Listening To The Silent Lyrics

What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


12. Getting ready

Everything has been going in the right direction since Harry and I met. We’ve been hanging about with each other and let me just tell you, we definitely have gotten very close. We hug each other a lot; from time to time we kiss each other on the cheek goodbye or hello. It’s magical. He’s also taken quite a lot of his time up to spend with me, I’ve taught him some sign language during this time as well.

I wish he would just feel the same way as I did.

Morning beautiful x – Harry

He sent me that text earlier. I can’t help but have butterflies in my belly. Mya knows how I feel about him. She just told me that let time take over and things will change. But she didn’t say if they would change for the better of for the worse. Damn her.

Ed’s also getting cosy with me and I think I’m going to have to tell him soon that I don’t like him like that. I know it’s going to break his heart. I just know it. And he probably won’t want to see me ever again. Bugger. I wish I could tell everybody how I feel about them and hear what they have to say. But that’s not going to happen.

Hey there sexy, what’s the plans for today? X –Lucy I joke. We do this a lot, joking about I mean. We call each other couple-y names even though we aren’t together. But one can only hope. We act like we’re together and all that kind of stuff. Within seconds Harry replies. Man, he can text fast.

Meet me at Victoria Park @ 7? X –Harry

Sure, meet ya there x- Lucy

I’ve got three hours left to get change and stuff. To be honest, if Harry didn’t want to meet up then I would spend my day in bed. Simon has given me two days off rest. Apparently it’s his apology for what happened last week. Funny thing that, I’ve never met Simon, he’s always too busy to have time to meet me, yet he can meet up with Ed and the boys at any time they want. I think he doesn’t like me.

I get up and have a long shower. Yep. You heard me. A long shower. You see I got paid for all my work so far in the studio last week. I am now getting £500 a week. I’m still working at the music shop when I can but Craig says I can quit any time. But I don’t want to. I love it there.

After my shower, I throw on my dressing gown and slippers, with my hair in a head towel to dry it with for now. I search in my wardrobe for a nice casual outfit suitable for the park. I decide on some denim shorts, a long baggy shirt and the casual pumps.

I know what you might be thinking; it’s winter, get the hell changed! However, it’s not snowy or icy anymore. It is just cold. England never really gets snow at winter. Snow time is between February and March. Weird, I know. But it’s the truth.

I dry my hair and straighten it, putting on a woolly beanie to keep it in order. When it’s straightened it reaches just below my hip. I love my hair long. And it’s dyed red colour suits me well. After I’m dressed and all that I go get some food. I get a bowl and pour some Shreddies in there with a load of milk and sugar on top. I boil the kettle and wait for it to stop.

As it finishes I pour my cuppa then eat my food. After I’m finished, I look at the clock. 6:04. Damn why does time take so long to pass.

I’m so lonely in this place without Mya here. She’s gone out on her date with Niall. Yep. They are dating alright. She works fast. I don’t blame her though. Niall is cute. But as a baby penguin kind of way.

By the time 6:30 comes around, I get my coat and leave the flat, locking it behind me. When I reach the bottom of the flat doors I could feel the cold and harsh London air hit me like a brick. But that doesn’t matter; I’m doing this for Harry. I don’t want to be late for him.



A/N Hi sorry, I would've updated earlier but I've been busy jumping in ditches, making cakes and I had the hiccups while writing this so I apologize for mistakes >.< I hate hiccups D:

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