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What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


47. Clubbing

A/N Don't read this chapter unless you haven't got an innocent mind or are over 14... contains some sexual language and other stuff...


Harry's POV

When I was home, I asked Louis and Liam if they wanted to go clubbing as Zayn was out with Perrie. I was in the mood to get smashed. And laid if possible. Lou said yes but Liam said he was busy tonight. We both change into suitable clothing and get ready to be out by 10:30. I didn't bother eating or doing anything else and when the time came we left the house smiling and planning out the night.

"Alright, this night needs to be fun so I'm making a bet." I tell Louis, walking down the street. 

"Go on." He says, interested. 

"If you get kissed by someone tonight you get 10 points. A snog is 20 which involves tongue and stuff. If someone gives you a lap dance without asking, you get 50 points-"

"What is the point of this?" 

"Let me finish. If you and another girl have it you get plus 150 points. The winner is the person with the most points before we go." I tell him. I am so gonna win. 

"But I've got a girlfriend." He whines. "I can't cheat on her." 

"She wouldn't mind it if you were drunk. I can say I drugged you or something.That way it would be my fault and you can stay together. She may not even know." I kick a small pebble on the pavement.

"Fine, just this once."

"YAY!" I smile and high five him. "The boys are back." We reach the club and are given neon yellow wrist bands to show that we've payed. Inside the club, there are many many sweaty bodies. Grinding and dry humping each other. Perfect. I drag Louis to the bar and order a few shots. 

We down them all so fast that my vision is blurred for a few moments. "Meet back up here in 3 hours." I yell to Louis who nods and goes to dance in the crowd. I have a few more shots then make my way into the crowd to see Louis already eating off of someones face. That fucking player, I smirk and pull a girl over to me who was more than willing to get into the bedroom.


Lucy's POV

Julia put Lily to bed at 8pm so it's been quiet ever since. And more than awkward. Julia is just so nosey and kept asking questions which I answered with lies. I fancied going out to the club. Or well, one of them. Eh, I couldn't care less as long as the pain is gone then I'm fine.

"Hey, Auntie Julia? I'm going to go out to the pub or something. I'm meeting with a friend so I don't know when I'll be back." I lie and stand up.

"Oh... okay darling. Be careful. I don't want you getting too drunk." She said, worried. I nodded and changed into a baggy grey jumper with small black skulls on, a white top on underneath. Dark blue denim shorts and a teddy necklace later, I was ready to go. I grabbed my money and phone then left. 

It wasn't cold outside really, a slight breeze with a clear star lit sky. The moon shone in the distance with such brightness, it lit up the pavement. The blast of music could be heard from outside Julia's house and it was even louder now. I pulled into the first club when I was stopped by a bouncer who asked for ID. I showed him my credit card and learners drivers licence which he approved of then attached a neon yellow wristband around my wrist.

The club was humid as I entered. Waiting All Night by Rudimental was on and flashing lights ran around the room. There was a huge crowd on the dance floor and a really fit DJ-er on stage. I walk to the bar and order random drinks which I have in minutes. The alcohol burned my throat but made me feel so much better. I got slightly dizzy as I joined the crowd in dancing. I was grinded on and it felt funny. Not the nice kind of funny. 

"Hey beautiful! Wanna dance with me?!" A man asked and I looked at him. Tall, dark haired, muscular and incredibly sexy. 

"Sure sexy!" I smile as he takes my hand and pulls me further into the crowd.

"What's your name?" He asks while getting really close to me.

"Lucy, you?" 

"David. Pleasure to meet you Lucy." A man with manners. And respect. 

"Aren't you the charmer." I smirk as he spins me around. The song ends and Don't You Worry Child starts up. Now this is something I can dance to. 

"Well, I try my best." We dance then decide it's time to get a drink. We were sweaty as hell while we sat at the bar again. "Aren't you that girl, Lucy Mai isn't it? Who was deaf?" He asked me while drinking a WKD.

I nod. "Yeah, but stuff happened and I changed."

"Well, I could make you feel better. Come with me." I don't have time to protest as he grabs me by the arm. He drags me into a corridor with rooms and closed doors. He opens one door up to find it pre occupied... errr yeah. Moving on. David opens another door and it's also busy... 

But one of the people there... I knew him. It's Harry! That fucking cheater. He yells at me for kissing Dan but he's the one having it with another girl.

"YOU ARE A FUCKING WHORE HARRY STYLES!" I yell and slam the door.


a/n aww I just saw Kate's baby on tv. Well done will and Kate, you've done this country proud with the new prince :)

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