Listening To The Silent Lyrics

What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


54. Escape

Lucy's POV

"Let's start." I told Harry and we got up. We had decided earlier that we were gonna smash the window open with a wobbly leg of the bed. It came out really easily when we were looking for something to smash it with. Harry lifts up the bed and the leg falls right out. I grab the stick off wood quick as I could and Harry silently placed down the bed again. It landed with a slight thud but nothing that would wake up anyone.

I had also been peeling off the flaky wood frame so it was now just thin and fragile. "Wait, before we smash this thing, have we got everything we need?" He asked and I think. Phone, check. Money, check. Warmer clothes, check. I can't take my guitar or the suitcase. It would be too much of a hassle to try and drag across the city. And it would just look strange.

"Yeah, you?" I ask him back and he nods before getting ready to swing the stick... ew dirty mind..

"Stay back, Luce, I don't want the glass to cut you." He warns me and I don't have to think twice before I move back to against the door. 

"Wait!" I whisper yell to Harry. His arms drop to his sides and he looks at me annoyed. 


"What about Lily? I can't leave her here. I feel too bad leaving her." I say and look down to the floor. It's true though. I get a guilty conscience if I don't donate to Children In Need every year let alone leave an actual child in need of a family which isn't made up of lies.

"I know. I feel the same. But we can't get her without braking the door down and grabbing her. That's basically kidnap and suicide. Julia will catch us and we'll be in deeper shit than we are already." He sighs and lays the stick down on the floor carefully. Then, he sits down cross legged. 

"I've got bobby pins?" I suggest as a joke.

"And why didn't you tell me this earlier?" He looks up at me in the dark glow of the moon. I shrug.

"I was only kidding. When has the bobby pin brake in actually worked off tv?" I said.

"It's worth a shot. If that doesn't work it won't effect anything and we can just smash the window." He stands up and walks silently to my suitcase. He starts chucking things out. Tops, jumpers, jeans and oh my carrots my underwear... I hear a small grunt of approval from him as he chucks a red bra out. I can't help but blush. 

"Pervert." I cough and roll my eyes.

"What? You have good taste." He jokes about. 

"Just get the pins." I demand and he carries on finding them.

"Ah-ha!" He celebrates when he pulls out the small packet of pins. He takes one out and rushes to the door, pushing me out of the way slightly. 

"If this works, we're taking Lily with us." I tell him like he has no argument over it.

"I gathered." He mutters and unbends the pin from its former state. Then he bends down beside the lock and starts picking at it. "Come on, come on, come on." He whispers to himself over and over again. "How do these people do this shit?!" He yells in frustration.

"Shh! Calm down babe." I quieten him and kneel beside him. "This is women's work."I say and take the pin off him. I jam it into the lock and twist it around for ages. Then, there's a click. Followed by stunned silence. 

"Did you just...?" Harry says.

"I did." I snap out of my trance and open the door. The smell of old cards hit me as it creaks 10 inches open. Air, fresh air and light! "Get your stuff love, we're going." I order him and stand up. He gets up after me and we tip toe into the corridor. All the bed room doors are shut and I couldn't hear anything but our breathing. 

I point to Lily's bedroom door and Harry nods, understanding what I wanted. He opens her door and picks Lily up from her bed, careful not to wake her up. I grab a small Disney Princess bag and shove some clothes in there. Harry wraps her up in her duvet with a small Stitch teddy. I put on her black school shoes on and we're off downstairs. 

We reach the front door and I see the keys hanging on a hook. I grab them and they jingle quietly in my hands. Crap.

I put a random key into the lock and it twists open beautifully. I look at Harry who had hope glittering his eyes. He winks at me and smiles gently as if to say 'open it'. And I do.

i pushed open the door and we stepped outside.



A/n haven't done one of these for a few chapters... Er hi again. Just wanted to say a bloody big THANK YOU to all those commenters and readers (especially Agirlwholoves (; ) and stuff. Yeah.. Also my laptop broke so I'm updating on my mums IPad which I don't get much during the day time so the updates won't be as long. Thank you all again anyway and let me just pray that the sun will come out soon. It's been raining so much D: 

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