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What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


58. Liam's POV

Liam's POV

As soon as I had called the police I got up and dressed. I called the others and they were just as confused as I was. I am still mad at Louis for getting Harry go off like that. Look at everything that's happened because of it. 

We all met up at the park entrance and saw how many police officers there were and the amount of men getting arrested. There were so many. 12 that I had counted but I'm sure there's more already at the station. 

"Holy-" Niall started but I cut him off. 

"Carrots. No swearing." I told him and he gave me a look to tell me that now was not the time. I rolled my eyes. 

"What do you think happened?" Zayn asked. I shrugged.

"I've told you everything that I know. I'll go ask someone." I said and walked past the metal gates. The blue of the lights were still going off, illuminating the entire field and playground. In the far distance I cold see a few figures standing about. Then my heart stopped. 

A group of paramedics came running past, pushing a stretcher. On the stretcher was a small girl. She looked young. Her eyes were open wide but they were hollow. Across her neck was a large line of red. Of blood. 

She was dead. What the hell has been going on here?!? "Sir I'm afraid you need to leave the premises. This is a police investigation strictly." A man in his late twenties came up to me. 

"My friend, the curly haired one, he texted me. I'm the one who called you here." I stumbled out of my mouth. I needed to see Harry. I need to know he's okay. The man creased his eye brows together for a few moments.

"Can you go talk to PC Gassick over there please?" The man pointed to a younger man then him. He had short blond hair and from what I could see, a stubble beard. I nodded and thanked him. I ran over to the officer.

"Excuse me, sir? My name's Liam. I called you here. Can you please tell me what's going on?" I asked politely. Rudeness won't buy you much these days. 

The man turned around to me, a note pad and pen in hand. His hat was wobbly on his head and you could hear the conversations going off through his walkie talkie loud and clear.

"Ah, there you are. I've been looking for you. Now what seems to be happening is that there was a fight. A boy about 18 was beaten up a bit but he's okay, he's got concussion though. However, a young girl was murdered and the other girl is unresponsive. The gang who did this have all been caught and are being taken to the station. Thank you, Mr Payne for calling." PC Gassick said. Oh wow. 

"Where are they now?" I ask.

"The boy is further up still on the floor by the looks of it. The older girl is on an ambulance getting checked out and I'm afraid the younger child is going to the hospital mourge." I nodded and said my thanks before running up to where Harry is. 

The short grass spiked in his hair and his hands lay flat on the floor. Two paramedics were crouched beside him, torch in hands, checking his eyes. The sight of him made me want to throw up. A battered purple nose with blood covering it and his mouth. A swollen eye. An arm bent at an awkward position. And that's from what I could see. 

"We need to get him to hospital now." A man ordered and they got up. They pulled Harry carefully onto another stretcher and strapped him down. My eyes filled with tears. Why did this have to happen to him ? What did he do wrong? 

"Excuse me, sonny?" A voice asked. "Do you know this man?" I nodded.

"He's my friend. Harry." I answered. 

"We might need to you come with us to the hospital to fill in some details." The man said and I started walking with them towards the boys and ambulances. As soon as they saw me they rushed over. Then they saw Harry.

"Oh my God."Louis whispered. A small sobbed erupted and I instantly knew Niall was crying. 

"Those bastards," Zayn muttered. 

"I need to go to the hospital with them. I'll meet you at Kings Cross?" I said and they nodded. I jogged back up to the paramedics who were strapping Harry onto a bed in the ambulance. Before the doors closed, I saw Lucy sitting about. She looked scared. 


We got to the hospital in 7 minutes, I was counting to keep my head from exploding. Harry wasn't waking up yet. All through the journey, a paramedic tried to wake him. She tried to stop his bleeding and cleaned him up slightly. She put a plaster across his left eyebrow which was cut open. She bandaged up his awkwardly bent arm and dabbed away the blood. 

Then, she lifted up his top. Bruises were forming here and there. On his chest a massive greeny purple bruise had already taken shape. A few little cuts were on his lower belly but nothing that will kill him..I hope..

We got out of the ambulance and they rushed Harry into theatre so fast that I couldn't catch them. Not like I was allowed to go in there anyways. I walked solemnly to the waiting room where I was asked to fill out Harry's details. Full name. Date of birth. Parents. Family contacts. Emergency contacts. And more.

The others soon arrived with tear stained faces and skin as pale as snow. But not as pale as the girls.





a/n hey guys so I kind if lost my glasses in the sea as I was at the beach today so I can't see a bloody thing. Just thank god I wrote this chapter yesterday!

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