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What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


65. Court part 1

3rd persons POV 

Tension grew between each and every member of the court as Julia took her place on the stand. Harry and Lucy stood tightly next to each other, afraid that her glares of hate would attack them. The judge sat high in her chair, eyeing each and everyone with a face of nothing masked on like make - up.

The case of Julia Days will begin." The judge, Mary, said. "Ms Days, you are being charged with keeping Mr Styles and Miss Mai hostage and forcing rape on 6 people. What do you have to say?"

Julia's hands became clammy and sweaty. They found out! She thought. "You have no evidence of this, therefore I plead not guilty." She said, lacking the confidence she needed.

The judge hummed in amsusment. "That is for the jury to decide. Now, let us hear what Mr Styles has to say." 

The young boy detached himself from Lucy and moved to the stand. His arm was presented in a cast, keeping it safe from danger. "Please place your right hand on your heart." Mary demanded. " Do you solemnly swear that the testimony you are about to give is the truth to the best of your knowledge?" She asked after he had done what she said.

"I do." He replied nervously.

Julia's lawyer stood up and moved closer to Harry. "My name is Jack Chapmen and I am here to defend Ms Days in this matter. Now, Mr Styles, where were you between the 14th of January and the 17th of January?"

"I was locked up in a room somewhere on the edge of London with Lucy." He answered truthfully, avoiding Julia's vicous stares.

"And what were you doing there?"

"At first, I was looking after Lucy. We were both drunken out of our minds. So we went to Julia's house, where Lucy was staying at the time. Once we had gotten there we went to the room where she was sleeping in and went to bed. But when we woke, we were locked in." Harry tried to remain calm. 

He tried to hide his actions that showed fear. And he succeeded.

"So what is Julia? How do you know her?" Jack was so nosey. He knew how they all had known each other. He practically knows the story like the back of his hands.

"She was apparently Lucy's auntie. Like I said, I was only at Julia's house because I was looking after Lucy who had asked me to be there ." Harry was getting agitated. Chapmen was making him angry by asking the same questions in different forms.

"What happened while you were locked up? Did Ms Days inflict any harm upon you or Miss Mai?" Bullseye. Chapmen had got him there. 

"Well... no... but she probably has to other-" Harry was cut off by Jack, very rudely as some might say.

"Did she feed you? Did she look after you poorly in any way whatsoever?" Jacks voice showed that he was a man who knew what he was doing, and whatever that was, he was doing it well.

"We got some bread and water once or twice a day. But we couldn't go to the toilet. She wouldn't let us out the room." Harry's good hand curled up tightly into a ball behind the stand.

"And isn't true that you threw a shoe at Ms Days? You threw it in anger?" He was ready to throw another if Jack didn't shut up.

"Yes, I did. But it didn't hit her. It hit the door." 

"Acording to Ms Days, it hit her upper left arm and bruised it." Harry was gobsmacked. Lucy wanted to protest but that would be held against her when she was going to be questioned. Julia sat on her seat, trying to hide her smug smile.

"Bullshit!" Harry yelled.

"Please, Sir, do not swear in the court or else you will be removed." Judge Mary spoke up. She was truely interested in this case. It had its loopholes and flaws, but it was something to work with.

"Yes ma'am. Sorry." Harry apologized. "That is not true. The shoe it hit the door just after Julia had closed it."

"How do you explain this, then?" Jack pressed a button and on a small TV screen came a picture of a rather large purple bruise.

"I didn't cause that! The shoe didn't touch her! What has this got to do with her keeping us hostage anyway?!" Harry was beyond furious. This was outragious! Irrelevent to the case.

"It's true! I was there at the scene. The shoe didn't hit her. That bruise is self inflicted or from something else. Just not Harry!" Lucy spoke up in protest. 

"Order in the court!" Mary slammed her gavel down loudly three or four times.

"Moving onto Lily Days." Jack said and the 'Hacy' couple froze. They didn't want to remember. "You took the girl that night, didn't you? Stole her from her mother and home and brought her to her death. If I'm correct, that is kidnap."

"Lucy and I took Lily away from Julia because she was in danger. Lily is not Julia's birth child, as I have stated in questioning by the police." Harry explained nervously. He didn't want to go down with kidnap.

"Did Julia abuse Lily? Did she put Lily at risk of harm at any time?" Jack asked. 

"Not that we know-" Yet again, Harry was cut off.

"So Lily was at risk of harm how then? You took a young innocent girl away from the only place she thought was safe and got her killed." Jack was on his final thread.

"We were going to take her back to her father. I know Danny and wanted to give her back to him so she would have a better life not with some pedophile." Harry needed the court to think better of him and not worse. Because, at this moment in time, he would be getting arrested as well.

"Ah, yes. Danny O' Donoghue. We'll question him later. That's all I want from you. Thank you." Jack nodded and smiled at the Judge before returning to his seat


A/N so I spent my day hugging a chicken called Hermione and singing Little Things. What about you? Also I have no bloody idea what goes on in a court room. I am trying to remember this from a Simpsons episode. Help anyone? >.<

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