit on top of the fridge. It was a bit of a reach but I got there in the end. I get back into the living room to see Ed still hasn’t moved an inch from where I last left him. “Ed, let me clean you up. Then you can ignore me for no reason at all for as long as you want.” I stubbornly tell him. He just nods and moves over slightly so there is more space for us to sit down.

I start cleaning the cuts on his face, careful not to press too hard. After that was done, I lifted off his top and took in the canvas. Who did this to him? “Who?” I asked simply, he looked away from me and to the curtains hanging above the windows. Thank god they are shut. “Edward. Look at me.” I say sternly. “Who? Did? This?”

“Just leave it, Lucy.” He barely even whispers. Well, that’s a start… but why would he keep this a secret? GOD SAKES!  THIS IS ANNOYING! JUST TELL MEH EDDY!

“Fine.” I stand up and throw the bloody tissue at him. “If you are going to be a stubborn bastard then don’t let me get in your way!” I yell at him and storm off into the kitchen for more food. What? I am still hungry! The feeling won’t go away until it is solved.

I grab a pot of Prawn Cocktail Pringles and storm off upstairs. What did I do to him to make him ignore me? Who did this to my little Eddy? Why am I still questioning myself when I won’t get an answer? Gah, stupid head. Bugger off.

In my room, I finished Lone Wolf and I started reading Paper Towns by John Green before I was bored out of my mind. It is only 3:16pm. I am booooored. So very very boooooored. I have nothing to doooooooooooo. I haven’t got anything to pack when I leave tomorrow. I didn’t take much out of the suitcase. I really can’t be bothered to run a bath. It takes too long to run and by the time it’s done, I have found something else to do. Maybe I’ll just go back to bed. There’s nothing else left to do.

Hopefully, Ed will be in the mood for talking later when I wake up.


Ed’s POV

I really do not know what to think or do with myself. I can’t process what happened last night properly. I beat Harry up. We are meant to be best friends. We’ve been best friends for about two years now. And we both have messed that up completely. Why was Harry so motivated in tearing me to shreds in the ring? He must have had some support to get him fired up. It… it just doesn’t seem like him. Then again, I don’t know who the real Harry is anymore.

I look to the clock. 4pm now. And I am still sat on the sofa in the same position I was in like 7 hours ago. I don’t want to move. I am afraid to move in case it would tweak one of the cuts or bruises. Harry can really throw a punch. And a few dozen kicks. I bet he does kick boxing or something. He may go to the gym in his free time or do weight lifting on the tour bus.

My thoughts were interrupted by a phone ringing. My phone. Oh jesus that means moving. And for the first time today, I looked at what I was wearing. I am back in the jeans and hoodie I put on before the fight. That means they changed me… that means … they … t-touched me… EWWWWWWWWWWWWW! That’s a nasty pasty!


I dig into my pocket and pull out my phone. Unknown number. It’s probably Julia then. I clicked the little green phone button and answer “hello?”

“Good afternoon Ed.” Yup, it’s her. “How are you feeling?” Like you care.

“I’m fine.” I muttered.

“That’s good. I’m glad you are better. Now, I have another task for you.” I groan and lean back onto the sofa, earning a chuckle from Julia. “Ah ha ha,  I think you’ll love this one.” I could picture her smirking on the other end of the phone.

“What do I have to do?” I ask.

“Kiss Lucy.”

“Pardon?!” I exclaim down the line.

“You heard me. Kiss her. Not just a short one. No, a long passionate one. Let all your feelings out that you have kept secret since the day you saw her in the music shop.”

“And what if I don’t?” I gulp. Is this cow trying to ruin me?

“I have videos from last night, Edward. I can always put that up on YouTube. You have until tomorrow to do so. Fail, and it’s prison for both you and Harry.” She finished and hung up.

It looks like I am going to have to do this.



Harry's POV

Did last night really happen? I couldn’t have dreamt it all. It’s like I can feel the pain of it all still. No wait. I can. I truly can. And oh my carrots, does it fricking hurt. This is all Julias’ fault. I really do wish someone would just shoot the bitch. It’s like she is indestructible. But never mind that. What had gotten into Ed? Did he really hate me that much? I thought we were best friends. But apparently not. In all honesty, Ed can throw a punch. And a kick. My ribs were burning against my body. I think they’re broken. Just like my heart. But my heart is in more pain.

A loud knocking woke me up from my thoughts. Who would be calling me at this time? Wait, what time is it? I roll over and grab my phone. HOLY SHIT! NOT ONLY IS IT 1PM BUT THE NEXT DAY! How could I sleep through a hole day?

I try my best to hobble out of my bed, but winced every now and then. I looked down at my bare, tattooed chest and decided it was best to put on a top and some jogging bottoms. Can’t go to the door in my boxers, now can I?

The door carries on being hit until I am dressed and finally there, opening it up. There stands a girl dressed in red skinny jeans, a white lace top and a denim jacket. “How may I help you?” I asked tiredly, her eyes scanning me. God, I must look a mess.

“Hi… I’m Bethany..” She says nervously. Then the light bulb above my head went off. I face palmed myself and opened the door up for her.

“Bethany! Sorry. Oh god, I forgot completely. Come in.” I say. She awkwardly shuffles into my house and looks around at everything.

“Thanks.” She says. “Nice place you got here.” She nods.

“Thanks. Make yourself comfortable. I’ll just go shower and change.” I tell her and limp away to the bathroom. Wincing, I undressed, washed, dried and changed myself in complete agony. But I was faster than I thought I would be, because not only fifteen minutes later, I was in the kitchen boiling the kettle.

“Sleep late then?” Bethany asked from the kitchen table.

“Yeah, about 30 hours late.” I rolled my eyes. “Sugar?”

“No thanks. So where is my little cousin?” She said, taking the mug of tea from me.

“At Ed Sheerans’ house.” I choked out. “That reminds me, we have to go pick her up from there.”

“Why is she there?” Bethany leaned against the counter with curiosity in her eyes.

“We… may have had a fight…” I said.


“If you don’t mind me asking, but what about?”

“I was drunk, stupid thing, I know. Lucy tried to stop me from drinking anymore and I hit her.” Saying it out loud made everything worse. It was pathetic and pointless. Yet, Luce was the one to get hurt from my stupid mistake.

“And so she goes to camp at Ed Sheerans house?” Bethany asks like it’s stupid.

“Yeah.” I sigh.

“Aren’t you and Ed, like, best friends?”

“Were.” I correct her. We are so not friends after this. After more awkward silences, we decide that we’re leaving. “Can you drive? Or do you want to walk?” I ask her.

“Eh, it’s freezing outside. Let’s drive.” She tells me, finishing off the last gulps of her tea.

“Okay. I’ll tell you which way to go.”

We make our way down the lift and into her blue car. “Okay, captain, show me the way!” She smiles at me. Maybe the awkwardness has been lifted away. “Okay, this is really going to annoy me, but, what happened to your face? It has a huge bruise on.”

“Oh… yeah, that. I…” Think, Harry, think! You cannot say it was Ed who beat you up! “I… got mugged…?” that sounds believable.

“Awww. I’m sorry.” She said.

“It’s okay, it’s not your fault.” I tell her, feeling guilty. We arrive at Ed’s house 10 minutes later and get out to knock on his door



Lucy’s POV

I was downstairs with my suitcase packed and ready at 1 on the dot. I was planning to leave soon. Ed is still on the sofa. He looks slightly better than before, but it’s still worrying. He looks in deep thought right now. “Ed?” I ask him, sitting down next to him. No answer. “Ed? I’m leaving soon. I just want to say, thank you for having me.”

“I’m sorry.” He whispers.

“What are you sorry for?” I ask sincerely.

“For everything that has happened and that will happen.” He explains. Confused, I open my mouth to ask him to elaborate but I am attacked with something over it. Or someone.

Ed starts to kiss me, I try to pull away, I hit his chest, making him tense up within the pain. But he carries on. I’m flipped over on the sofa, being pinned down. What is he playing at?! The moment I get to pull away, I scream. “ED!” I cry, tears flowing down my face. But he doesn’t stop there. He attacks me again, the door being pounded on with someone’s fist.

“Hey! OPEN UP!” I hear someone yell. Harry. It’s Harry! I close my eyes tightly and wait for him to come to my rescue. Hurry up, please, please, please, please, Harry.

And then he enters. “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?” He screams and pulls Ed off me. I open my eyes back up, they still stream with tears, but happy ones now that Harry’s here. I stand up and hide behind him, shaking like a leaf.

“You should understand!” Ed yells to Harry’s face. Please don’t fight. Harry looks to Ed. Confused. Understanding. What? What’s going on?

“H-Harry?” I squeak?

He shakes his head and turns to face me. I envelope myself into him, holding him tightly. Then I hear a wince. I pull back and look up to him in the eyes.

“What’s the matter?” I whisper.

“Nothing. Let’s just get going.” He says, then I notice the bruise on his face. I jump back and scream his name in horror.

“What happened to you?!” I follow his eyes, a quick flicker to Ed and then he is moving out the door. “Harry?!” I cry, running to him. I see him leaning against a blue car, head down. “Please tell me what happened.” I say, hugging him tightly. He kisses my head and wraps me up into his arms. I missed this so much, that I didn’t realize what I had lost. I lost my hero. I lost my Harry.


Bethany’s POV

My grown up cousin ran straight past me, not even looking at me. 6 years has changed her. She is so pretty, and if I do say so myself, she looks a lot like her mum. The same hair, eyes. I remember when we were little, we use to play in the little tree house in my back garden with our Bratz dolls, changing their heads and putting on mis-matched shoes.

I look at Ed. Whoa, never thought I’d be meeting him. But I am going to make sure he remembers me.

“How dare you kiss my little cousin like that!?” I yell at him, making him jump. He looks at me, scared. Good, he should be.

“Wait. Cousin?” he asks me. “I didn’t think she had a family.” Ouch, right in my heart.





“I HONESTLY DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON HERE BUT IF YOU EVER TOUCH MY COUSIN LIKE THAT AGAIN, YOU WILL NO LONGER HAVE A REASON TO CALL YOURSELF A MAN!” I yell at him, grab Lucy’s suitcase and storm out to the car where Lucy and Harry were cuddling. She has grown up so much. Harry catches my eye and looks at me sadly. “Come on, Luce, let’s get it.” Harry mumbles to her. I unlock the car and the two get into the back. I put the case into the boot and climb into the warm car. Thank god for heating.

I start the car and remember the way back to Harry’s flats.


Lucy’s POV

I couldn’t care less about anyone else right now. I had my Harry in my arms and I was happy. I was still trembling from what Ed did. How could he? After everything I have done for him, he does THAT. I feel disgusted.

My head lay in Harry’s lap while he stroked my hair and sang quietly. It felt so good. Just having someone to comfort me, someone who I can trust. Someone I love. And I do. I love Harry. I love him so much, he is my soul mate. My other half.

We may banter and squabble, but that’s what everybody does. No one is perfect, a few are fake and I know that we are not. It doesn’t matter what people say on Twitter, Tumblr and whatever else that they want to send pathetic and unread hate on. “Harry?” I whisper.

“Yes, baby girl?” He asks, looking down on me.

“I missed you.” I smile at him.

“I missed you too. I am so so sorry for not getting here earlier.” He looks sadly away. Please don’t be like that.

“It’s not your fault. It’s Eds’ for being a dick.” I cringe as his names rolls across my tongue. But Harry still doesn’t look at me. His eyes are painful and I worry that I am hurting him. “Let’s just put it into the past, eh?” I ask, sitting up in my seat.

“Yeah, okay.” He finally smiles at me.

“By the way, who is driving?” I ask, eyeing the girl up front who doesn’t hear me.

“Oh… “ Harry trails off. “I forgot to mention that… this is B… she is a friend.” He says.

“Didn’t think you knew anyone named ‘Bea’. Oh well.” I shrug.

Finally, we arrive at Harry’s flat where we all race into the warmth and grab a mug of hot chocolate. “So, Bea, how did you and Harry meet?” I ask, snuggled next to Harry in a blue blanket on the settee.

“Erm..” She shifts on the opposite settee. I swear I have seen her before. She looks so familiar. Is she a model? No… she looks too casual. In a movie, maybe?

“We went to Primary school together, and she decided to visit before my birthday in three days.” Harry took over. Oh right, still need to get him present!

“Yeah, we did…” Bea trailed off.

After a while, we put the TV on and watched some Doctor Who repeats on Watch. By the time the 4 repeats were over, it was 5:30 and I was starving.

All throughout the shows, I hadn’t concentrated on anything but where I must’ve known where Bea was from. It was while she was cooking, when I finally knew who she was. Bethany Mai, my older cousin.

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