Listening To The Silent Lyrics

What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


16. Is it really?


Lucy’s POV

“THEY WHAT?!” I yelled at Mya.

They found out! I’m sorry!’ Mya signed.

“HOW!?!” I was beyond pissed. I saw the TV this morning and on the ITV show This Morning they were showing pictures of Harry and I’s date last night. Mya is trying to explain it to me but I just don’t get it. How could they find out that fast? I was certain that there were no press at the date last night. I couldn’t see anyone and we weren’t disturbed at all by anyone.

Mya walked over to the computer, bringing up Twitter. Damn, I think I need to get Twitter. She pulled up all tweets that mentioned Harry from the times between yesterday night and now. Some of them were just plain insulting. They said that I was a slut, fat, ugly, stupid and a whore. However the list goes on. But those were all before today. The one’s today are apologises. The ‘sorry’s kept flooding in. it’s like all of a sudden the fans had decided to be nice. But what has changed them.

I clicked on Harry’s latest tweet which said he was doing a twitcam with Niall. I opened up the link but I couldn’t hear what they were saying so I asked Mya to sign it all for me. This is a lot of work because of how fast they were talking. After they were done, I got my phone and texted him and Niall a thank you.

I felt a little embarrassed that he just basically told the whole world my situation but then I didn’t mind because he stuck up for me. And Mya.

Harry replied with a you’re welcome as did Niall. But Harry also asked why I wasn’t at the studios so I told him my time was up there. Which was true because I only got a month and a few days to record my first album. It’s being released in three days. I just hope it’s okay. I mean everybody else says it is fine, but is it really?



A/n so i just wanted to put Lucy's reaction. I did have more for this chapter. LOADS more but then my laptop just went asdfghjkl spaz and deleted it all. I had to wait around an hour for it to get back up and I lost it all :( Sorry guys

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