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What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


69. KFC

Lucy's P.O.V

We drove around to the car park of KFC and hopped out the car. "I'll be here in half an hour to pick you up! Remember those chips!" Paul yelled out his window and drove off. I shook my head at him and took Harry's hand in mine. 

"Strange man..." I trailed off and entered the restaurant. It wasn't too busy.The queue had about 6 people in and there were about 10 empty seats. I wouldn't expect rush hour for dinner or lunch anymore. It was about 4pm. Not that busy. 

"What do you want?" Harry asked me while we joined the queue. I shrugged. 

"Food." I said.

"What kind of food?" He asked, a little impatient. 

"The nice kind." I replied with a poker face. I use to do this so much as a kid to my mum. Yeah, she hated me, I hated her, it's just what we do.

"And what is in that?" He asked, as got closer to the cashiers.

"Food." I smiled slightly.

"Lucy." Harry said sternly.

"Harry." I mocked him.

"You'll get nothing." He threatened. How dare he!? He cannot deprive me of my food. That peasant.

"Who said you are paying for me?" I hate it when people pay for me! He should know that! I feel bad and I feel like I owe them. I don't like owing people.

"Me." Oh no! He didn't not go there. Uh-uh. Bad Harry.

"No. You're not." I insisted. 

"Yes. I am." 

"Harry. No." 

"Lucy. Yes." 






"No....DAMMIT!" Harry yelled. 

"YAY! Haha I win." I smirk. "Now come on, we're up." I drag him up to the counter. 

"Hello! My name is Gina, what can I get you?" Asked a rather chirpy cashier. Gah, I hate too chirpy people. 

"Can I have two portions of large chips, a chicken burger and ...what do you want Harry?" I say. 

"I'll have some popcorn chicken with mine please." He smiled kindly at her. 

"And what would you like to drink?" Gina asks, tapping away at the screen thingy which orders everything.

"Two normal cokes please, no ice." Harry asks. Why do they put ice in the drinks anyway? It only ends up melting and mAking the drink taste worst. Wy can't they just store it in the fridge or something?

"Okay. That'll be £8.98 please." Gina said and I hand her over a £10 note. The change was put into a little charity box that was on the side because I wasn't really going to do anything with £1.02. A few minutes later we were sat down on a random table, eating the too salty and fattening food. 

"What are you gonna do for your birthday?" I ask, taking a sip of my coke.

"I don't really know. Just have a party. A few friends maybe. I have no plans whatsoever. I need to go down and see my family soon anyway. I heard them in the hospital and it made me really sad. It was worse when they were saying goodbye because I hadn't even said hello." He replied sadly. 

"Lightbulb..." I say and put a load of ketchup on a chip.

"What?" Harry asks. 

"Oh right. How about we go down to your family for a surprise visit on your birthday?" I suggest.  "It'll be really nice for them to see you on the actual day. And then the next day you can have the party." He sends me the biggest smile ever.

"This is why love you."  He leans over the table and kisses my forehead. 

"Harry! Not in public!" I squeal and squat him away. 

"We are so doing that. I'll tell the boys later." We finish the dinner and then we are off home. Home being his flat. I don't think I've ever slept round there. This will be interesting. 

We get into the flat after Paul drops us off back. And yes, I did buy him some chips. I bought them just before we left so they would be warm. Then he told me he was only joking. So I ate them. In the flat, we change into some PJ's. But,I didn't have any so Harry said he'd lend me some boxers and an old top. He changed into the same as me and we settled down on the sofa in front of the TV. I know it's still early to be doing stuff like this, but it's me. And I love wearing baggy clothes (especially Harry's). 

On the BBC One channel, the news comes on. I can't wait to see what bullshit they've spread about everyone now. First up, a report about flooding in the south comes up. Damn, we're in the south. Then it's just what's been going on up north. After is the celebrity news. Danny is up first. 

A random reporter had started off the news saying how it is unfair he kept his child quiet. Then, a scene from inside the court was played. His interview. How they did they get that?! If they have one of Danny, there is more or less one to be about us! "Harry." I say nervously.

"I know. We just need to ignore it."  He says, muting the TV. The thing is, after being deaf for nearly 7 years, you learn how to lip read. 

"I'm sorry. You need to ignore it more. Since you were in a coma, news broke out of what happened. Some people think you are a coward. Others are saying you are brave, listen to the good people. You did what you did to protect me and that's all that matters." I don't take my eyes off the mans lips as our interview comes up. I need to know what they are saying.

"I love you." He said. 

"I love you more." I replied.

"Love you lots like jelly tots." He smirked.

"To the moon and back."

"Forever and always." 




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