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What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


70. Drunk

Harry's POV

Lucy slept soundly next to me in the bed while I lay wide awake. I couldn't sleep, not knowing what that reporter had said. I need to know. I can't sleep, knowing that people are thinking the worst of me. All I have ever done since I became famous is try to make people happy. I change myself for the haters. I try and erase the bad bits of me. But no one seems impressed. They still hate me. So, if I listen to what they say, what they hate, I can work on it and change it. I've done nothing but try to reach my dreams and yet, people don't like me.

That's why I got my tatoos. To look better. But now, I hate them. Especially that butterfly one. It's pathetic. It makes me seem weak and girly. The fans may love it, but I don't. If I get it removed, the fans will hate me and the haters will kind of like me. If I keep it, the fans are happy but the haters will carry on.

Why does the world have to be like this? Why can't there be happiness all around? When will there be a day where there isn't a racist comment or a child not getting bullied? People try and slove these problems but there will always be some sort of sickening monster who will always carry on. The person will gather more and more people into his/her army and we're just back at square one.

However, you can always rely on someone who will make you feel better because they don't press enter on that Hate Tweet or they don't yell out rude things to the quiet girl in class. If only there were more of those people. But everyone has a right to tell their opinions. I just wish they kept them quiet.

I look at Lucy in the moon light. She is truely beautiful. Her long, brown, wavy hair shines in the sun or during the darkest point of night just like a halo. Her soft face and big, brown eyes make her seem so innocent in this world. She doesn't wear that make-up crap because she knows she is beautiful and pretty enough with out it. Anyway, it's not what's on the outside. It is what is on the inside. Her personality is perfect. She can make a joke during a funeral and it will brighten up everyones mood. She can smile and carry on with life even if she is hurting. She puts other people first. Never, have I seen her be selfish. She is my girl. My Lucy. And I will never EVER let her go again.

I sigh and get up out of the bed quietly so it doesn't disturb Lucy. I tip toe into the living room and turn on the Wii. Yes, the Wii at 1:36 am. I'm not going to do exercise at this time or play on Mario Kart. I grab a remote and sit down on the sofa. I click on BBC iPlayer and bring up the news from earlier. I mute the volume and bring up subtitles so Lucy can't hear it. I skip past Danny's bit and play it at mine and Lucy's. It starts off with a man standing in front of the court building.

'A few days ago, One Direction member, Harry Styles, awoke from a coma after being mugged two weeks before. His girlfriend, Lucy Mai, and the boy had just escaped from captivity in a home down the east side of London and were walking through Victoria Park with a 5 year old girl when they were attacked. The 18 year old - soon to be 19 - had been restrained and beaten repeatedly until the point of passing out. While that had been going on, 16 year old Lucy, and 5 year old Lily had been watching. Then the unexpected happened. One of the muggers took Lily and murdered her. Witnesses are to say that the two teenagers did nothing to stop the man from killing the innocent girl. Today, Harry and Lucy went to court to try and get the culprit prosecuted. However, the case has been post poned until Monday. Let us take a look into what happened in there.'

And up came what happened in court. That's rubbish! Lucy and I did all we could to save Lily! That's just horrible. I know that now, we're going to be blamed for her death. Once that scene had finished it was back to the reporter.

'The public have been contacting us on Twitter about what they think of the whole case. @GoDieDirectioners said that its all their fault the girl died and they should be arrested. The comments from that tweet suggests many people agree with her. @SkittleDinosaur said Leave them alone! They were trying to escape from a phyco #leavehacyalone. Twitter is mad with comments and its like world war three on there. Thank you for watching, I'm Humphrey Scott. Have a good evening and I'll see you tomorrow at six. Back to Sally with the weather.'

He ended and a girl with blonde hair came up onto TV. Oh fucking great... I find my phone and check some tweets. #LeaveHacyAlone was trending world wide but so was #Hacyaremuderers. Fun. At least there are some directioners supporting us. It's just the haters I've got to keep an eye on. They may start on the other boys. People are already saying Zayn is a terrorist when he is not! That's just sickening. And racist. It is horrible that people say stuff like that and expect that nothing will happen to them.

I turn off the Wii and just look out the window. The London city lights are beautiful. The way they illuminate everything so it looks just right. But people hide in the lights shadows. As you can tell from a few weeks ago.

What am I going to do about Simon? Lucy said there's no point getting him arrested. It will ruin my career and hers. But he killed her family! That's not something you can just brush away like a fly. It'll just keep coming back, again and again to annoy you. Then, you end up snapping and you try your hardest to kill it. Oh God, why am I comparing Simon to a fly?!

I need something to drink. Like, now. I'm sure I've still got some beer left over from the Christmas party I had. I get up and walk to the fridge. Ew, mouldy cheese. That's nasty. Sour milk, fluffy butter, I really need to go shopping. I peer into the back of the fridge and see a six pack of unopened fosters. Lovely.

I pull them out and open one then shut the door. I would say nom nom nom but I'm not eating the drink. I'm drinking it. So would I be going gulp... gulp... gulp..... that's pathetic. I'm pathetic. I gulp down the whole can and feel the effect already. But it's not enough.

I open up another. Then another. And one last one. Soon, my head is swimming and I fall to the floor. Right onto my broke hand. Ow. I hiss in pain. That's flacking throbbing now! I hoist myself up with the work top and stand up, unevenly. "Harry?" A voice asks tiredly from behind me. I walk back over to the cans of larger and flip open another one.

"Harry? What are you doing?" The voice bugs me again. I take a deep gulp of the drink and turn around so fast that I fall to my knees and spill some of my drink. "Harry!" The voice is alerted and soon I feel hands on my shoulders.

"Bog....offffff." I squat the hands away.


"Deal with it." I spit.

"Okay, I'm not going to take offence to that because I know you are obviously drunk. Let's get you into bed." The voice said. The hands are around my back and crossed over my waist.

"I'm not a baby! Let me go!" I squirm and wave my arms everywhere.

"Ah!" A cry of pain is echoed around the room. The hands instantly let go of me and I fall to the floor. I take some more of the wonder drink and start crawling away. It's so dark and I have no idea where I'm going so please don't ask. I bump into something and fall on my face. Soon, my eyes get heavy and the cries are becoming more and more distant. Then, they are gone. Just like me.

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